The Forever Door A novel

A paranormal YA novel about a mysterious magic door.


2. The Forever Door-Part Two


Charlie saw only darkness.

Minutes went by.

Suddenly she saw a bright light. She saw a cobbled road. An elf was smoking a pipe. "Now dear, I haven't seen you here before?", it asked her.

"I went through the door. I'm Charlie. I live in Scotland", she answered it.

"My family lives there. Besides, not many humans come here", it said.

"What's this place?", Charlie enquired.

"The Forever Lands. I'm Kip", it said.

"Charlie. I've never met an elf before".

"Follow me towards The Elven Tavern", Kip said. Charlie followed the elf down the path towards the ancient looking tavern. As she did so, she didn't want to miss the door that would take her back home.

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