The Forever Door A novel

A paranormal YA novel about a mysterious magic door.


3. The Forever Door-Part Three


Kip opened the door. 

He waved Charlie into the tavern. A group of vampires were playing cards at a table. "Cyrus, give us more blood ale", Lord Fletcher said. It stared at the elf, and girl. Cyrus, the dwarf barman, smiled. "Two gold coins, Master", it stated. The vampire took out a bag of coins. He gave the dwarf ten gold coins. "And that's for the room for the night, food, and drinks". Cyrus did as it was told. Kip walked towards the hot fireplace. Several human travellers were snoring on black chairs; several vampires were stalking the other rooms. Kip watched Charlie shiver. "My Lord, how nice it is for you to...", it begun to say. Lord Fletcher gazed at the elf. "You owe me a servant, elf", it yelled. Kip bowed uneasily. "This is Charlie. She could be a servant that you ask of". Lord Fletcher watched the girl for an instant. "Lord Fletcher", the vampire said. "Charlie. I live through the Door in the country of Scotland, where it's always cold", she informed him. "You're not a true vampire; you haven't turned", Lord Fletcher grinned. "You have to be bitten three times to be a vampire. I read about them in Folklore Magazine", she said. Kip looked at Cyrus. "Charlie hasn't any gold coins for the night", it said. "She can work at the bar for money. Then she can stay the night", Cyrus smirked. Charlie nodded. "But what about my mother", she said. "She's fine", Lord Fletcher insisted. And it threw down a Royal Flush on the red table...and won his hand.


The group of Knights appeared at the Tavern. They were armed with silver swords in their gloved hands; they wore silver armour that covered their body, and feet. On their heads were grey helmets. A blue carpet was ripped; the carpet was old. Charlie watched them. "Can I help you?", she asked. "Aye, can we have a room for the evening? We've travelled so long from Aberdeen onward. I'm Sir Lachlan", he said. "Charlie. I'm working here", she said. The Knight bowed, and gave her five gold coins.


"Cyrus, I have enough gold for the evening", she informed it. 

"Well then, you can sleep in the first chamber room". 

"Fine", Charlie nodded. She grabbed the keys from the dwarf. Then she walked to the room...and closed it behind her.

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