The Forever Door A novel

A paranormal YA novel about a mysterious magic door.


1. The Forever Door-Part One

Edinburgh, Scotland

June 4, 2018

8:30 AM

"Why are we going to Charlie's house, Mum?", Delia asked. 

"He is eager to meet you, since you were at boarding school last year. It's time for you to spend the weekend at The Frost House", Amy answered. Delia stared out of the blue Mazda's windows. The birds were singing in the trees. Delia saw the house in the mirror. It cast an ominous shadow over the place. Delia stopped driving. "Let's get our luggage out of the boot, Charlie", she told her teenage daughter. Charlie took her seatbelt off. She saw several old swings near the back door. She sensed they held some kind of power that confused her. She ignored the odd feelings inside her, as she her mother opened the front door with the keys. When they were inside, Charlie flicked on the switch. The brightness of the thin hallway led to several rooms. Charlie opened the first room to the right; she noticed there was a single bed in the room, and nothing else. She frowned. There's so much power here, she thought to herself; she didn't know why she thought that. "We need curtains", Delia stated. She wrote down what she needed to have for the house with a black felt pen. Charlie looked around the room. As she did so, she left the room. When she walked down the hallway, she sensed movement of children's feet coming from the last room. The sound of whisperings caught her by surprise. When she opened the door, the sound ended. Charlie turned the lights on, and went inside. She saw a table, bookcase with paperback books, and a typewriter on a brown desk in the middle of the room.

"Charlie, are you going to be alright? I have a lot of work to do?". Charlie smiled.

"I'm fine, Mum. You can do your work while I'll look at this room". Delia nodded. "Don't take too long, I want you to make up your mind which room you want to stay in". Charlie thought about it.

"I'll take this one. Can you move the bed from the other room to this one?".

"Only if you help me move it". Charlie nodded, as did as she was told.


The bed was moved into the room. 

"It is heavy", Delia sighed.

"I know. It's warm in here", Charlie informed her.

"I'll open the windows", Delia suggested. When she opened them, she left Charlie by herself. She saw the old typewriter that still had red coloured ribbons in the machine. Old pieces of paper was in it. It was the beginning of a book called The Forever Door by Richard J. Westwood. Charlie started to read the prologue. As she did so, a cold, biting, wind blew from the south. And, as she saw gasped in surprise, she saw the door was open. It forced herself into it, and she disappeared from sight.

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