The Forever Door A novel

A paranormal YA novel about a mysterious magic door.


4. The Forever Door-Part Four


Thornton Ryder awoke. 

He yawned, then he saw Charlie was walking towards the fireplace. "Excuse me, but aren't you Sharon Klein?", he asked her. "No, I'm Charlie. I work here", she told him, as she warmed her freezing hands. Thornton smiled. "Forgive me. But I assumed you were her. She used to be my wife", Thornton sighed. Charlie nodded. A boy stared at her. "I'm Daniel Robertson. Lord Fletcher tolerates us until he feeds on all of the humans". He showed her the two bite marks on his neck; he was proud to be a vampire. 

    Charlie shuddered, and rested her feet on one of the spare chairs.


Lord Fletcher, who wore a black cape, showed off his red, flaming, eyes. The vampire was over seven thousand year's old. It strode forward towards its chamber, and closed the door. Two guards stood on patrol, as Cyrus attended to the cleaning of clothes, and the management of the tavern, as darkness arrived. 


Charlie opened her eyes.

A group of elves arrived. 

One of them, Nathaniel Barclay, spoke in a musical voice. 

"We need a room of the night", it said. 

"Five gold coins", Charlie smiled.

Nathaniel nodded. It took out a small, grey, bag. Then it offered it to her. "Thank you. You can use room 6". Nathaniel, and his group, walked to the room down the hallway. Once they were inside, they flicked on the light, and started to look around their surroundings.



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