Pirate Love


5. 05


Chapter 05


Moira sighed as she sat at one of the party table and laid her head down. She wasn't used to all of the kids since the bite which Foxy was 'not in order'. Since it was the reopening, it was so busy that she felt like she was going to pass out. Which she would have if Mangle didn't txt her so much.

She flinched lightly as her cell went off, vibrating softly on her hip. "Mangle, whoever gave you a cell will die...." She muttered as she closed her eyes. She didn't know the bots were watching her or the fact it was getting late.

-few hours later-

She muttered softly as she felt someone poke her gently. After the fourth poke, she growled. "Nightmare....stop it.." She said, thinking it was her black bear.

"Who is Nightmare?"

She opened her eyes and blinked a bit when she saw Chica's cupcake in her face. She sat up and looked around. She saw Chica in front of her on the other side of the table and the boys on each side of her. Bonnie on the right and the one who was poking her. Freddy on the left with his arms crossed.

"Moira.." Freddy said with a soft growl.

She looked up at the bear and blinked. Freddy had short brown hair, bear ears, top hat, and a black suit. "What Freddy?"

The bear sighed. "What is Nightmare?"

She thought a bit then smiled softly. "My pet black bear." She said softly. She didn't want to tell the group the truth. She blinked as she felt something odd. "What time is it?"

"It's 1 AM." Chica said softly. She had long blonde hair that faded into a soft brown, deep purple eyes and wore a short yet cute yellow dress with a dib* that said 'Let's Eat!'. "Are you hungry?"

"You have a pet bear?" Bonnie asked blinking a bit. He had short soft purple hair, long bangs that made his face even cuter, bright red eyes and wore a soft purple and black suit. The witch was glad her favorite bunny was fixed.

Moira looked down at the table, thinking a bit. "A bit, Chica and Yes Bonnie. He's a small bear." She said, answering their questions. She then stood up and headed down the hallway to the office.

The small group blinked but didn't stop her. In fact, Chica went off to the kitchen as the boys stared down the hallways.

"Does she know of Mike?"

"I doubt it, Bon. But she'll be safe. Let's go help Chica." Freddy said, walking off to the kitchen.

Bonnie however didn't follow. He went to Pirate's Cove. "Foxy, are you even going to come out?" He asked the purple stared curtains.

"No..laddie. I can't face th' lass." the fox male said in his pirate tongue.

The bunny could tell that the fox didn't even shift by his tone. "Alright.. but Moira is going to talk to Mike." He said, walking away.


Mike stared at the cam, wondering what was up with the bots. In fact, he didn't even know why they didn't attack the sleeping girl but he didn't leave the office to find out. He changed cams to check on the cove yet it was just to quiet. It was only night 3 for him.

"Are you the night guard?"

He blinked and looked over to the right door as he sat the tablet down. "Yes... I'm Mike and you are?"

"Moira. I'm sorry that I'm still here after closing."

"It's fine...It seems you keep the bots calm."

She giggled softly which was music to him. "Calm is one word for them, but I wish you luck."

He eyed her. "Why do you say that?"

She blinked softly. "I don't keep all of them calm..." With that, Bonnie appeared and pulled her away.

"There are more?"

~~ (and I can't work any the of guards so, they won't be in any other chapter. Purple guy/Vincent is different. But that's later... way later...)

She blinked a bit as Bonnie pulled her off to the main room. She looked at her arm that he was pulling her by then up at him. "Bon, what's wrong?" She asked softly. He wasn't hurting her but thanks to her odd magic, she can tell what the bots felt when they touched her.

He stopped at the end of the hall and sighed. "Moira, I know that they just called you back to work here but..."


He turned to her. "We been trying to kill Mike for the last two nights. Tonight is his third night."

"and I'm stopping you and the others from doing it?" She asked calmly. A little too calm for the bonny.

Bonnie nodded slowly. "But you're not really stopping us... you just take the feeling away..." He said. He went to add to it, when he heard Foxy move. He picked her up and moved out of the way, just in time too.

Foxy ran pass the two and went down the hall.

Bonnie quietly went to the kitchen and sat her down, closing the doors behind them.

"What the hell, Bon? Freddy asked, looking at the two.

"Foxy went after Mike." Moira said softly as she went over to Chica.

The blonde girl blinked then smiled softly and she held out a piece of pizza which Moira took, slowly eating on it.

The boys watched her then looked at each other. "What happened Bon?"

Bonnie sighed softly. "I went to talk to him but he didn't want to see her. So I went to talk to Moira. I was telling her what we been doing but as we talked, I heard Foxy move."

"He's not shifting?"

He shook his head.

Freddy sighed softly. "That day must still play is his head..."

"Guys, Lets get Moira to be our night guard again." Chica said happily.

Freddy and Bonnie looked at each other then smirked. "Lets."

Moira however was munching on her fourth slid of pizza as she read over all of her messed tests of Mangle. The last one made her glare. It was a picture of Mangle passed out in her room in that house. She was too into her cell and the pizza to notice that Freddy and Bonnie left as Chica happily made other pizza.


A/N: About Foxy... He's having problems and doesn't want Moira to see him. Sadly over the time that she been away from him, She's more calmer.... or so she seems. lol oh did you like how Mangle stays in her life. I wonder who gave that fox a cell. lol

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