Pirate Love


4. 04


Since the bite, the Pizzeria closed down yet Moira was able to buy the Toys. Not knowing where to put them and couldn't keep them at her apartment, she placed them in her old vacation house that was away of a lot of people. She just wanted her friends to safe and happy.

The young girl didn't know how the toys would take being in a two story house that looked more like a mansion then house near the ocean and away from any person for miles. But it was to keep them safe. Sadly, Mangle didn't like the idea but he didn't say anything.

-At the vacation house/mansion-

Moira stood in the kitchen, pulling some food away. She didn't know if they could eat or not but she got a lot of freeze pizza just in case. While putting things away, she didn't hear someone walk up behind her until their arms went around her young body which made her jump.

"M-mangle?" She asked as she looked behind her and blinked.

Behind her, with his arms around her, stood a male with short white hair with pink highlights, wore white and pink colors cloths that looks a lot like pirate designs. The male looked to be 20ish.

"Moira, thanks for fixing me and saving us." He said to her.

She giggled lightly and smiled. "Welcome. I would hate seeing you or the other toys get hurt or shut down all because of something Foxy and my magic did."

He blinked lightly. "Your magic?"

She thought a bit before a scream was heard.

Moira and Mangle walked outside and blinked to see Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica running away from a wild fox. Seeing that, made the young witch start laughing which got Mangle to look at her weirdly.

Toy Freddy walked outside and blinked. "What's going on?" His human looks seems a lot like Freddy's yet his colors are a softer brown but he wore cloths like his older copy. ((I know that the originals' human forms have yet to show up but work with me.))

Mangle sighed as Moira kept laughing. "A wild fox is chasing Bonbon and Chica, while our witch is finding this all funny."

The bear sighed before he looked down at the laughing girl. "Our witch is just weird."

"Yet she owns us..."

Moira calmed down to giggling before stopping to sent Mangle a glare. "Just because I paid for you and the others, don't make me your owner. If fact, I'm letting four bots live alone in a house that was left to me."

Toy Freddy sighed. "Well you can always move in too."

Mangle smirked. "And forgot about the pirate."

She shook her head and went back inside. "Sorry, they are my friends too, so deal with it."

-f.f a few years-

As years pasted the toys got used to the live in the house, toy Chica learned the basic to cooking as Moira used a fire poof spell on the house. The blond female fall in love with the kitchen and she made herself the head cook of the house, not that the guys minded.

Whenever Moira wasn't over, Mangle would call and chat with her nightly even when her 'pets' didn't like it.

Then the time came, the Freddy's new place opened and Moira got the call to go in. Sadly she was still on day shift but she didn't mind, she just wanted to see Foxy.


A/N: What Toy Chica and Toy Bonbon looks like:


Note: Yes, They are Pole-bear's designs, which I'm using until someone helps me out and draws the bots in my AU's version. which you can Msg me for the details.

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