Pirate Love


3. 03 - the bite

A/N: ... do I have a something say... no I don't think so... Oh yea. Moira is now on day shift...

Chapter 3

Moira glared lightly as she woke up to something that rarely happened. Nightmare Foxy was in his human form and was over her with his hand and hook on either side of her head.

"Lass, ye 'ave work today?" He asked as he smirked down at her. His tail slightly hit her legs.

She sighed lightly as she felt like using her magic to make him a plushie yet didn't do it. "Yes, Night Foxy. I work day shift now. Problem?"

He nodded his head and he leaned close. He then licked her lips, making her cheeks turn a light shade of red. "Aye. me princess be never home unless to slumber." He said with a light growl.

She blushed and looked away. "Can't help it. I like working there... even if Foxy is no where to be seen." She muttered the last part. She didn't want him to hear since in a way he too was Foxy.

He glared then moved, getting off the bed. "Ye need to quit. ye have all 'o us here 'n yet ye want to fight(play) wit' others?"

She sat up with a sigh. When he got like this, she couldn't do anything to calm him. She got out of bed, turned out the fact her night shirt was short and showing off her black undies. She walked to the bathroom, turning out the low growling she was getting.

After her shower, She got dressed for work and started having problems with her hair. Oddly her braid wasn't coming out as good as she liked. Getting annoyed, she just gave up and placed her hair into a high ponytail.

Then out of the blue, a hand reached out in front of her and grabbed her ribbon, making her blink. She looked behind her and blinked. Nightmare Foxy had grabbed her ribbon and held it to his lips.

Before she could say anything, he placed his deadly hook gently against her lips. "No. I'll help wit' th' ribbon this day. But only if ye give me a kiss before leavin'." He said softly.

She nodded and looked away. She could feel him, putting the ribbon around the band that held up her hair. After a few growls and such, he was done. She looked at the mirror and smiled as she turned to him. "Thanks."

He smirked lightly and leaned down, kissing her gently. "Make sure ye miss me, okay?"

She nodded and smiled softly with a light blushline.

– at work –

(( you got a bit of what happens at her home. XD Don't you love my ver of Nightmare Foxy? ))

Moira sighed lightly as she kept down to give a child some paper. She didn't understand it but she was placed in the Kid's corner were kids would try to part Mangle apart yet she didn't allow them. "Kids, you wouldn't like others taking you apart, would you?"

The kids finally got the hint and leave the poor fox alone.

When it was break time and no kids were in the room, Mangle would wrap a part of himself around her leg, making her look down at him. "ThAnK YoU." He whispered to her.

She smiled. "Anything for a friend." She said, not noticing his ears lowing.

– f.f. a few days –

She stood in one of the party room, smiling lightly as the birthday party when on. She didn't notice anything was wrong yet she noticed Bonnie in the shadows. She told one of her co-workers that she needs a break and walked out of the room. She walked to the shadows and smiled lightly at up the purple bunny.

"Bonnie Dear, you shouldn't be out here."

He nodded his head but then pulled her away from the room. He pulled her into another room away from the party room.

"Bonnie, what's going on?"

"It's FoXy."

She looked over and blinked as she looked at Chica and Freddy. She walked over to the two and gently touched their faces. "Chica, Freddy... You two look as bad as Bonnie... but what about Foxy?"

Freddy reached up and placed his metal hand over hers. "He's..."

Just then, there was a loud scream followed by more screams.

Moira turned to go see, only for Freddy to pull her to him as Chica place something over her eyes, somehow.

"We're sorry, Moira... but you can't see it." Chica said softly.

A few hours placed as Moira sat on Freddy's lap, pouting. She couldn't see but she could hear Chica walking with Bonnie. She could tell that they were worried.

When the door opened and closed, someone or people walked in. She flinched lightly when she felt something wrapping around her, pulling her away from the bear. Then the cloth that was over her eyes was removed.

"Mangle?" She blinked her eyes only to see Mangle's face. She looked around to see the sadden toys and older ones. Yet no Foxy. "What is going on?"

Mangle moved closer to her and nuzzled against her neck as the others looked at each others.

"Foxy bit a kid... after you went on your break.." Toy Freddy said softly.

She widen her eyes as tears started to form. "N-no w-way...F-Foxy wouldn't..." She said before breaking down, into tears.

The guys shifted lightly unsure of what to do as Toy Chica and Chica went to her side. Mangle didn't even know what to do but he kept his parts wrapped around her as he nuzzled against her neck.

Then Toy Bonnie and Toy Freddy left for a while. It was quiet other then the soft crying. The two males went around, looking for Foxy. Once they found him shut down, they pulled him back to the back room.

Once in the room, Toy Bonnie turned on the lights. "Moira.. We found him."

She calmed down to only let her tears fall which Mangle licked away. She looked over at the shut down fox that had blood all over his mouth and fur. Just seeing her favorite robot like that, made the tears fall down more. "W-why did he do it...?"

Everyone looked at each over before Freddy coughed. "Princess, he wasn't sane after he heard that you went to day shift."

"And now we are out while they find a 'reason' why we all lost it..." Toy Bonnie added, sighing sadly.

Moira sniffed* lightly as she rubbed the tears off her face. She looked up at them with small tears. "I'll make sure you guys won't disappear... I can't help the old ones yet, but I can help the Toys right now..." she said softly.

"Princess, I'm sure they will fix us up and reuse us. So just save the Toys." Freddy said softly from behind her.

She nodded lightly as she got Mangle to remove his parts so she could stand, and walked over to Foxy. She reached out and touched his blood face. "I'm... s-so sorry, Foxy. I promise to save you and all of the bots... but please no more killing..."


A/N: Before you all start a war over this, I still think Foxy did it. Even if there are more hints to Mangle being the one. But in my AU, Moira's magic made Foxy more non-sane(is that the right weird?) without her knowing. In other words, Without Moira, the souls are back to being well mad. Foxy's soul more then the others.


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