Pirate Love


2. 02

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Note: Mangle is a male in all of my fnaf fanfics.


She wondered around the building, wasting time. She walked around, looking around. She saw the new 'toys' on stage but they were not her friends. She walked into the Kid's cove and blinked. She walked over to the mangled fox and knelt down. "Aw. Poor Fox..." She reached out and gently petted 'it' between the ears. "I'm sorry that the kids are so mean to you." She said before standing up.

She walked out of the room, without noticing that the fox opened 'it's' golden eye and red eye. She did felt eyes on her but let it side as she went to her signed office. It wasn't time but she didn't know where else to look. So why not just get ready for work.

Within two minutes in the office, she got bored. She pulled out her cell and started to text someone. So for the next 2 hours, that was what she did. She texted a friend and just chatted until it hit Midnight.

She stopped texting and looked over at the tablet. She went from cam to cam, looking for checking things. She muted the phone since she didn't care. Sadly nothing happened. Not even a robot moved and she got so bored.

– next night –

Moira sat at the desk, munching on a pizza. She felt like nothing will happen so she just randomly thought to herself. Sadly she was so wrong.

Out of the blue, Bonnie, without his face showed up and he stood in front of the desk, just staring down at her with his growling red eyes.

She looked up and jumped, falling out of her chair. "B-bonnie! Where? How?" She asked as she laid on the ground. She flinched lightly when he walked around the desk and reached out his metal hand. She reached up and placed her hand into his, which he pulled her up to her feet.

She moved as he fixed her chair silently. Once done, she walked around the chair and hugged him, making him finch lightly. "Bonnie... I missed you so much." She said softly.

He wrapped his arm around her body to a short hug before pushing her away. When she looked up, he shook his head. "M-M-Moira.." He was somehow able to say. Yet he wasn't able to say what he wanted her to know.

She sighed lightly and nodded. "Understood. I'll do my job and not hug you." She said softly, even though she didn't truly understood but didn't want to push it. She wanted to hug the bunny since he looked like he needed it but she just sat in her chair and went back to munching on the pizza.

Bonnie silently took the tablet before sitting beside her, leaning against the chair and her legs. He used his legs to hold the tablet as he kept the music box playing.

Moira watched him, with a soft pout, unknowing that two foxes were watching the two.

In the shadows, Mangle hang from the ceiling, watching. He didn't know how to take the girl yet the way she came to check on him before her shift, got him interested. Yet standing under him, was Foxy who just stared. Mangle could tell that the older fox was unsure about something but he didn't say anything to him.

– 3 night –

Moira sighed as she laid her head down on the desk. Bonnie was back, helping her with the puppet yet he didn't notice that she didn't mind if the puppet was about or not. She didn't mind that the purple bunny was helping but she was getting bored. And she was never bored with her 'pets'.

Sadly as she was started to think of her 'pets', Mangle appeared up. She looked up at the mangled fox and blinked. "Hi Mangle."

Mangle moved across the ceiling and lowed down in front of her. "WhAt Is WrOnG?" He said with his mangled voice.

She smiled softly. "Just thinking of my few pets back home." She said as she reached out and gently touched the white fur on his face.

He nuzzled against her hand. "YoU gOt...pEtS?"

"Is a way.. yes. A dark reddish fox, 3 bears, a chicken and a bunny..." She said, listing the nightmares that she lived with. She knew if they knew of this, not only would they get pissed off but Night Foxy would... She flinched at the thought.

He looked over at Bonnie who still kept the music box playing then looked back at Moira. "WhY iS oLd BoNnIe HeRe?" He didn't know why but he wanted to change the subject since he was questioning her 'pets'.

She blinked a bit. "He's helping me out with the puppet...Why?"

Mangle shook his head and left, leaving Moira confused.

Sadly, the last 2 nights were like that. Mangle would show up to talk with her, or Toy Bonnie would. Old Bonnie would play on the tablet. As the others just left her along after checking her out.

Yet the only one that never showed his face was Foxy. Every night that she worked, he would stay in the shadows on the hallway, just watching her.

"Me...lass... why ye workin' here..?" He would asked the shadows yet he never got an answer, not that he needed one when he would watch her smile happily while talking with Mangle and Toy Bonnie. Oddly whenever she would smile at Bonnie, he would let out a low growl.


A/N: okay before you Toys fans, they do not get de..killed in this story. I love Mangle too much to have him die. So if anyone wants their oc(or random oc) to get with any of the FNAF characters other then Foxy, Mangle and Nightmare Foxy, just let me know.

Yet before you bitch over Moira having Foxy, Mangle and Night Foxy, she won't have Mangle. I'm making up another oc for that fox.

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