Pirate Love


1. 01

A young girl ran around the park that was just outside of her apartment building. She ran around, playing with 3 boys and 1 other girl as another boy watched from away. She giggled lightly as one of the boys tried to hit her with his wooden sword.

"Micheal, I know that you're playing pirate but don't try to really hit her." Said one of the boy. He was called Ben. He had short blond hair and deep purple eyes.

Micheal stopped and looked over at Ben. He had messy red hair and deep green eyes. "Ben, I'm not going to hit the princess." He sighed.

The one that he called princess giggled. "Pirates don't hit girls plus I wanted to see it he could with me running around." She had short black hair and deep blue eyes.

"Moira, you are so weird for even letting him try to hit you." Said the other girl. She had short blond hair and deep brown eyes. She was playing in the sand box near where the others played.

Moira stock out her tongue at her. "I like being weird, Kat. So nah."

Kat sighed lightly and went back to playing in the sand.

Moira sat up and sighed as she ran her hand through her long black bangs. "Why is he showing up after all of these years?" She asked herself as she moved out of bed and yawned. She shook her head, making her long black hair move slightly then went to the small bathroom that was linked up to her room.

She lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment which she got after her mother disappeared two years before. She didn't even know her father, so as far of this girl knew is that she didn't have one.

After taking a showing, she dressed herself in a jean skirt, button up black shirt and gray legging. She brushed her long black hair into a ponytail that she soon after braided. She then grabbed a red ribbon and tried it around the end of her braid. Once done, she went over to her desk and sat down. She then slid on her black boots.

She looked over at her small pirate themed clock and sighed. "Micheal... even all of these years, I can't even get rend* of the pirate things you gave me..." She said softly as she reached over and poked the small toy sword that poked out of the clock. She didn't like the pirate theme items yet from looking at her room, you can't tell.

In the small bedroom that she slept in, was mixed themed. Her bed was gothic with dark red sheets, the covers were dark shades of purples and blues. On the bed, where two dark red fluffy pillows with black ones behind them. Sitting by the pillow, sat a Foxy plushie that she got from the one friend she missed more then anything. Sadly that plushie wasn't normal. Around her room were gothic items with a few pirate kid items that seem to bend in with her gothic theme.

She stood up and walked over to her magical made bed and smiled softly down at her plushie. "I'm going to give this night job a try, so be a good boy, alright Night Foxy." She said as she reached down and pet it slowly on the head.

"'ave...f-fun..." It said.

She smiled sweetly. "I will try."

With that she left her apartment. She walked one full block to the building that she was starting her job at which was called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

She sighed softly as she walked into the building. Kids were running around as their parents talked or tried to calm them down. She shook her head and walked to the owner's office.

After talking with the owner and signing a lot of papers, it was soon closing time. She sat at a table, munching on a small pizza as she waited on her shift. She felt something odd from the building but turned it out. After finishing the pizza, it was closing time yet she still had 3 hrs.

So to make time pass, she wondered around.

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