The Next Generation (An Outsiders Story)

The gang is back in town, but they all have, daughters? Dally Winston Ponyboy Curtis Darry Curtis Johnny Cade Steve Randle Two-bit Matthews Sodapop Curtis.


1. Introduction


*I do not own any of the characters from The Outsiders, I only own my characters.*

Evelina Curtis is the daughter of Ponyboy Curtis. Evelina's mother had been killed during birth, so it's just her and her dad. She is currently 15 and they lived in California. She looks more like her mom, at least that's what her father told her, but she has the same personality as Ponyboy. She enjoys school and gets straight A's. Evelina loves to read, go on walks, and, of course, watch sunsets. She is a quiet girl, but she's not shy.

Millie Cade is the daughter of Johnny Cade and, surprisingly, Cherry Valance (or Cade, because they're married.) Millie is 16 and she lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her mom, Cherry, and her dad, Johnny. They live in the greaser part of town, but near the edge because Cherry is a Soc. Millie has the attitude of Cherry, but she is the spitting imagine Johnny. She likes school, but like her father, is also very slow to get things. Millie loves stargazing out in the lot, listening to people, and she loves helping animals. That's something special about Millie. Everyone else hates animals because they are something almost every Soc has. (It makes no sense, I know.) Millie is shy and kind to everyone. She barely talks unless your her close friend, but she doesn't have one yet.

Kadence Winston is the daughter of Dallas Winston. Dally's wife divorced him because of his drinking when Kadence was only five. Kadence is 19 and lives in an apartment by herself in Tulsa, close to Millie, because she pretty much hates her dad. She looks like both her mom and dad, but she acts more like her dad. She hates school and dropped out before high school. Kadence enjoys shoplifting, getting into fights, and smoking. Kadence in loud, wild and reckless. She is never afraid to speak her mind.

Hallie Curtis is the daughter of Darry Curtis. Her mom died a few months ago due to a car accident. She is 20 and didn't go to college because she wanted to take care of the new gang. She still lives with her dad in the Curtis house. She has both her mom and dads features, but mostly her moms. Hallie loves helping and protecting everyone, cooking, and going on walks. Hallie is responsible and she respects everyone's opinion on something.

Tinley Matthews is the daughter of Two-bit Matthews. Her mom had to move to Texas for her job, but she visits them for three days every month. Tinley is 18 and she lives with her dad in a home close to the Curtis home. She just graduated from high school last year, and she isn't planning on going to college. Tinley looks exactly like her mom, but she acts just like her dad. She enjoys watching anything Disney with her dad, keeping Kadence out of trouble, (because she's her best friend), and cracking jokes. Tinley is funny and loves seeing people smile.

Ariella and Autumn Curtis are twin sisters and are the daughters of Sodapop Curtis. Sodapop is in a divorce because he caught his wife cheating on him. Soda has another daughter Lenna, she is 14 while Ariella and Autumn are 18. Ariella and Autumn just got out of high school while Lenna is still in school. Lenna enjoys school, but she isn't the brightest crayon in the box. She'll bring home C's and sometimes the occasional D. Ariella enjoys hanging out with her best friend, Brinley. Autumn loves going to football games with her crush, Giovahnni Winston, Kadence's younger brother by the age of 18. Lenna enjoys going to the drive-in with Millie. All of them are like Soda; hot, wild, and reckless.

Brinley Randle is the daughter of Steve Randle. Brinley is 18, and she lives in an apartment with Ariella and Autumn. She works at the gas station, DX, with her dad. Brinley enjoys going to football games with Ariella, driving, and eating chocolate cake. Brinley has never met her mom, her mom just left them. Brinley can be obnoxious and crazy, but she is nice and loved by every boy because of her beauty.

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