Colors of the Soul

Naruto Uzumaki, a boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders and dreams that seem impossible. The want to be respected and accepted by those who see nothing but a monster, runs deep in Naruto's heart. With a promise hardly remembered and the gift to see the Soul's colors, Naruto Uzumaki chases his dream of being Hokage and uses his ability to protect those he holds close to his heart.


1. One

Chapter I - A Promise Made

A young boy with spiky blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, sat alone on a swing under the tree just outside the academy. He had been scolded again and people looked at him as if he was a monster, as if he had killed their loved ones. The boy kicked the dirt below him in anger and frustration. He had no idea why everyone hated him, why they looked at him with disdain in their cold eyes.

‘I'll show them.’ The whiskered boy thought. ‘I'll be Hokage someday and then they'll have to look at me with respect. They'll stop ignoring me.’ His eyes narrowed as he glared at the Stone Faces of the Hokage.

He held up his fist at them, “I'll be Hokage, Believe it!” he declared with determination.

Without another word, the spiky haired boy walked away from the swing and academy. He was headed toward the forest, a place an inexperienced and young child should not go alone. The forest was filled with animals that could easily swallow the child whole. He wondered around aimlessly, trying to find something that would help let out these chaotic emotions he held.

A howl resonated through the forest. It was hurtful to the ears but there was something melodic about it at the same time. The ground shook beneath the boy’s feet. Fear began to build in him, he had no clue as to what creature could make the ground shake like that. With kunai in hand, he took a defensive stance. A giant wolf stepped out from the trees and stood in front of the child. The boy trembled but held his ground, staring the wolf in the eyes.

“Why have you come here, little pup?” The wolf tilted its head.

Its fur was an applish color and its eyes were deep green, quite strange for a wolf. The creature lowered its massive head to the boy’s level, “What is your name, little pup?” It asked.

The boy looked at the wolf with a mixture of fear and awe. This creature was massive, it almost dwarfed the trees.

“My name is Naruto Uzumaki, Believe it.” He kept his voice from trembling.

The wolf chuckled, “Little pup Naruto. A name I shall remember.”

Naruto lowered his kunai, he didn’t feel like he was in danger with this creature. In fact, he felt rather safe with it. His feelings of fear, frustration, and anger seemed to vanish in this wolf’s presence. Naruto smiled wide, he quite liked this wolf. He felt he could be himself with her.

“What’s your name?” Naruto asked in curiosity.

“I am called many names. I can never remember them all, not even the name I was originally given.” She sighed tiredly as she laid down.

Naruto crossed his arms as he took a moment to think about something. His eyes were closed like a fox’s. It was an adorable sight to watch for the wolf. With an ‘Ah ha’ look on his face Naruto gave the old wolf a foxy grin.

“How ‘bout I give you a name?” Naruto exclaimed happily.

The wolf raised an eyebrow at little Naruto before smiling gently.

“What name do you suggest? If it’s something ugly, I might eat you.” the she-wolf joked.

Naruto’s eyes widened, he certainly didn’t want to be eaten. He had a whole life ahead of him as far as he was concerned. He thought about what name to give the wolf. There were so many to pick from.

“I’ll call you, Chouko.” Naruto beamed.

The wolf had been named and for the name’s sake, a butterfly shaped spot appeared on the wolf’s chest.

“That’s a lovely name, Naruto.” Chouko smiled.

“Naruto… would you grant me a favor?” Chouko asked with a hesitant pause.

Naruto looked up at the giant wolf, curiosity evident in his eyes. With a small nod, Naruto encouraged Chouko to continue.

“Will you accept my gift, the gift of my eyes? I’m getting on in age and my own sight is dwindling. It’s only a matter of time before my eyes are no longer able to see and my soul moves on.” Chouko barked.

Naruto’s blue eyes widened at her request. Even though he had just met Chouko, he felt like he had known the wolf his entire life. His heart felt like breaking at the thought of losing Chouko. The child’s eyes started to tear up, he ran up to the wolf and hugged her. Chouko’s fur was soft, like a pillow made of clouds.

“Naruto, will you accept my gift and grant me this favor?” the wolf asked.

Naruto nodded his head, “I will. I accept your eyes.” he sniffled.

Naruto let go of Chouko and took a step back. He looked up at the giant apple colored wolf. They seemed to hold an unspoken conversation with each other. Blue eyes met with green as Chouko lifted her head and gently touched Naruto. A flash of warm light engulfed the two for a good minute. In the now quiet forest, laid a sleeping Naruto with his eyes changed forever.


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