The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


11. wounded

Alesea wakes to shouting. She opens her eyes and sees a group of people arguing with Lucas. She sighs and lets her human form shell over her dragon and she brushes off her dress. She walks tiredly over to the big crowd of people and crosses her arms. “What is going on? What’s are you yelling about?” She asks.


They all grow quiet and look at her. She raises an eyebrow. “Now you grow quiet? Is it because you have woken the sleeping beast? I am here only to help with your safety not to eat you so if that is what all this commotion is about it better cease. You made your choice whether you think it is right or not is up to you. Go pack up the tense and get everything back in the box. We leave as soon as it is done.” She says.


They all just stand there. “Now.” She orders then goes to the nearest tent and starts breaking it down.  She feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns to see a woman. “Are we not going to eat first?” The woman asks.


Alesea shakes her head. “You can have your breakfast once we are up in the air but for now we must pack.” She explains. She hands the tent to the woman then heads deep into the woods to find a lake to wash up some.


She hears footsteps behind her and turns around to see a group of men. “What do you want?” She asks.


One walks forward. “I don’t like how you think you can boss us around. Your a freak. A monster.” He says. The rest nod and circle her.


She looks around for an escape but finds none. She glares at the man who spoke to her. “Let me go.”


He shakes his head. They all jumps at her in sinc giving her no time to fight. She’s pinned to the ground in a matter of minutes with a hand covering her mouth preventing her from warning anyone else. She struggles but there’s too many of them. The man above her covering her mouth smiles. “We don’t take orders from you any more.” He pulls out a knife and her whole body tenses.


He laughs and raises the knife ready to plunge it in Alesea’s heart. She closes her eyes and tries shed her human shell but there grips make the transformation too painful to go very far. She cries out but it’s muffled by the hand covering her mouth.Every grip tightens painfully keeping her down. Tears run down her face and she closes her eyes waiting for the inevitable.


She feels the knife pierce her but not in the heart. It pierces her shoulder and the man who had done it is now gone. She screams in pain. The knife had gone through bone the pain indescribable. She opens her eyes and almost passes out at the sight of the knife sticking out of her shoulder. She can smell her blood as it starts to pull out.


Sounds of pain can be heard as slowly every grip that was on her is released. Her vision blurs as the loss of blood starts getting to her, her body weakening. A figure looms over her and that’s all she sees before everything goes black.


The figure was a passerby who happened to be traveling back to the elven kingdom. His ears are stronger than most of his kind and he had picked up on the muffled screams from Alesea. He bends down above the girl just as he sees her eyes close. He curses under his breath and kneels down next to the girl. He pulls out the knife and quickly wraps the wound tightly with a piece of his shirt he ripped off.


He picks the girl up off the ground and holds her close. He closes his eyes and listens. The sound of commotion not that far off catches his ears and he runs off toward that direction. He comes up on a group of humans that look to be packing up. He also sees prince Lucas which surprises him. He runs over to Lucas with the girl still in his arms.


Lucas sees him and the girl in his arms. “Alesea!” He cries out and grabs for the girl.


He hands the girl over to lucas. “I heard her screams. I’m sorry I didn’t get to her in time. We need to get her medical attention as soon as possible. She’s lost a lot of blood.”


Someone runs over. “I’m a nurse! I can get her the help she needs.” The woman says.


The elf nods and looks at Lucas. “My name is Aiden. I live in the Elven kingdom about a three day travel from here.”

Lucas nods. “Thank you for saving Alesea. Might I ask exactly what happened? If you know.”


Aiden nods. “Of course. I heard muffled screaming while I traveled and went to check it out. I saw at least five men holding her down and one on top of her with a knife covering her mouth. I had gotten to the man on top and was able to push the knife from it’s intent, which was her heart. I knocked out the men out and the girl passed out before I could even get the knife out. I fear it may take a while for the human girl to heal.”


Lucas shakes his head. “Not human. She is trying to help these humans to the human kingdom away from the dangers of the new Dragon kingdom.” He looks at Aiden. “Can you show me where the passed out humans are.”


Aiden nods. “Yes but first. Your saying she’s not human but I sense she is.”


Elves have always had a knack for sensing the species of any being. They are the only species that cannot be fooled by shapeshifters.


Lucas nods. “What you sense is what she was born as. The Sorceress we all know and love.” He says sarcastically. “Decided to apparently give two children a blessing on which change their species and allow them to keep the form of a human in which they can change back and forth from. There’s still much I don’t know about the dragons but I’m hoping to learn more. Miss Alesea is the dragon queen.”


Aiden looks shocked. “Wait the girl I saved is the queen of dragons?”


Lucas nods. “Yes right now there are no dragons for her to rule over but I’m guessing it will happen very soon. Anyway Alesea is quite the opposite of the dragon king. She has a heart bigger than I’ve seen before.  I have confidence that whatever happens that she will keep the dragon king at bay.”


Aiden shakes his head. “I saved the dragon queen.” He mumbles still unable to believe that he just saved one of the most powerful beings.


Lucas looks at Aiden. They have walked to the spot where the human males attacked Alesea. Aiden is counting. He frowns. “One’s missing.” He says.


Lucas frowns. “It doesn’t matter at this point. I’ll get information out of one of theses humans to figure out the name of the last one.”


Aiden shakes his head. “You can’t do that while they are unconscious like this. It will fry their brain.”


Lucas rolls his eyes. “I know.” He walks over to the unconscious bodies and grabs onto most of their shirts and closes his eyes. He transports into the box letting go of their shirts. He sees the nurse towering over Alesea working vigorously. Lucas gains a headache due to draining so much magic transporting more than one person. He rubs his head  knitting his eyebrows together.


Aiden comes in the box a little latter dragging the one human he couldn’t transport. Lucas nods his thanks then hears shouting from the nurse who’s barking urgently orders to two unfortunate people.


Lucas sees Alesea’s body shaking violently. He runs over. “What’s wrong?” He asks.


The nurse looks at him. “The knife had some sort of poison on it. Her bodies trying to fight it.”


Lucas looks at Alesea. He lightly moves the nurse out of the way and presses his hand against the wound. He closes his eyes and his hand glows. Slowly Alesea’s body no longer shakes violently. Lucas falls to his knees weak. He was only able to heal her wound enough to get the poison out and heal the bone. A couple of men help get him up and onto a bed.


He closes his eyes and falls asleep just as the human who stabbed Alesea walks in rubbing his head. Aiden turns and recognizes the human and glares walking over to him and grabbing him by his collar. “You seem to need to learn manners. You never harm a girl.” He throws the human against the wall. “Especially of the royal family. You would immediately be hung for treason.”


The man glares. “I was just trying to get rid of a monster. You realise this girl is a dragon. She could be in cahoots with the dragon king! Of course what do you know? Your just a stupid elf.”


Aiden breathes in deeply. “I believe in the prince of the fairies who has never led my kingdom or any other kingdom astray. He believes in this girl which is saying a lot considering what has happened to him. You speak against a royal no matter the species which is treason if you keep this up I will cut out your tongue so you can’t speak again.” He says.


The man scoffs and gets up.


Aiden kicks him and he yelps falling back on the ground. Aiden looks down at him. “I never told you you could get up. Stay down and be a good boy.” He smiles and pats the humans head before walking out.


He sees a couple walking up with a child worried expressions covering their faces. The girl sees the elf. “Excuse me sir. Have you seen my friend Alesea?”


Aiden nods. “Yes she is recovering in the weird box with chairs and beds that you have.”


The woman looks alarmed. “R recovering? What do you mean? What happened to my daughter?” She asks.


Aiden coughs. “Daughter? The dragon queen is your daughter?”


The woman nods. “Yes. Now is my daughter alright?”


Aiden sighs. “I don’t know. Your daughter was stabbed. The knife thankfully entered her shoulder instead of her heart. There is a possibility of survival thank to Prince Lucas who used the last of his magic to heal her. The knife was apparently laced with poison but Lucas got it all out.”


The woman goes in panic and rushes in the box. The man sighs. “I’m sorry. My wife does have her concerns for our daughter. If you’ll excuse us.” He motions for the girl to follow and the walk in the box.


Aiden feels his head pound as the high elf calls for him. He sighs and looks at the box. “I will see you again sometime Alesea queen of the dragons.” He says then turns and walk into the forest toward the direction of his kingdom.

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