The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


7. The truth

Alesea wakes up to find herself back in dragon form wrapped protectively around the incubator. She lifts her head and looks around confused. She looks down at all of the eggs and cocks her head. They seem to glow like they are alive for the first time. She lays her head back down and looks at the door which is now closed. She wonders what happened when she blacked out. All she remembers was reaching for the incubator.


The door opens to reveal Kaiden who seems on edge. “You shouldn’t have just walked in here. These eggs have been fine on their own so far.”


She shrugs her shoulders. I don’t care what you think.


He glares at her. “Well you should care. You have messed up the order of everything and now I have to stay here to make sure you don’t do anything else stupid.”


She’s surprised he heard her thoughts but doesn’t let that stop her. I have done nothing wrong. Seems to be me this is where i am supposed to be. You just don’t like that someone else is here other than you that has been blessed to be the ruler of the dragons.


He laughs. “You know what the sorceress has told me? The only reason you are here is to raise these baby dragons once they hatch. That’s it. No other reason. All you are is a babysitter so see if I care that you stay with these eggs. You’re right this is where you’re supposed to be.” He walks out slamming the door behind him.


Kaiden walks toward his room but stops when he hears the sound of Michael laughing and another voice. He follows the noise and throws open the door to see a fairy sitting in a chair across from Michael. He snaps his head to Michael. “What is the meaning of this? Who is this and why is he here uninvited to my castle.” Kaiden asks angrily.


The fairy boy smiles. “Hello your majesty. My name is Lucas. I have come from the fairy kingdom out of curiosity of this new kingdom. I just happened to stumble upon my old friend and we were having a chat since it had been so long since we have seen each other.”


Kaiden glares his cheek glowing. “You have walked in my castle unannounced. I will not have unwelcome visitors in my castle so you must leave immediately or suffer the consequences.” Kaiden says his voice filled with his threat.


Lucas throws his hands up. “Fine I shall leave but I will tell you that it is not wise to keep on with this recklessness. You are supposed to be a king yet you act like a child throwing a temper tantrum. From what I’ve heard and seen you have taken a girl from her home for your own selfish reasoning. You have burned up many villages and killed many innocent people. A king is supposed to protect his people not harm them.”


Kaiden growls. “You cannot tell me how to run my kingdom. That girl I have taken is meant to be here. If she dies I die so I have her here to protect her. Who are you anyway that you have some here to insult me?” He asks angrily his pupils turning into slits.


Lucas crosses his arms. “I am the future king of the fairy kingdom. My father has taught me everything I know. You may be king but you know nothing about being one.”


Kaiden runs at him and pushes him against the wall holding his neck in his hand. “You dare tell me I know nothing!” He squeezes.


Lucas’s breath becomes uneven as he tries to pry Kaiden’s fingers from his neck. Michael get’s up. “Kaiden this is completely unnecessary and childish. Let him go or you will risk a war you will not win.” Michael says.


Alesea here’s the commotion and gets up. She glows and is back to her human form. She takes one look at the incubator before running out and heading toward the commotion. She finds the door and runs in. She sees Kaiden choking Lucas and growls. “Let him go!” She yells.


Kaiden turns back to look at her. “You can not tell me what to do.”


She walks up to him and grabs his shirt. “I said let go of Lucas.”


He pushes her hard and her head smack against a chair. She groans and Michael helps her up. She nods at Michael then pulls at Kaiden’s arms. Her neck glows and her fingers turn into claws sinking into his arm. He yelps and lets go of Lucas. He grabs my arms and rips her hand from his arm with a grunt. She is thrown up against the wall and pinned there. “I told you not to mess with me. I may not be able to kill you but I can make you wish you were dead.” He snaps.


She looks him in the eyes not letting him think that she fears him. “Go ahead and try.” Her head snaps to the side as he slaps her across the face. She turns and looks at him her cheek stinging but no tears form. “That the best you got?”


She closes her eyes and when she opens them she’s in a different room, the Sorceress standing in front of here shaking her head. “You are a brave one child.”


Alesea frowns. “Where am I?” She asks looking around.


The sorceress sighs. “You are in my home for the time being. There are somethings I must explain to you.” She says.


Alesea crosses her arms. “And what is that? The explanation of why you just left me? Or why you are letting all these villages get destroyed?”


The sorceress shakes her head. “You don’t understand child. In order for a kingdom to be that it must be all of that species first before it can except any other species.”


Alesea looks at the sorceress in shock. “You wanted this to happen? My family is probably dead because of you! My friends! Those people have done nothing to deserve what has come to them. You…. I can’t believe!” She turns and looks for an exit before she does something she might regret. She finds a door and runs to it. She opens it and runs out right as her mark starts glowing a bright white. Her dragon form pushes forward and replaces her other form much more easily than any time before.


She spreads her wings just as the sorceress walks out. “You don’t understand child. It is necessary. Once it is done his anger will ease and you will be able to live peacefully with him.”


Alesea roars and swipes at the sorceress knocking her across the open space and she hits a tree. Alesea glares then takes takes off into the air. She looks around and tries to find her bearings. She sees a black figure circling the air as if looking for something. She sighs and flies toward it knowing exactly who it is.


She feels something on her back and turns her head to see the sorceress. “In time you will understand Alesea.”


Alesea bucks throwing the sorceress off. She picks up speed going to Kaiden. She spreads her wings and just hovers a couple feet away from him. Hey.


Kaiden snaps his head in her direction. Where the hell did you go?! He asks angrily.


She shrugs and lands on the ground going back into human form. She turns and walks without another word to him. She hears him land behind her and keeps walking. A tug at her dress catches her attention and next thing she knows she’s being lifted from the ground. Kaiden places her on his scaly back and she wraps her arms around his neck tightly so she doesn’t slip off. “What are you doing?”


It will be faster if we fly back to the castle. He spreads his wings.


“I don’t want to go back there.” She says gripping tighter when he takes off into the air.


Oh well. I am going to keep you safe. He says.


She laughs. “Yeah like you protected me in the room you were in just minutes before right?”


He turns his head and looks at her. He sighs and looks straight ahead going toward the castle.


Alesea loosens her grip and closes her eyes She completely lets go and falls.


Alesea! Kaiden yells and dives after her.


She smiles and glows blindingly bright. When it fades she spreads her wings catching herself just before she hits the ground. She fold her wings and her feet thud on the ground.


He hovers above her and growls. You could have got yourself killed! What were you thinking?!


She rolls her eyes. I was thinking if you are just going to decide my life for me I’ll show you that you can’t.


He lands in front of her. You are the most annoying girl i have ever met! Will stop being so stubborn!


Her tail sways. I will stop being stubborn when you stop killing people. She turns and walks pushing pst trees heading to her village. She hears him groan in frustration. She laughs shaking her head.  She takes off squeezing through trees. Some get knocked down by accident but she keeps going.


The view of her village stops her in her tracks. She lets her human form take over before she walks toward the entrance. Her village is almost completely destroyed. The fires out but all that’s left is small pieces of what used to be houses. She hears coughing and babies crying. She sees people laying on the ground all over. Some are dead some are just injured really bad.

She place a hand on her mouth as tears form in her eyes. She sees her best friend Mia hugging her mom close to her. Her mom is breathing but it’s extremely weak. She runs over and kneels next to her. “Mia! Oh my god! I thought you were dead.” Tears stream down her face.


Mia looks at her. Shock goes across her face. “Alesea?” She keeps an arm around her mom then reaches a hand out to touch Alesea’s face. “Oh my god! We saw that dragon fly away with your limp form and heard your parents screaming your name. We thought….” She carefully places he mom down and engulfs Alesea in a hug.


Alesea returns the hug. “I’m so sorry I tried to get away sooner. I need to get all of you out of here. To the human kingdom. You’ll be safer there. The dragon will not stop until everything is completely in ashes. The sorceress wanted this to happen. She knew this would happen.” She says wiping tears from her eyes pulling from her friends embrace.


Mia frowns. “What do you mean? Why are you in sich fancy clothes? Why is there a crown on your head?”

Alesea sighs. “Turns out I have been blessed as well. The sorceress has made me the heart of the dragon king. If i die so does he. I am a dragon as well.”


Mia shakes her head. “How come you didn’t tell me before?”


Alesea gets up. “I had no clue either M. I would never keep something like that from you. Look M I need you to get as many people as you can. Injured are the most important. I will carry as many as I can to the human kingdom. I have no other choice. If not he will kill you all.” She says tears stinging her eyes again. “And I won’t let that happen.”


Mia smiles weakly with sad eyes. “You have always had a big heart. What do you think people’s reaction will be when they see you in dragon form? The last dragon that came terrorized the whole village.”


Alesea shrugs. “I don’t know but you need to try and convince them. I will help. They need to understand. I can’t have anyone else die. There’s been to many deaths.” She hears a gasp and turns to see both of her parents.


Her mom has a hand to her mouth with tears in her eyes. Alesea walks toward them and wraps her mom in a hug. “I’m so glad you guys are ok.” She says hugging tighter. They both engulf her in a hug and sob.


She pulls away and looks at them both. “You need to get everyone together tell them the dragon queen is here now and will keep them safe. Tell them to meet here to be taken to a safe place where they will not have to worry about any more attacks from the dragon queen. The sorceress knew no matter what this future was the one set because she is the one who set it. Please. I know I just got back but i have to go again. I have an idea that will help get as many as possible to the human kingdom.” She hugs them both again. “I’ll be back tomorrow at high noon. Make sure everyone is ready at that time.” With that she runs off to the castle out of the ruins of her village.

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