The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


4. The power of the Dragon.

Kaiden’s birthday went smoothly. He had learned a few of the halls and doors. Michael had even baked a cake. Of course the Sorceress had also come by to wish him a happy birthday. He of course was annoyed with her and ignored her most of the time she was there.


Of course the Sorceress had plans for him before his blessing comes into action. She had invited his parents to the castle for a couple to spend time with him while they could. He had no clue about it until they walk in the door with presents in there arms as well as suitcases filled with his things. Though Kaiden didn’t want to admit it. He was glad to have his parents with him on his birthday. A smile spreads across his face and he walks up to them. “Need any help?” He asks.


His mom looks at him surprised. She shakes her head. “No dear but thanks for the offer.” She says and walks over to the Sorceress who directs Kaidens parents were they need to go.


Michael nudges Kaiden playfully. After Michael had told his story to him he had warmed up to him. Though at first he hadn’t have been quite sure of him now he knew how much it meant to him. Kaiden respected that. He nudges back with a smile.


His mother comes back and walks over to him and gives him a hug. “Your getting so old. I feel like it was just yesterday I was carrying you out of the nursing cottage.” She says her voice breaking and tears in her eyes.


Kaiden rolls his eyes. “Mom I am only 16. I’m just going to be here in the castle. It’s not like I’m going to be moving to another country.”


His mother wipes her eyes. “You still won’t be home. You’ll be here. I’ll miss seeing you everyday like I’m used to.”


Kaiden shakes his head. “I’ll still visit when I can and you can visit anytime you like.” he says trying to ignore the slight annoyance he feels.


His father hugs him and they walk to the dining room to chat and hang out for a while. After a couple hours a strange feeling goes through him. He looks down and sees that his hands our glowing. The Sorceress immediately shoos his parents out letting them know they can come back in a couple of days.


Kaiden on the other hand watches as the glowing spreads up his arms and pain shoots through him. He grunts and looks at Michael who is walking towards him. The pain slowly becomes more intense and he crouches on the ground groaning in pain. His muscles and bone grow and he cries out as it feels like his bones are breaking, building themselves back together.  His change mold into his skin disappearing. In there place are black scales that shimmer giving the illusion of being a shiny silver as well.


Wings sprout from his shoulder blades painfully slow. They spread out to be long and look like leather. His nose and mouth change and grow longer into the shape of a snout his teeth being replaced with sharp ones that cause his gums to bleed. His hand change and sharp claws come out scratching on the hard floor. His eyes change and his pupils become slits like a cat. A tail forms behind him and a roar that would cause any creature to run in terror comes out of him.


Kaiden looks around seeing things in a whole new way. His sense of smell is stronger as well as his hearing. He turns and looks at himself. His head reaches the top of the roof so he has to be careful not to bang it on the ceiling. He lifts one of his wings out without much thought or effort. He pulls it against his back and extends it a couple of times feeling each movement. He tests his limbs and admires his sharp claws.


He looks at Michael who is giving him a small smile. “Well, now you are the dragon king.” He says.


Kaiden pulls both wings to rest against him and crouches. To him Michael looks like a little ant compared to his size. He cocks his head at Michael. His tail sways slightly.  He takes a deep breath and slowly extends himself again.

The Sorceress comes back and smiles. “Marvelous. Now you shall change back. After that you will be able to change back and forth with only a thought of wanting to. For now it will be controlled.” As soon as she finishes his body starts glowing again and starts shrinking in size.


This time the process is much faster and there is little to no pain. He glows blindingly bright. His wings are back into his shoulders and his scales disappear. His arms and legs are back. His tail disappears as well as his claws. The snout shrinks back to normal and his slitted pupils return to their round shape. In place of the close he had worn are clothes suitable for a king. A crown appears on the top of his head. He looks at his clothes and feels the top of his head.


He laughs. “I look ridiculous.” He says. He takes the crown off his head. He sets it down.


The Sorceress smiles. “I shall leave you now in the hands of Michael. We will meet again some day. For now your choices are your own.” She says. Then she is gone.


Kaiden looks at Michael. “Well shall we train?” He asks.


Michael shakes his head. “Not at the moment. We will start tomorrow. For now just enjoy the rest of the day. It is your day after all. I will leave you do do with it as you please.” He says and walks to the study room.


Kaiden sighs and looks at the crown that now lays on the table. He walks out leaving it there and heading to his bedroom. He sits down on his bed and runs a hand through his hair. He unbuttons his over shirt and takes it off leaving himself in a white shirt. He gets up and heads to his bathroom and looks in the mirror at his mark. He touches it and smiles. “Now all those kids who have been teasing me will get what they deserve.” he says.


He turns and walks out of the room. He heads out of the castle and toward the village. The forest is thick and dark but he can see everything better than he had the day before so it doesn’t take him long to reach the village. He walks toward the school knowing the kids will be out on recess.


A few kids spot him and laugh. “Look here comes the royal bum!” One of them says laughing and pointing at him.


Kaiden smiles. “Very funny. I prefer Dragon King if you please though.”


John, a kid who always picked a fight with him walks up. “More like king of the pigs.” John says and pushes him.


Kaiden stumbles but catches himself. He glares at John. “You shouldn’t have done that.” His body glows and he changes into his dragon form towering over all of them. He growls spreading his wings. Everyone screams and runs. He breathes in deeply and releases a blast of fire that has the school going out in flames. A giddy feeling goes through him listening to the screams of terror that go through all the people as the run around desperate to save their lives. He takes to the sky and flies off into the forest satisfied for the moment of the condition he left the kids who had always teased him.


Once in the forest he lets his human form take back over. He brushes himself off and heads back to the castle the sounds of screaming still being heard even from where he is. He laughs and breaks into a run back to the castle.


He is met with a very concerned looking Michael. “You had left. Is everything alright?” He asks.


Kaiden nods. “Everything is fine Michael. Just enjoying the village.” He says with a smile.


Michael frowns. “Kaiden. Please tell me you have not been the one to cause the disturbance in the village.”


Kaiden shrugs and walks past him. “Then I won’t say it.” He says as he walks toward his room.


Michael grabs his arm. “Kaiden, just because you have the power to do so doesn’t mean you should use it to get back at those who have done you wrong. You should know better than that. To do that is to be exactly like them. Even worse. You need to learn that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Revenge is not the answer. It causes more problems than it solves any.”


Kaiden rips his arm from Michael’s grip and glares. “I think I pretty much solved my problem with revenge Michael. All the kids who have picked on me are now much to frightened to do so ever again.”


Michael crosses his arms. “Is that really what you want? For everyone to fear you?”


Kaiden growls. “Fear turns the disrespectful to respectful.”


Michael shakes his head.”Fear and respect our much different then you might think Kaiden.”


Kaiden rolls his eyes. “The results are the same. If I am to be a king I am to be respected. No one will take me seriously. I am going to insure that they do.” He turns and walks off storming into his bedroom.


He takes off the crown and places it on his dresser. He throws off the button down shirt and flops onto the bed looking at the ceiling. He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. Turning onto his side he stares at the crown and glares at it. “I will be the most feared and respected dragon king. I will stop at nothing to do what I must to achieve this. The Dragon king shall show no mercy or weakness.” He says and gets up from the bed walking over to the crown. “I am the highest of the food chain after all.” with a smile he places the crown back on his head and goes to his throne room. He sits down on the throne and smiles. “And they are nothing but ants compared to me.” He laughs and it echoes throughout the empty room.

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