The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


16. The mess

Alesea and Kaiden are in the kitchen. Alesea is sitting on a counter next to Kaiden watching him as he cooks surprisingly well. Michael is somewhere. Alesea doesn’t really know but she doesn’t mind.


Kaiden turns to her and holds out a spoon. “Wanna try?” He asks.


She looks at it then him. He rolls his eyes. “Come on.”


She sticks her tongue out at him. “Fine.”


He moves the spoon towards her and she opens her mouth just enough for him to slip it in. Once the sauce hits her tongue she admits it’s pretty good.


He cocks his head. “So?”


She looks at him. “Well I hate to admit it but it’s pretty good. Better than I expected.”


He smiles. “See? I’m not terrible.” He says and goes back to what he was doing.


“Yeah yeah. Don’t go getting to cocky now sir.” She says.


He chuckles shaking his head as she continues to watch him cook. At one point he starts grabbing flour and eggs as well as other ingredients and she cocks her head curiously wondering what he’s going to do with them. She looks for a box of spaghetti and realises he was going to make homemade spaghetti noodles.


He grabs a handful of flour and looks at her. “Hmm…..” His eyes turn mischievous.


She looks at him skeptically. “What are you doing?”


He smiles. “Well I was wondering how you would look if I did this.” He throws the flour and it gets all over her.


She gasps and glares at him. He laughs. “Yep exactly how I pictured it.”

She gets up from the counter and goes over to the eggs and grabs one. “Here let me help you.” She turns to him and cracks the egg over his head. He looks at her shocked and she bursts out into laughter.


He raises an eyebrow. “Oh you wanna play now do you?” He grabs an egg and she backs up.


“Don’t you dare!” She says and he tackles her cracking the egg in her hair laughing. She scrunches her nose as she runs a hand through her hair. She glares at him. “I warned you.” She knocks him and grabs the milk and pours some over his head.


His face is priceless and she’s grinning like an idiot. He hugs her tightly soaking just as much as he is. He pulls away slightly and runs his fingers through her hair that is still sticky with egg yolk. He smiles. “We are both a mess.” He says.


She glares at him. “And who’s fault is that?”


He chuckles. “Ok yeah my fault.”


She puts her hands on his chest and pushes lightly. “You better hurry before you burn your spaghetti sauce.” She says.


He lets go. “Yeah. If you want to you can go clean up. It shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes and I should be done.” He says and starts grabbing the ingredients and putting them into a bowl.


She nods. “Ok” She heads to her room and runs into Michael who’s in the library across from her. He happens to look up and see her.


He gets up and walks over. “What happened? Did something explode in the kitchen?” He asks.


She laughs. “No. Kaiden thought he would use me as the counter.”


Michael shakes his head. “You are a sticky mess. I’ll talk to him about it.”


She shakes her head. “Don’t. It’s fine. I got him back. He’s just as messy or maybe more than I am.” She smiles. “Anyway I’m going to go clean up. He says food should be ready in thirty minutes.”


Michael nods. “Well ok I’ll be down there.” He walks back into the library.


Alesea heads into her room and finds a couple of dresses sitting on her bed. She picks one up and smiles. Her crown is in the kitchen on the floor probably covered in flower but she doesn’t care. She heads into the bathroom and draws herself some water before getting undressed and getting in.

The bathtub looks to be clean from the last time she was in it. There’s no evidence of her breakdown. She washes her hair which took three times to get the clumps of flour and the egg yolk out of it. After that she washes the rest of her and rinses off. She grabs the towel and dries off. She grabs the dress and puts it on. It’s a cute blue dress. It’s long just how she likes her dresses and it has sparkles rimming the bottom.


She dries her and brushes her hair glad to finally have it clean and soft. She sighs and drains the tub. When she turns to the mirror the face of the Sorceress in it scares her causing her to scream. The face is gone in seconds and there’s footsteps running toward her. The bathroom door swings open and Michael is looking at her concerned. “Is everything alright Alesea?” He asks.


She nods. “Yes. I’m sorry. I guess I’m being a little over paranoid. I thought I saw the sorceress in the mirror and it startled me. Must be my mind playing tricks on me.”


Michael relaxes slightly. “You gave me a fright there Alesea.”


She gives me an apologetic look. “Sorry.”


“It’s fine. It happens sometimes.” He says. “By the way you look beautiful in that dress. I’m glad to see you like it.”


She looks at him shocked. “You made these?”


He smiles. “Yes. I thought you might like something more comfortable to be in then that poofy dress.”


She smiles. “Thank you. It’s really beautiful.”


He nods. “Want to join me in the library?” He asks.


She shakes her head. “I think Kaiden should be done. After I get something in my stomach I’ll join you in the library. I can never deny a chance to read.”


He smiles. “I wouldn’t peg you for a reader.”


She smiles. “ I wouldn’t peg you for a dress designer.”


He nods thoughtfully. “True.”


She smiles and heads out of the bathroom and out of her bedroom. Michael follows close behind as they make their way toward the dining room. The smell of spaghetti is in the air and Kaiden, who is still a mess of flour and egg yolk, is setting plates down on the table.

I hear Michael chuckle next to me. “You are right. He’s got the bad end of the deal.” He says humor in his eyes.


Kaiden looks up and glares at Michael. “I heard that.” He says. His eyes move to Alesea and he stares at her his mouth open slightly.


Alesea can’t help but blush. “What?”


A smile forms on his lips. “Nothing. You just look stunningly beautiful.”


She messes with the sleeve of her dress. “Oh shush.” She sits down and Kaiden laughs. She glares at him.


He goes back in the kitchen and comes out with silverware. He sets them down then takes a seat himself. He starts eating.


Alesea picks her fork up and twirls the pasta on it before putting it in her mouth. She takes another bite enjoying the pasta.


Kaiden looks at her. “So how is it?” He asks.


She smiles. “It’s good.” She says then goes back to eating.


Kaiden finishes then gets up. “I’ll be in my room if you need me. Third floor first door on the right.” He says to Alesea before heading into the kitchen putting his dishes in the sink and heading up stairs.


Michael looks at Alesea. “It seems you’ve grown closer to Kaiden since he’s admitted what he did was wrong and has been trying to do better.” He says.


Alesea messes with the spaghetti. “It really hasn’t been that long since he did. I just believe in second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. Plus there’s something about the sudden differences in the way he acts and the way his eyes have softened that make me feel like maybe it wasn’t his fault. Before all I saw was rage and anger. There was a split second where it seemed I saw the real him and then he would be consumed in rage again. I don’t know we’ll see how he acts for a couple days. Test to see of he’s acting or not.”

Michael nods. “I believe that is fair. I mean I saw general emotions in his eyes earlier. He does seem truly sorry for what he’s done but you’re right. Best to see whether he is truly going to try or not.”


Alesea nods. “Yeah. Anyway I’m done eating. I’ll meet you up in the library.” She gets up and puts her plate and fork in the sink. She heads to the library and looks around.

There’s so many books and many find their way into a pile for her to read. She sits down with a book in hand and starts reading. A little later Michael walks in and his eyes go to her pile of books. He chuckles. “I hope you don’t plan to read all of those today.” He says.


She rolls her eyes. “Oh ha ha. No I just have the books I’m interested in right here. I may read a couple today and a couple tomorrow. You know spread it out and not just read. I plan on doing other things as well.”


He smiles and picks up a book that was lying in the chair in front of her. He sits down. “Yes well I’m glad to see that you’ve found so many books that interest you.”


She nods not looking up from the book completely engrossed in it.


He laughs shaking his head before he too starts reading.


They silently read for a while both enjoying the books they chose for themselves. Soon the exhaustion of the past couple days starts to get to Alesea though and her eyes start to droop and she finds it hard to focus on the words which frustrates her.


Michael notices and grabs the book placing it on the table next to her.


Alesea protests but Michael ignores it. “You can hurt your eyes reading when your tired. Come on let’s get you to bed.”


She pouts and he rolls his eyes. “The book is not going anywhere. You can come back to it tomorrow.” He promises and holds out his hand.


She sighs and takes his hand. He helps pull her up and she sleepily walks across the hall and into her room.


Michael follows her and grabs a gown from the closet. “Go into the bathroom and change. I’ll be in here to help you into bed.” He says.


She grumbles grabbing the gown and shuffling into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She fumbles to get of the dress she is currently wearing and tiredly puts on her gown. She walks out of the bedroom the blue dress in hand.


Michael grabs the dress from her and places it on the ground in a corner and pulls back the sheets to her bed.


She crawls onto the bed and lays down.


Michael places the covers over her and smiles. “Goodnight Alesea.”


She mumbles a goodnight before closing her eyes. She curls up gripping the top of the covers and falls asleep.


Michael turns off the light and closes the door behind him. He heads back into the library and ready before he gets too tired and ends up falling asleep.

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