The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


1. The Kings creation


The world has fallen into chaos. All because of one sorceress who wanted to bless a child. It all started out in a beautiful winter’s morning. It was the first snowfall and the world was blanketed with white. The sun was out causing the snow to give out a shine. To more further this beautiful day in the nursing cottage you can hear the cries of a newborn baby boy.


The mother has been in labor since the day before. It had been a very long and painful labor but once she heard the cries of her newborn son and held him in her arms she new that it was worth it. Her eyes were stained with tears but a smile spread across her face at the sight of her baby boy. The father had been forced out of the room during the birth so the doctor and nurses could keep their full attention and helping the mother with the baby.


The doctor, Doc. Steven Mathew, lets the father in to go see his wife and baby. John, the wife’s husband, walks in and walks over to his new son with a wide smile. Martha, the mother, holds out the baby boy to John. “He looks so much like you John.” She says a look of love in her eyes for both of her boys. John smiles and holds the baby in his arms.


Steven looks at the new parents. “Now I must ask what you plan on naming your new son.” He says a book in his hand with a piece of paper on top, a birth certificate, and in his hand a pen. He is just as tired as Martha who’s now struggling to stay awake.


John looks at Martha who gives a slight nod letting him know he can name the baby. John looks at his son with a small smile then looks up at Doc. Steven. “I shall call him Kaiden for he shall be a great warrior.” He say hugging Kaiden closer to him.


Steven nods and writes down all the information before leaving the room, the nurses going with him. In their place a lady walks in. She’s wearing a black and red robe. Her eyes are a golden brown and her hair is an auburn color. Martha tenses at the sight of her. “Sorceress.” she says sitting up weakly.


The woman smiles. “Yes, I see you have given birth to a son on this marvelous day.” She walks over to John and Kaiden. “And what a handsome boy at that.” She says. Her hand goes out to touch the boy but John back up a step to keep her away feeling skeptical.


The woman smiles. “No need to worry John. I come with a blessing, not a curse.” She says she reaches her hand out again and places it on Kaidens head. Her words come out in an ancient tongue no one but she and other sorcerers and sorceresses can understand. The boy’s head starts to glow as a symbol appears in his cheek. It is a crown with dragon wings sprouting from either side of it.


The sorceress lets her hand drop. “A blessing has been bestowed upon your son. He shall be known as the dragon king. Many will fear him. He will be a king of many. “


Martha frowns. “Dragon king?” She asks confused. Dragons have always been called myth. Stories you tell your children so they behave.


The sorceress nods. “Your son is now what you would consider a shapeshifter.”


Anger passes through Martha. “Are you telling me you’ve turned my son into a monster?” She asks getting out of the bed.


John looks at her concerned. “You shouldn’t be getting out of bed yet Martha. You need to rest.” He says. Kaiden starts to whimper his little bottom lip popping out a little. The mark on his cheek glows slightly the shade of green you see on the scales of a dragon.


The sorceress looks at Kaiden. “Your son will only become a monster if you let him. If you do things write he will be the kindest but strongest leader ever known. You must tell him what he is for it will only make things worse if you don’t.” She places a hand on his forehead and the glowing stops. “I have stopped his powers from working until he hits the age sixteen. That gives him two you years to cope with what he is before I come back to take him to the castle in which he will live and reign.” She looks at both John and Martha. “I leave you in peace.” Then she’s gone.


Kaiden start crying and Martha grabs him from John and soothes him. She looks up at John. “I am worried. What if when the time is right Kaiden gets angry at us thinking he is cursed? That it’s our fault?”


John places a hand on her arm. “We will deal with it when the time comes. For now we will do as the sorceress says and keep him informed of what he is and do are best to raise him the right way.”


She looks at him. “I still can’t help but have an uneasy feeling about all of this. I don’t want anything bad to happen to our son. I want what’s best for him. I’m not sure whether being a shapeshifter and part of a myth is best for him. He should be normal. Live a normal life instead of the one the Sorceress has brought onto him. I just wish he could have a say in all of this.”


John kisses her forehead. “I understand the fear you feel for our son. His life will be different than any of our lives since he is not like us. We must support who he is and who he is to become. It is our job as his parents to do so. I love you Martha. We will figure all of this out together. I will not let you do this alone.”


Martha nods. “I know you won’t. I am glad to have you by my side.” She kisses him briefly on the lips.


Kaiden is asleep with no clue as to what future he will have or what is to become of him.


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