The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


8. The Idea

She doesn’t make it all the way to the castle. She sees Lucas and stops her breathing heavy from running.


He walks up to her. “I was wondering where you went. So miss dragon queen what’s the plan?” He asks.


She gives him a look of confusion. “What?’ She asks breathlessly.


“Your plan. One of my powers as a fairy is I can sense emotion. From what I can tell by the determination I feel you have some sort of plan otherwise you wouldn’t have come back here.”


She nods. “How well do you know how to build things?” She asks.


He smiles. “I know some what?”


She grabs his arm and drags him into the castle. She runs with him struggling to keep up behind her. She stops at a door and opens it. Everywhere inside the room is tools and wood. The wood is piled in staks filling up half the room and the tools line up the walls. She heads to a desk with a paper and pencil on top of them and starts drawing a sketch.


“Ok so I need to get as many people that are left of my village out. In order to do that I need something I can put them all in and carry or make a giant saddle of some sort that can seat everyone and protect the already injured.” She says showing the two different sketches to him.


He looks at her. “Are you sure they will even want to get on a dragon?” He asks.


She shakes her head. “No but I have a couple people out there trying to convince them. If that doesn’t work then I need to figure out a back up plan.” She looks at him. “If need be I will kill myself ending his terror.”


He shakes his head. “I won’t let it come to that. If need be I can send a signal to some of my guards so they can help. We will get this done as soon as possible Alesea. I promise.” He places a hand on her shoulder.


She nods. “Thank you. I need it done by tomorrow if possible. I know that is a lot to ask.”


“Not at all. I will try my best. I know lives are at stake on this. The best option i think is the box. I’ll put chairs in it and make it as big as possible. I think I’ll also use the lightest but most durable wood so we can have more people go in. Come back tomorrow and i should have it ready.” He says and bows.


She nods and walks out. Kaiden is in the hallway not that far away with his arms crossed. “I thought you were leaving.” He says with annoyance in his voice.


She shrugs. “ I was. Then I realized there’s much shaper objects here I could use.” She says with a smile.


He growl. “I won’t let you kill yourself. Even if i have to lock you up for the rest of your life.” He says.


She glares. “It would be much better than watching you destroy my home. All those little babies, those kids, those parents. All of which have done nothing to you. I saw all of it. So many laying on the ground to injured to move to weak to walk. I’d rather end your massacre before more lives are ruined.” She says. She feels tears start to form and runs to her room.


She slams the door behind her and locks it. She unzips her dress and takes it off after she has placed the crown on the dresser and heads into the bathroom. She looks in the drawers and finds a razor and pulls it out.


There’s banging on her door so she closes the bathroom door and locks it as well. She sits in the bathtub and hold out her wrist. She places the blade on her wrist and winces as she runs the blade across. Tears fall from her eyes and her hands shake. She drops the blade and clutches her wrist in her now free hand. She hears her bedroom door crack and break. “Alesea! Get back here! We are not done with that conversation?” Kaiden yells and bangs on the bathroom door.


She clutches her wrist tighter blood dripping down her fingers. “Leave me alone!” Her voice cracks.


He growls and the door splinters and breaks. He walks in and opens his mouth to yell at her again but nothing comes out. Shock crosses his features wiping away the anger. He stands there staring at her in silence.


She looks away from him and stares at the wall blood dripping into the tub. “I told you to leave me alone.” She says not looking at him.


She hears him walk over to her. Kaiden pries her hand of her wrist and looks at the red marks across it that’s dripping badly. She growls at him and gets up. She gets out of the tub and goes to walk around him but he grabs her arms stopping her. “Why would you…..hurt yourself like this?” He asks.

She rips her arm from his grip and walks into the bedroom and grabs a pair of clothes from her dresser and puts them on. “Just leave me alone Kaiden. It’s not like you truly care. It won’t kill me so you can go about your business.” She tears at one of her shirts and wraps it around her wrist.


“You shouldn’t be hurting yourself like that.” Kaiden says walking over to her.


She looks at him. “You can’t stop me.”


He glares. “Yes I can.”


She laughs. “Stop acting like you care. I know how heartless you really are.” She says.


He growls. “I don’t act.” He sighs. “Something about you hurting yourself because of me just doesn’t sit right.”


She glares. “And what about all the people you’ve killed? I’m just one person and you’re not the one hurting me so it shouldn’t matter.” She says.


He shakes his head as if trying to get rid of something. “I just wanted people to leave me alone.” He says. It’s as if he becomes a new person. His eyes are sad and hold regret. “They kept teasing me and hurting me. I wanted them to know what it felt like.”


She frowns. “That still gives you know right to murder villages of people for a few. Even then you should have just ignored them. The teasing would have eventually stopped. You have no excuse for the behavior you have exhibited. You’ve killed and injured many people and have destroyed their homes. Now I’m going for a walk and I don’t want you following me.” She walks out of her room leaving her crown on her dresser.


Kaiden follows her anyway and she can feel him doing it but doesn’t bother acknowledging him. She walks out of the castle and into the woods. She weaves around some trees and loses Kaiden as he struggles to catch up with her. She finds an open space and changes into her dragon form. She looks at her wrist and sees that it’s healed and sighs before taking off into the air.


She flies off not caring where she goes. She hears the sound of wing beats behind her and flies faster. The sound becomes fate until it’s gone and she slows down to almost a hover. She takes in the view and smiles only a way a dragon can. She doesn’t know how long she ends up flying but by the time she gets tired it’s dark outside. She decides to shift back into her human form and take a look around. She hears a village not that far off and walks there.


She sighs as she looks at her outfit. The crown is back on her head and she’s wearing a dress fit for a queen. Of course in all technicality she is but it would bring a lot of attention to her. She sighs and takes of her crown and hides it in the bushes. She walks into the village and notices a castle in view far beyond all the houses and cottages. She frowns. “Where am I?” She wonders.


Someone clears their throat and she turns to see a man dressed in a guard outfit. She rubs the back of her neck. “Hello. I’m sorry to come announced I was just exploring around the forest and saw this village and thought I could rest here for the night?” She asks.


The guard sighs. “For the night but then you half to leave. We usually don’t get human visitors. It’s a long journey here and i get you must be tired.”


She frowns. “Wait human visitors? You’re not human?”


The guard shakes his head. “You’ve stumbled upon the fairy kingdom.”


“You mean as in this is Lucas’s home kind of fairy kingdom?” She asks.


The guard seems to become alert. “You know of prince Lucas?” He asks.


She nods. “He’s currently helping me. He came to the dragon kingdom not that far from here actually. Humans currently are the dominant species in our kingdom but we are in the process of getting them out to safety before the dragon king causes anymore harm.”


The guard takes off his helmet. “What? Are you saying the rumor is true? That the king is terrorizing whole villages?” He asks.


Alesea nods. “Yes and as the dragon queen I’m trying to do something about it. Though right now I needed some time away from the castle.” She says rubbing her arm.


The guard frowns. “There was no news of a queen.”


She shrugs. “Well it’s fresh news. As in I just became the queen a couple of days ago.”


He looks at her skeptically. “I see no crown on your head.”


She sighs. “Can I not have to talk about this anymore? Please? If it is a problem I’ll head back to my castle.”


He shakes his head. “No. I think you should see the king. He would be very happy to meet the  new queen who will be ruling the new dragon kingdom. The queen would be most delighted as well.”


She frowns. “I don’t think I should.”


The guard crosses his arms. “Well if you are who you say you are you won’t have any problem going to see the king and queen.”


She gives him a look that says he’s crazy. “I may be the queen but I just turned 16 like a couple days ago! I’ve just found out who I am after years of thinking I’m a normal human girl. I don’t know the first thing of being a queen yet alone acting like one!”


He laughs. “You aren’t going to be judged for being new at all of this and it’s not like if you make a mistake they are going to say ‘of with your head’. Come on. I’ll have a guard introduce you.” He says with a smile.


Someone clears their throat behind me. “That won’t be necessary Malik. I will escort her.”


The guard bows and she turns to see Lucas smiling. “Well I guess you couldn’t stay away from me could you?” He says.


She laughs. “In your dreams Lucas.” She sighs. “I was just getting away from the castle for a little while before the big travel tomorrow. Seems I just happen to go the right direction and stumbled upon your kingdom.”


Lucas hold out her crown. “I found this in the bushes. I knew immediately it was your. The Dragon king is furious about you leaving like you did. I heard his growling and tantrum even through my sawing and hammering. Seems you had injured yourself and now he is concerned you may do worse now.” He looks at her his own concern showing.


She rubs the spot where she had sliced her wrist. All that’s left is a white scar. “I just had a small break down. I’m ok.” She reaches out and grabs the crown.


He grabs her other arm too fast for her to be able to react and looks at her wrist with a frown. He looks up at her. “Alesea did you..?”


She snatches her arm from his grasp. “Yes. I’m sure this guard wants to get back to his duty. I think we should go and leave him to it.”


He sighs. “We are not done with this conversation but yes you are right. My parents will be quite excited to meet you. Though I don’t think we should mention the truth about the dragon king. My parents aren’t one to go on rumors. They mostly ignore them. Just… I don’t know. Be like yourself. They are not ones to judge easily.” He says with a shrug.  


She nods. “Ok well let’s go I’m kind of tired. I didn’t have much energy to begin with and I think I spent most of it up flying.” She says.


He nods. “Here grab my hand. We’ll travel there faster this way.”

She raises an eyebrow but does as he says and grabs his hand. She has the sensation of falling and squeezes her eyes shut. It’s gone as soon as it appears and she opens her eyes to find herself in what she can only assume is the castle. Guards surround her in seconds pulling Lucas away and pointing swords at her.


Lucas places a hand on one of the guards. “Whoa whoa whoa. Guys she’s with me. This is the Dragon queen you’re pointing swords at. She is a guest and I don’t think my parents would appreciate this first impression.” He says.


The guards all lower their swords and make an opens space for Alesea to walk through. She looks at all of them nervously before walking past them. Lucas gives her an apologetic look. “Sorry they still don’t trust me bringing back any girls from the last time I did. Turns out she was trying to kill me. So please don’t take offense to their reaction.”


She looks at him. “Was she like your girlfriend or something?” She asks.


He laughs rubbing the back of his neck. “Sort of. I guess I had a bad taste in women. My parents have decided from now on they get to choose who I date. I mean i have a couple centuries before I become king.”


She crosses her arms and clutches on to her dress. “You guys live for a long time. Human’s lifespan is below a century.”


He nods. “Yeah seems humans are the only ones with a short lifespan. Most creatures live up to two centuries. Well other than deer and animals like that.”


“Yeah. I don’t know about Dragon’s life span but I have been aging like a normal human.” Alesea says. They reach double doors and there is a guard standing at either side.


Lucas nods at the guards and one of them opens the door nodding back. Lucas smiles at her. “Alright time for you to meet my parents.”

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