The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


6. The Dragon queen

Alesea wakes up to a bad pain on the back of her head. She opens her eyes and looks around. She notices the room is really fancy for the village she lived in. She gets up and hold the back of her head wincing. It feels like someone took a hammer to her head. She groans. The door opens and she tenses.


A boy that looks to be around her age walks in with a small smile that looks almost apologetic. “Hello Alesea. If you will excuse Kaiden for his behavior I will tend to the back of your head.”


Alesea frowns and backs up when the boy walks toward her. “Kaiden? Who are you? Where am I?”


The boy stops. “I’m sorry. You must be frightened. My name is Michael. You are at the castle of the dragon king.”


Alesea backs up and trips. “T the Dragon king?” She asks looking up at the boy who’s now standing over her in concern.


“Yes but he is of no concern to you. He cannot kill you.” Michael says and holds out his hand with a small smile.


She doesn’t move to grab his hand. “You are joking right now aren’t you? Does it look like I’m in the mood for jokes. I’ve just been kidnapped and here you are acting like everything is fine.” Alesea gets up and pushes Michael away. “Everything is not fine. My village is probably burned to the ground. I don’t know whether my friends or family is even alive.” She says tears stinging her eyes.


Michael sighs. “You saved the lives of your parents and your village would have been more damaged  if you had just stayed hidden. If you want we can go and…..”


“No she will not be leaving here.” A boy just a couple of years older walks in. His hair is a jet black with grey tipped edges. It is long in the front and covers his left eye. He has caramel brown eyes that hold an edge in them. His lips are set in a hard line and he’s practically shooting daggers at her.  On his cheek she notices a mark much like her own.


She frowns. “You can’t keep me here.”


He crosses his arms. “Oh but I can. You will not set foot outside my castle without my say so. Michael here may be soft but I’m not. I will not have you out there and me mistake you for another human and get yourself killed. If you die I die, and I will not die until everyone knows how it feels to be terrorized like I was.”


She glares. “No you can’t I don’t care what happened in your past to cause you to be the way you are. The thing is you chose to be this way. Only you can make the choice on who you are. You don’t think other people have been mistreated as well? What about all those babies and kids who’ve barely just started life? You going to judge them for a few that made a mistake? What did my parents or friends ever do to you? My village? Did they deserve for you to cause them harm and even death?” Alesea asks angrily. “ Do you know for two years my parents have practically made me invisible to them? Acted like I didn’t exist to them? Did you see me letting you kill them? No. I don’t let the fact that they hurt me stay in my mind. I forgive even though I won’t forget.”


He laughs. “You just let people push you around. You think I care whether these people have done anything to me? I don’t. This is just to ensure they never will. Humans are all the same all they care about is picking on the weak. Well I’m not weak anymore. I’m doing this to prove I’m not weak.”


Alesea walks up to him. “Really? All I see is a boy who’s overly obsessed with revenge that he’s taking it out on innocent people that don’t deserve it. You think you’re the only one who got teased? Possible even hurt?” She lifts up her shirt to reveal a scars running across her stomach in different directions. “A kid saw me placing a warm back in the dirt and started teasing me about it. Shoved me into a pile of broken glass and laughed. I ended up having to get stitches. I  never once thought about killing the kid or hurting him.”


Kaiden looks at the scars in shocked silence. He reaches out and Alesea backs away pulling her shirt down. She clears her throat. “Anyway it’s like I said. Yes people can be cruel but you stoop lower by hurting them like they hurt you.”


Kaiden stays silent he looks at her and studies her features for the first time his eyes aren’t hard. He looks at her wavy brown hair that’s trimmed short in a swing bob that just reached her chin. Her eyes are a warm blue like the ocean. In them you can see her pain in sadness but still there’s determination that holds the strongest. She is short her head only reaching just above his shoulder.


Alesea watches him study her in silence then jumps feeling something cold against the back of her head. She looks back and sees Michael with a sheepish grin. “Sorry. You have a pretty bad sized bump on the back of your head. I thought some ice might help it go down quicker. She notices the ice bag in his hand. She relaxes.


“Thank you but I think I’ll be fine without it.” She turns to looks at Kaiden only to notice he’s vanished.


She looks back at Michael. “Hey can you explain to me how me dying would cause his death as well?”


Michael nods. “Let’s sit. There is much to be explained.”


Alesea walks to the bed and sits down. Michael sits next to her. “Now Kaiden was born to years before you on the first winter’s snow. He was blessed to be the dragon king by the Sorceress. Well two years later you came into this world. The Sorceress visited you and your mom right after. She blessed you as well. The mark on your neck symbolises that you are the heart of the dragon king. She gave your mom instructions to not tell you of your blessing until after you turned 16. Seems now i know the reason. You see she knew the possibility of the dragon king turning out like he has. She knew with you here he would have to be more careful. If you are killed so is he because you are his heart.” He says rubbing the back of his neck. “Now it was my job to train Kaiden after he turned 16 but it seems he’s decided to take matters into his own hands.”

Alesea frowns. “Wait so you’re telling me my parents knew this whole time? That’s why they’ve been acting so weird around me. And the blessing, that means that she has destined me and him to be together. Why would she ditch me after she helped me out of the cave? And how can you train the dragon king? He seems older than you.”


Michael rubs his forehead. “You are all over the place dear. I am not what I appear. I am much older than you and Kaiden combined. You see I age much differently than humans do. That and i can appear as anything I want to be. I am one of the last known shapeshifters left. The sorceress saved my life and gave me my destiny.” He looks at his hands. “Though so far I have failed her.”


Alesea gets up. “Shapeshifter? They are said to be extinct.”


He nods. “That is how we prefer it. We are hunted by those who want to sell us dead in our true forms. Now this is a lot to take in for such a youngling. I think I will tell you the rest at a later time and let you process what you’ve already been given. You are free to roam the castle. I would be cautious in trying to leave while Kaiden is still here. He would throw a fit. I will make you something to eat and set it in here so you know where it is when you get hungry. For now I will leave you to explore.” With that he gets up and walks out leaving Alesea alone.


She sighs and looks around the room she’s in. She finds the bathroom and decides to go inside and at least wash up some. She turns on the water in the sink and splashes her face. She grabs the drying towel and dries off her face. When she looks in the mirror she screams. It’s soon cut off with a hand covering her mouth. “Shhh! I’m sorry. I was just curious. I had heard about this new dragon king and I had to check him out. I had heard you talking with that shapeshifter and I was curious about you. Please I’m not here to harm you.” A boy with colorful wings says his unnaturally green eyes hold desperation.


She pulls at his hand trying to get him to let go. His grip is tight and he refuses to let go. “Please don’t scream. I’ll let go but please, please don’t scream.” He pleads.


She finally relents and nods letting him know she won’t scream. Relief flashes in his eyes and he pulls his hand from her mouth. “Again I am sorry. My name is Lucas. I am from the fairy kingdom over in the southwest.” He says pointing to what she’s assuming is the direction he’s talking about.


She sighs. “Well you know you shouldn’t go in the bathroom while a lady is in there. You gave me quite the scare. My name is Alesea. I guess you can say I’m the heart of the dragon king.” She shrugs. “Now I don’t think it would be wise of you to stay here. My scream still may have alerted Michael or Kaiden.”


Lucas frowns. “Will you let them hurt me?” He asks.


She shakes her head. “No. I know what the dragon king can do. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Now what is this i hear of a fairy kingdom?”


Lucas smiles. “Of course you wouldn’t know of the other kingdoms yet since you guys are beginners. So there’s the Dwarf Kingdom, the Elven Kingdom, the Fairy kingdom, the Human kingdom, the goblin kingdom, and now the dragon kingdom. The Shapeshifter kingdom fell many years ago. I’m surprised to hear of a living shapeshifter. Wonderful news to hear though tragic as it is that there aren’t many left. Anyway, each kingdom is run by their species and each have a set of laws in place. Being your kingdoms extremely new I’m guessing you have no laws set in place yet?”


She laughs. “If laws you mean the dragon king destroying every village and almost everyone in it then yes.”


His smile is gone. “So the rumors are true. The dragon king is ruthless.”


Alesea nods. Her mark starts glowing white again. This time brighter than before. It spreads up and down her neck slowly encasing her entire body. Her eyes widen as she looks at herself. “W w what’s happening?” She asks. Pain shoots through her causing her to gasp. She falls to the ground on her hands and knees.


Lucas kneels next to her in concern. His wings flutter seemingly nervously. The feeling of her bones and muscles growing causes new waves of pain and she cries out. Her bones break and build themselves back together. She starts growing bigger and the bathroom starts to get smaller.  Lucas seems to realize that the bathroom is going to be to small and picks her up running into the bedroom. She become to heavy and he loses his grip on her. She falls to the ground and her clothes are soon absorbed and in there place our white scales that shine silver like the moon.


Her hands are replaced and she grows claws. The pupils of her eyes turn to slits and her mouth and nose extend into a snout and wings sprout painfully from her back extending to their full length. Her teeth are replaced with sharp ones that cause her gums to bleed. A tail extends from behind her as her arms and legs go to their necessary size and length. Once the transformation is complete she collapses on the ground exhausted. Her wings fold in to rest against her back.


Lucas is against the wall because she is taking up most of the bedroom. He scoots against the wall his wings gone absorbed into his back. He kneels next to her head. “Seems we have more than one dragon here.” He says.


She glares at him and growls.


He throws his hands up. “I’m just saying. You say that this sorceress has blessed you to be the heart of the dragon king? Seems to me you are the dragon queen.”

She lifts her head and cocks it at him. She really thinks he should be quiet considering the predicament she is in. She lifts herself up and her head hits the ceiling. She groans and it almost sound like a deep purr.


“Oh my.” She turns her head and sees Michael. He is holding a plate of steaming hot pork and a roll on the side.


She gives him a sheepish look and lowers her head. He sets the plate down and walks over to her. “Seems you have made a new friend as well as had your first shift into your dragon form.”


She shrugs her shoulders. Lucas walks around her. “Sorry to intrude I was quite curious when I heard about the dragon king. He is as ruthless as the rumors.” He holds out his hand. “I am Lucas from the fairy kingdom.”


Michael smiles. “I remember you. You had snuck into our kingdom when i was a youngling. Of course you were not much older than I at the time. I don’t expect you to remember the boy who had found you sneaking around his house.” He grabs Lucas’s hand and shakes it.


Lucas smiles. “Of course I remember. You had thought I was some sort of imaginary friend and at first I went with it. We had played so many games together. I’m glad to see you still alive Michael.”


Michael nods. “A lot has happened since the last time we saw each other. I’m sorry to have to cut it short but if the dragon king caught you in here he would most likely kill you.” Michael says a sad look in his eyes.


Alesea growl and they both jump. They had forgotten she was in the room. Which is surprising considering she takes up almost the whole room. Of course that doesn’t last long as her mark glows and she shrinks back to her normal size, everything going back into it’s normal place except for her clothes which have changed. She’s now wearing a long poofy dress that’s fit for a queen. On her head is a crown. “Kaiden won’t kill him. I won’t let him.” She says crossing her arms.


Lucas and Michael stare at her in silence. She frowns. “What?”


Lucas clears his throat. “You look stunningly beautiful in that dress.” He says.


She blushes. “Umm thank you.” She says she clears her throat. “ I think I’m going to go ahead and explore. You guys can talk more I’m not real hungry right now so I’ll come back for it later.” She quickly walks out not letting them get a word in.


She sighs and starts walking around trying to get her bearings of the place. She finds many unique rooms. Even an indoor pool. The most interesting door has words on the top saying not to open until 18.


Curiosity gets the best of her and she reaches her hand out to the knob. “Don’t touch that!” Kaiden yells.


Alsea doesn’t listen and turns the knob opening the door. She gasps at the sight. In the middle of the room is an incubator. It’s not one of those small incubators either it had to be holding at least two dozen eggs in it. Kaiden grab her arm and she turns and glares at him. “Let go of me now.” She says. Something is pulling me towards the eggs and I rip my arm from his grip.


He glares at her. “I told you not to touch the door. It could’ve hurt you. There was a spell placed on it.”


She laughs. “Like you actually care. Now get out.” She says. She turns and walks toward the incubator. She finds herself reaching out and next thing she knows everything goes black.


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