The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


10. Rescue

Alesea wakes up to the sound of knocking on the door. She groans and turns onto her side. That was a mistake. She ends up falling off the bed. She sits up and sighs. The door opens. “Are you ok?” Lucas asks.


She nods and gets up. “Yes I’m fine.”


Lucas walks over to her. “I heard you had gotten a visit from my brother last night. I’m truly sorry about his behavior.”


She shrugs and walks over to the dresses she had laid down last night.


“I heard that had said somethings to you but I don’t know what.” He says.


She shrugs again. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” She says.


He sighs. “Was my brother threatening you?”


She shakes her head. “Though I can say your brother is power crazed. Anyway I just met your brother, maybe it was a tactic to scare me. I don’t know.  Now if you would please leave I would like to get dressed.”


He frowns but does as she says and gives her privacy. She changes into a more comfortable dress then the one she wears when she changes form. It is long and just touches the ground. It fits firmly around the waists not to tight that it is uncomfortable. The dress is blue like her eyes and seems to sparkle.


She smiles and heads to the dresser to look in the mirror. She grabs a brush and brushes her hairs getting all the knots form her curls. She places the brush down once she has finished and goes to the door. She opens it and cocks her head at Lucas. “I thought you were going to stay at the castle and have a guard come fetch me.”


He nods. “Yes I was but it is almost noon and I started to worry you might like it a little too much.” He says with a small smile.


She frowns. “Wait it’s almost noon already? Oh we must hurry then.” She goes back in and grabs her crown and the other dress.


Lucas walks in behind her. “Seems my mother has take a liking to you. I am glad to see you get along with my parents.”


She smiles and turns to face him. “She was just being kind is all.” She clears her throat. “Anyway shall we go?”


He nods and holds at his hand. She sighs and takes it. Again she gets the sensation of falling and instinctively closes her eyes. When she opens them she’s in the wood room. There is a giant box in the middle of the room. “I have never transported something this big before. I think I may only be able to do a short distance and it may drain me after word.” Lucas says.


Alesea nods. “I think I can handle it. I thank you for your help.”


Lucas grins. “Of course. I’ll be helping you in finding the human kingdom being as you’ve never been. It’s far enough to where it takes several draining jumps to get there.”


Alesea cocks her head. “So you fairies have limited magic.”


Lucas nods. “Yes. When we sleep we kind of…. regenerate I guess you could say.”


Alesea nods. “Ok. If you could at least transport it out of the castle I can take it the rest of the way. We need to hurry though. We have but a few minutes til it’s noon.”


He nods. “I’ll meet you out there.” He places his hands on the box and closes his eyes. In a couple seconds he and the box are both gone.


Alesea walk out into the hallway and toward the castle doors. She feels her arms grabbed and she’s slammed against a wall. She grunts and looks up to see a very angry Kaiden towering over her. “Do you know how worried I was?!”


She smiles. “I heard about your temper tantrum.”


He growls. “This isn’t funny. Something could have happened to you? You can’t just fly off on your own without somebody watching to make sure you’re safe.”


She rolls her eyes. “I’m a Dragon. We are kinda on the top of the food chain right now so your pretend caring can stop.”

He glares and grabs her cheeks in both hands. Before she has time to react or protest his lips crash against hers. She’s so startled she’s just frozen in place. She doesn’t know whether to kiss him back or push him away. He kisses her deeper trying to get a reaction from her.


Finally her body responds and her eyes close as she finds herself relaxing. He pulls away and She looks at him stunned to silence.


He sighs and lets go of her. “Why does everything have to be so confusing?” He turns and walks away.


She stays there watching him walk away until he is gone then she finally remembers what she was doing. She runs out the castle and knocks into Lucas who was just about to open the door. She gets off of him apologizing and helping him up.


He looks at her. “I was starting to get a little worried that you had run into Kaiden on your way out.” He says.


She clears her throat. “Let’s just go so we are going to be late. It’s going to be difficult enough convincing them I’m not the bad dragon.” She says. She closes her eyes and lets her dragon form come through. When She opens her eyes she spreads her wings and leans her neck down for Lucas.


He smiles. “Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll stick with flying my way.”


She rolls her eyes and takes off into the air. She notices the chains on the top and wraps her front and back claws around them tightly before slowly lifting herself up. She grunts and flaps her wings harder lifting the box up.


Lucas is by the box checking it. “Alright seems to be holding well. Let’s see how it does with the Humans we need to put in it.”


Alesea nods and starts flying toward the village. It wasn’t a very long fly and she was there where she needed to be in a couple minutes. She hears the gasps and screams of people as she lets go of the box. She changes back into a human before her feet touch the ground. Most cower away from her and she can smell their fear and distrust.


My parents and Mia walk over to her though she can feel the hesitation. She sighs. “You guy go ahead and get inside. I’ll help get everyone else.” Alesea hugs them then walks toward the crowd of people. “Look! I know everyone is afraid. Yes I am a dragon! But I am not like the dragon king! He comes to harm! All I want to do is help! I know I can’t ask for much trust because of what I am but I know most of you remember who I was before any of us even knew about this. I am asking you to let me get you out of here and to a safer place. Somewhere you will be welcome.”

“I know it is a lot to ask. If i were in your shoes I would be the same way. But this is the only way I can help. I want nothing more than to help.” She says and walks toward the box. She opens the door and her family and friend walk in. “This box is so I can carry as many as possible. We may have to make a couple stops along the way but I am taking you to the Human Kingdom.”


There are murmurs as people talk to each other. “How do we know you are not going to take us to the dragon king?! You are his kind after all!” Someone shouts. There’s murmurs of agreement.


Alesea looks at all of them. “Because I maybe like him! But I am not the dragon king! I do not kill innocent people in cold blood. Torture because I can. I may be the same species but I am not him. I don’t know how much longer until he will try to attack this village again.” She says.


The people murmur and whisper amongst themselves. A few people walk over and enter the box. Everyone else stays where they are. “We don’t trust you! You could be leading us all into a trap for our demise!” Someone yells. There are many shouts and murmurs of agreements.


Someone else yells. “Your a monster! You’re just like him!”


Everyone starts walking toward her angrily.


She feels fear race down her spine. Lucas lands in front of her. “Is this how you humans have learned to behave? What has this girl ever done to you to cause you to mistrust her? Just because she is not like you? Just because she is the same species of another you are going to judge this girl? What about before you figured out what species she was? What kind of person was she before this? Hmm? Seems to me this girl has no bad bone in her body. She is trying to save all of you and here you are calling her a monster? Maybe the Dragon king was right to destroy the villages. All of you are calling this girl a monster but I see the true monsters right here.”


Everyone goes silent. Lucas looks back at Alesea. “You ready to go? We have to leave as soon as possible before you know who realises your father than just a village walk away.”


She nods. “If you all still want a chance to be saved from the dragon king you can still climb on. I can make you. I won’t. It’s your choice.” She closes her eyes and lets her dragon push through the surface. She spreads her wings and lifts off the ground just enough to grab the chains. She lets herself hover and looks at everyone else. She sees the fear in their eyes as they look at her. A couple of them walk to the box and Lucas lets them in.


He looks at the rest of them. There must still be at least 30 people still left. He sighs. “No one else? Seriously?”


They all stay quite. Lucas grumbles and closes the door. She hears him lock it with a click. “Fine but don’t blame us when the dragon king is here.” Lucas spreads his wings and takes off to hover next to Alesea.


She nods at him and he nods back. “Alright Alesea follow me. We’ll make a couple stops along the way to set up camp for them to eat and for you to rest.”


She cocks her head as if to ask. ‘What about you?’


He smiles. “Someone’s got to take watch.”


She rolls her eyes and lifts the box of people carefully of the ground. She grunts trying to get used to the new weight and lifts higher. There are exclaims of protest down below as people make a decision way too late. She gives them a sad look before following behind Lucas who is already a few paces ahead of her.


She strains flapping her wings hard to keep pace and to be as high as she is off the ground. They fly for what seems like forever. She watches as the trees move fast beneath her and she makes sure to grip the chains that help her hold the box as hard as she can so it won’t slip from her grasp. She tries to keep her flying as smooth as possible so that the people inside won’t be jostled.


A couple hours after dark hits Lucas flies down into the trees. Alesea slowly lowers herself laying the box on the ground. She lies next to it completely exhausted. She turns on her side and flexes her claws wincing at the soreness of having them gripping the chains. Lucas walks over to her. “I’ll wake you up in the morning. You should get some rest.”


She shakes her head and lightly touches the box with her snout to let him know to go ahead and unlock it. He sighs but grabs the key from around his neck and unlocks the door. He walks inside. “Alright everyone! We are going to set up camp here tonight. In the back should be everything we need. If you need help setting up tents let me know.”


There’s murmurs and talking as people grab everything and walk out. Alesea sees Mia as well as her mom and dad. They look around as if searching for something and then their eyes land on her. She looks back at them not making a move for fear of scaring them. Mia slowly walks over like she’s trying not to scare Alesea.


“Alesea?” She asks.


Alesea nods slightly. She cocks her head slightly at her friend. She can smell the fear yet she can sense trust. Her friend hold out her hand and closes her eyes tilting her face away from Alesea.


Alesea chuckles and nudges Mia’s hand. Mia looks back at her. The fear is gone from her. “Did you just laugh at me? You try being in my shoes Lees.” Mia say with a small smile. Her hand is still on Alesea’s snout.


Alesea rests her head on the ground as her parents walk over.


Her mom is fidgeting with her hands. “Alesea? I know you must be mad at us. We never told you that you were blessed because the sorceress told us not to. She said it would be bad for us to tell you before your 16th birthday. We both wanted to tell you so much.”


Alesea lets her human form cover her dragon. “So it was ok for you to ignore me on my birthday or basically any day you pleased? I thought for years that I had done something wrong. That whatever it is it was my fault. If you know actually acted like i existed maybe my life would have been a little better. It’s sad when your friends care more about you then your parents do.” She says crossing her arms.


Her parents look at her shocked and with guilt.


She shakes her head. “Go build your guys’s tent for the night. It will be broken down by sunrise and we’ll be on our way again. I’m tired I’m going to sleep. It’s nice to see all of you alive and well.” She closes her eyes and her dragon form pushes through. She curls up facing away from her parents her wings wrapping around her body.


She feels a hand on her side and turns her head to see Lucas. “Hey you ok? You hungry or anything?” He asks.


She goes to shake her head but knows she should eat something so instead she nods. He gives her a small smile before going to the box again. He comes out a few minutes later with a full plate of food. Alesea is already back in human form sitting on her knees. He sits down next to her and hands her the plate. Alesea eats slowly in silence as Lucas lays on the ground his wings gone.


Lucas looks at her. “You know in all my years being alive I have never met a girl with a heart as big as yours.”


She shrugs. “Well my name literally means heart. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to help everyone and everything.” She smiles. “I got myself in so much trouble. Once I was 4 or 5 and I saw a wolf cub that was injured. Now I didn’t know any better. Didn’t know that mama wolf would try to attack me. I go to help the cub and wind up pinned to the ground by the mama wolf. A woman had saved my life. Now I’m thinking it was the sorceress. She wanted me for her own greedy purpose.” Her smiles gone and she goes silent again.


Lucas sits up and looks at her. “We all have gotten ourselves into trouble. It’s our way of living. Make mistakes and learn from them. Maybe that was the lesson the sorceress was trying to teach you.”


She sets her plate down. “Maybe.” She says. She moves away from him giving herself enough room to change back into her dragon form and curls back up. She looks at Lucas and opens her wing towards him. It might be spring but the nights are still as cold as winter. He smiles at her and shakes his head. “I’ll be fine. I’m using a little of my magic to keep my warm. Get some sleep.”


She rolls her eyes and wraps her wings around her with a big yawn. She lays her head on the grass and closes her eyes letting sleep take her consciousness.

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