The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


9. Meeting the fairy King and Queen

Lucas had been right to tell her not to worry. As soon as she walks in His parents were up from there chairs and walking over with no hesitation or hostility. Mainly all she saw in their eyes were curiosity.


“Lucas you’ve brought a guest.” His father says.


Alesea nods her head respectfully not knowing at all how to curtsy. “Hello, my name is Alesea.” She says with a polite smile holding out her hand.

The king shakes it. “Hello. Welcome to my kingdom. Might I asks what brings a human hear?”


She lets go of his hand. “Well I’m not really considered human sir. This is just my original form I guess you could say.” She smiles. “I am the dragon queen. I was just going for a fly when I happened upon your kingdom. I do apologize if it’s an intrusion.”


The queen looks thoughtful. “I was wondering if the new kingdom being created was true. Might I ask though what you were doing flying so far from your kingdom? I mean from what i have heard is that the kingdom is a good couple of day trip on foot from here.”


Alesea sighs. “I fly pretty fast. I needed it as well. Me and the king have some disagreeances right now on how the kingdom should be run.”


The king nods. “Your kingdom has  just begun it would be normal for you both to dispute.”


She laughs. “Yeah well so far it has not been resolved.”


Lucas clears his throat.  “It’s a work in progress. I am currently helping her majesty with a project that should be of help.”


The king and queen nod. “That is very thoughtful of you Lucas. I am glad to know I have raised you right. Now it is late I think we shall have one of our maids show you to your room for the night. Thank you for visiting. I hope we can again with discussions on how to keep peace between our kingdoms. It would be nice to have another friend with us.” The king says with a smile.


Lucas bows. “I must head back now father. The sooner I get this project done for her the better. Maybe you could have one of the guards to help escort her back.”


The king nods and Lucas disappears.


A woman walks up to Alesea and curtseys. “I will take you to your room now your highness.”


Alesea smiles. “You don’t need to go with the formalities with me. Just call me Alesea or Lees.” She says.


The woman looks shocked but nods. “Ok Miss Alesea.”


The king holds up a hand. “Hold on. You seem really young. Would it be rude of me to ask your age?”


She shakes her head. “You’re right. I’m 16. Just turned it a couple of days ago.”


He nods. “Maybe you can come by again sometime soon and I can tip you on some ways to rule a kingdom.”


She smiles. “Thank you. Maybe I will once everything in my kingdom has settled down. I may be busy the next couple of years but I will try my best. You may come as you please as well. You’re always welcome at the dragon kingdom.” With that the made shows her to the room she will be occupying for the night.


The halls stretch and are decorated beautifully. The paint seems to sparkle like magic and she can’t help looking around in awe.


“Beautiful isn’t it?”


She looks at the maid startled. She registers the question and nods. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


The maid smiles. “Each kingdom is unique. It’s how we know it is our own kingdom. I’ve been here since the king and queen started their reign many years ago. So far from what I have heard from the older fairies they have been the most magnificent rulers. They are kinder and more understanding. Though know what they are doing but understand that not everyone’s perfect. I guess that’s what makes them strong rulers. They understand the people.”


Alesea continues to listen to the maid as they walk down numerous halls and up several stairs. Finally they reach a set of doors and the maid stops. “This is your room. I do hope it’s big enough. I don’t know how big dragons get but this is one of our biggest rooms so it should work.”


Alesea nods. “Thank you. For the room and for sharing the stories you did.”


The maid curtseys and walks away leaving the halls silent and empty.


She sighs and walks inside the room. She almost walks back out when she sees it. The room is huge! It almost makes her feel like the smallest thing in the room. The walls seem to glow making the room seem almost alive. The bed is about the same size as the one she had been sleeping in at the other castle. She walks over to it and places a hand pressing it against the bed.


A knock on the door causes her to jump. “Miss I have some pajamas for you!” someone shouts from the otherside of the door.


She sighs. “Come on in! The door is open!”


The knob turns and slowly opens and a maid walks in with what looks like a nightgown hanging on her other arm. “I hope I didn’t startle you.” She says looking nervous.


Alesea smiles. “It’s fine. I was just admiring the room. It’s really lovely.”


She nods. “Yes ma’am.” She hands her the dress. “Here you go ma’am. I’ll leave you to your night.”


Alesea nods. As soon as the maid leaves she changes out of her uncomfortable dress and into the nice, loose nightgown. She lays on the bed and feels herself practically sink in it. Her eyes droop the exhaustion of the past couple days finally getting to her. She turns on to her side wrapping herself in the thick blankets. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.


She doesn’t sleep for long because the sound of scuffling wakes her up. She opens her eyes. The room is dimly lit from the soft glow of the wall and she sees a figure walking towards her. She tenses but before she can scream or alert anyone a hand shoots out and covers her mouth causing any noise she makes to be muffled.


“I couldn’t believe me ears when I heard that the dragon queen had come to visit. That and the fact my brother was the one to escort you here.” the figure says.


Alesea growls out a warning her dragon side ready for a fight if necessary.


The figure laughs. “Ooh feisty too.” His grip tightens around her mouth. He leans closer. “You know my brother seems to have taken a liking to you. He’s not much for trusting girls after what happened to him a couple of years ago. Sad to say he was almost killed.” There was no sympathy in his voice. “More sad to say he wasn’t.”


Alesea stops struggling.


“That’s right. I was the one who set the girl to kill him. Me and her had the same goal. Once he’s dead I’m the next in line for the throne. My parents have been too lenient for too long. I would kill them but then you know Lucas will be the ruler instead of me. Can’t have that.” the figure says.


She closes her eyes and her mark glows blinding white as she transforms. The figure yelps clearly startled and frightened. She towers over him her nightgown now gone and replaced with her silvery white scales. She has her wings spread and moving so she is just above the bed. She moves so it won’t be crushed and lands snarling at the unwanted visitor.


She hears commotion start up in the hallways and she shifts back into human form before turning on the light glaring at the fairy before her. The door swings open and guards rush in swords out and ready. She looks at them. “You know just because he is a prince doesn’t mean you should let him into this room and accost me while I am sleeping.”

I hear footsteps and the guards part to reveal the queen. “What is going on here?” She asks. She looks at Alesea. “Darling why are you still dressed in those clothes?”


Alesea shrugs. “It happens after I change forms. I always end up back in this dress with the crown on my head. I guess it’s a symbol to those I transform in front of that I am the dragon queen. At least that’s my guess.”


The queen frowns. “You just shifted?” She looks around the room and sees her frightened looking son on the ground in the corner.


“Yes it was a natural reaction. I felt threatened. This boy who claims to be your son decides to come into this room while i was asleep and cover my mouth when I awake. He said some very interesting things to me. I gave him a warning but he didn’t listen to it so I switched forms. I think I have his attention now though.” Alesea say giving the prince a glance.


The queen sighs. “I am sorry about this. Henry has not been so trusting of guests that Lucas has brought home ever since the accident. I know you are of no harm to us. I will also make sure this has been dealt with accordingly. You can rest. I’ll have at least two guards at your door until morning to ensure your safety.” She says and motions for Henry to get up.


He glares at Alesea before getting up and walking out of the room. The queen nods to her before leaving as well. All the guards sheath their swords and bow before leaving the room. Alesea closes the door and walks to the bathroom to take a bath. She hopes it will relax her enough to be able to get some more sleep before morning.


She draws the water and makes sure it’s nice and hot before getting undressed and setting her crown on the sink counter. She slowly lowers herself into the bathtub letting her body get used to the hotness of the water. She closes her eyes and enjoys the nice hot bath as it relaxes all of her muscles.


She opens her eyes at a knock on the bathroom door. “Are you ok in there miss?”


She sighs. “Yes I’m fine.”


The maid opens the door and walks in. “I have another nightgown for you ma’am.”


She looks at the made and gives a small smile. “Thank you.”


The maid nods and sets it down. “I hope you find it to your liking. I also have a few dresses that her highness thinks would be more comfortable for you to wear. She hopes that they fit. If not just let one of the guards know and they will have someone take care of it for you.”


Alesea nods. “Thank you. It truly is unnecessary but I am grateful.”

The maid nods and walks out.


Alesea gets out of the tub and dries herself off. She dresses in the gown and walks out of the bathroom. She walks over to the bed and moves the dresses off and places them onto the dresser. She goes back in the bathroom and grabs her crown. She places the crown on the dresser and lays back down in the bed.


She eventually finds a way to fall back asleep.

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