The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


3. Fifteen and mean

Kaiden’s life was different from hers. He grew up to be troublesome but not because he wanted to save anything. He got suspended from school many times getting in fights from kids picking on him. His parents were being to kind to him letting him slide with many things. The problem was that he was starting to grow hatred towards all people and was waiting for the day he turned 16 which to him would never come fast enough.


His parents grew to fear their son and would leave him be whenever he grew angry.


Kaiden was greedy he wanted power and his heart started to turn corrupted and his parents took no notice of it.


His mom walks up to him. “Kaiden we have to leave again. I’m sorry. Just please try not to get into any trouble while we are gone.”


Kaiden rolls his eyes and says nothing. Of course what else could be expected of a fifteen year old teenage boy?


His mom sighs and walks out with his dad. He knows they are going to be gone for a couple of days. Meaning they will miss his sixteenth birthday which is tomorrow. Surprised? He isn’t. He’s been waiting for what seems like too long to finally be what he was blessed to be.


Kaiden walks outside and breathes in deeply. He has always loved nature. Though he wonders what it would smell like burning in flames. With the sounds of screaming and crying filling the air. He smiles at the thought and walks on the dirt path. What he doesn’t know is the Sorceress has already predicted this would happen and where he would go and decided to take action sooner than planned.


He walks to a patch of forest just outside of his village and stops when he hears leaves crunching close to the beginning of the forest. “Who’s there?” He asks having a feeling it’s not an animal.


The Sorceress walks out with a smile. “My Kaiden you’ve grown up. Seems like just yesterday I saw you as a little newborn child.”


He crosses his arms full of suspicion. “You’re that sorceress lady that blessed me?”

She nods. “Yes. The time has come for you to see the castle in which you will reign from.”


He frowns. “Why now? Can’t it wait a couple more days?” He asks.


She shakes her head. “Circumstances have changed. I must explain some things to you but I can’t do it here. It must be there at the castle.”


He sighs. “Fine. It’s not like I care anyway.” He says.


The Sorceress grabs his arm and a sick feeling goes through him causing him to close his eyes. The feeling goes away as soon as it comes and when he opens his eyes he finds himself in a giant room. The carpet on the ground is red and gold. In the back of the room is a chair that looks like a dragon painted in gold.


He marvels at the room walking up to the throne. “This is mine?”


The sorceress nods. “Now that we are here I have to tell you something that will be very important for you. I have not only blessed you with this blessing. There is another. Her name is Alesea. She is your heart. You cannot kill her. If you do you kill yourself. If she dies, you die.”


Anger slices through him. “What?! You have given a girl the same powers and have forced me not to be able to kill her? Do you not trust me?” He asks angrily.


The sorceress looks at him her face calm. “This is not about trust. She has a destiny set. You need someone here when the dragons hatch in two years. They need to have someone to raise them until they are strong enough to be on their own. You are to rule them, she is to take care of them. She can’t if you kill her. That’s the only reason it’s set into place. She is to be your queen and rule beside you.”


He sits on the throne. “Then why only one chair if she’s meant to rule with me?”


The Sorceress smiles. “When the time is right her chair will appear. That’s how you’ll know when to go find her.”


He laughs dryly. “You say this as if I want to find her. You’re talking about a girl that will be a weakness. I don’t need any weaknesses in my life. I have dealt with enough people. I will not let her stop me.”


The sorceress sighs. “Whether you like it or not you will meet the girl. You will have to make a choice. I just hope it’s the right one.”


He gets up and walks to her. “I make decisions for me not anyone else. Now leave me alone.” He turns and walks back to the throne. “I don’t need your help in deciding anything.”

The sorceress leaves with a sigh.


Kaiden looks back and sees her gone and decides to explore. He walks out of the throne room and finds many doors and hallways that he struggles to memorize. One room happens t catch his eyes more than the rest. It had a sign above it with a warning that says. ‘Do Not enter until you’re 18th birthday’. He reaches for the handle scoffing. No one can tell him what to do. As soon as his hand touches the knob an electric current passes through the knob and he goes flying back.


His back hits a wall and he slides down with a groan. “Well damn.” He says getting up. He frowns looking at the door. His curiosity spikes just knowing whatever’s in there must be extremely important. He glares at the door before turning and continuing to look around.


His arms are crossed as he can’t get that door out of his mind. No matter what he tries to do it’s stuck in the back of his mind. The only thing that’s keeping him from going back to the door is the excitement of being away from everyone and his birthday that is tomorrow. He can’t wait to discover exactly what was given to him with this blessing.


He remembers being told the myth of dragons by his parents and how they breathe fire and have wings meaning they can fly. They also have razor sharp teeth and hard scales that are almost impenetrable. They have claws that are sharp and can rip into flesh and bones.


He wonders if it will be the same for him. A tap on the shoulder causes him to jump and his fist connects with a face in seconds. He hears a grunt and finally comes to his senses. He looks down and sees a boy a little younger than him on the ground holding his jaw.


Kaiden glares at the boy. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” He asks.


The boy looks up at him. “I’ve always been here. My name is Michael. Well that was the name that was given to me. You must be Kaiden. I have been entrusted with your care until after you turn 18.”


Kaiden laughs. “You’re just a kid.”


The boy gets up and brushes himself off. “Looks can be deceiving. I may look it but I am not a child. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve been alive way before you were even thought of. The sorceress just thought you’d be more comfortable with someone who at least looked to be around your age. I’m here to be of assistance through the next few years. I can be anything at anytime.” He says with a smile.


Kaiden frowns. “Only shapeshifters can do that. They died off years ago.”


Michael shakes his head. “There are few of us left. Sad to say very few. The Sorceress has kept us hidden being people now are out to kill us.  Being as we are rare and no one has seen are true for many are out for the reward in selling us dead. No shapeshifter can shift into their true form because as a baby we shift and change as we grow. Our original form becomes forgotten to us.”


Kaiden crosses his arms. “So you are a shapeshifter that has come to babysit me. I don’t need a babysitter. I will be fine on my own. You can tell the Sorceress I have said that as well.”


Michael sighs. “That is not possible Kaiden. I have been given this task of caring for you while you discover yourself. It is why the Sorceress saved me many years ago. I will not leave. I cannot. To leave would be telling the Sorceress she saved me for nothing.”


Surprise goes over Kaidens features. “The Sorceress saved your life? From what?” He asks curiously unable to help himself. His parents never corrected him if he asked too personal questions so he doesn’t know boundaries.


Michael doesn’t seem to care though and motions for Kaiden to follow him. “Come. It would be easier to tell the story while sitting for it is a long one. You will learn my story today. Hopefully this will help you understand why I want to help.” He says his eyes with a mix of emotion that Kaiden can’t quite understand.


Without waiting for him to say he would follow him, Michael walks down the hall. Kaiden decides to follow though he is reluctant. He walks right behind Michael counting his steps to ensure he doesn’t get lost. Of course he has many years to figure it out but for now he wants to be able to get back to the throne room when he can.


Of course Michael seems to already know his way around the castle. He turns and opens a door that looks to be a private room. It has bookcases along each wall and a desk with a candle lit on the corner of it. On the left side are chairs.


Michael sits down and motions to the chair next to him. Kaiden sits down and leans back resting his hands on the back of his head intertwining his fingers. “Ok Michael so what is your story?” He asks.


Michael clears his throat. “Alright I’ll start from the beginning. In order to fully understand my story first you must know about shapeshifters.”


Kaiden sighs. “I already…..”


Michael cuts him off. “There are many things you still don’t know. We shape shifters don’t just change into any form. It’s very dangerous for us because we can become the creature or person we turn into. Like take on a wolfs instincts as an example. We become what we shift into unless we can control it which takes years of practice to master. I was a foolish child and didn’t want to listen to my parents. Everything they were trying to teach me I ignored. I always passed it off as them just trying to make me into something I’m not. They were always correcting me telling me that I wasn’t doing it right. Well I decided to try a bigger more dangerous animal or creature just to prove to them I could handle it.” Deep sadness passes through his eyes. “I did a creature called a Nothilith. They are very dangerous. Right below a dragon. The creature is made of fire and has the temper that can light up in seconds. There teeth our sharp and even the smallest touch will burn you.”


“Anyway I couldn’t keep my mind intact from becoming like the Nothilith and…..” He drifts off and sighs. “I killed my parents. When I finally came too I realised what I had done and like a coward I ran. The next thing I new a disease had spread over my kind and no one could find a cure. Many were dying. Few of us remained and were hunted. I had gone hungry for days. One day I had saw a cabin in the woods and had went inside. I was dehydrated and malnourished. I hadn’t have thought any better of it and went inside. I ended up walking into a trap. The next thing I knew I was on the ground a gun pointed to my head. A man was standing over me with a smile on his face. He knew what I was and what I was worth. I could see it in his eyes. The man cocks the gun and I close my eyes ready for my life to be over.”


“Only it never happened. I waited and waited but the gun never fired. When I finally opened my eyes I saw her. The Sorceress. The guy was on his knees mumbling and the gun was in her. She had emptied the gun and looked at me with a smile that told me I was safe. I had relaxed and sat up looking at her. I asked her why she saved me.” He looks at Kaiden who is listening intently. “She told me that in the future I would be taking care a an important child by the name of Kaiden who will become the most feared king. The first Dragon king. At first I thought she meant as in care for through the whole childhood and I almost laughed. I was still but a child at the time. She wants me to teach you how to be a dragon. I promised her. After much convincing that I wouldn’t be taking care of you until 16 that I would do it.” He says with a smiles.


Kaiden finds it weird to have this coming out of a boy. He frowns. “So you’re saying that you are going to teach me how to be a dragon? Dragon’s were a myth until after I was born.”


Michael nods a small smile playing at his lips. “Yes and I’ve had almost 16 to get it right.”


Kaiden shakes his head and gets up. “You’re lying.” He says glaring at him.


Michael gets up. “Alright fine. I’ll prove it to you. Let’s go out to the garden. It gives me more room for the shift. Dragons are pretty big creatures.” He say and walks out of the room and heads through the halls with Kaiden following close behind.


He walks through a series of hallways and doors before there’s finally a breath of fresh air. Kaiden looks around surprised the garden looks so well kept. He takes in a deep breath enjoying the scent all the flowers give off. Has a surprisingly calming effect.

Michael smiles. “The sorceress has filled this garden with Lavender. They are very calming flowers. She thought you might need somewhere to calm yourself down so she created this place. This garden for when you want to be alone. This also helps me keep my state of mind. So I suggest you stand back.” He says. He closes his eyes and starts to grow bigger, Kaiden backs up and watches in fascination as Michael shifts into a dragon.


Michael grows a snout and sharp teeth. Claws and wings. His scales are a teal color and are almost hypnotising to look at. He looks at Kaiden and is surprised not to see an ounce of fear on the boys face Actually he finds quite the opposite.


Kaiden smiles. “That’s so cool.” He walks around admiring Michael in dragon form. “So this is what I’ll look like?” He asks.


Michael shakes his head. He slowly shifts into a man looking to be in his young twenties. “No. Not all dragons are the same. The possibilities are practically endless. The size the color. All f it could be different.”


Kaiden nods. “Can I see the dragon again.”


Michael smiles. “One more time. Then tomorrow you’ll be one yourself.”

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