The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


14. Back to the Castle

Alesea had changed back to her human form and was lead straight to the castle while another guard helped with the humans and finding places as well as jobs for them. They also bring the injured to the nursing cottage to help them.


The guard keeps her hand on her sword at all time and Alesea can tell that She is weary of her. Alesea sighs. “You know I’m not going to harm you right? Why would I save my village just to harm yours?”


The guard turns her attention to her. “Because you are a dragon. Most dangerous species.You could be doing it to get all humans where you want them then wipe us all out.”

Alesea stops walking. “Wow. Ok well I see how much I’m wanted. I will just leave now.” She turns but the guard places the sword at her neck stopping her. She growls. “Let me go.”


The guard’s grip tightens. “I am not a fool. What is your true reason for being here?”


Alesea closes her eyes. “Your making really hard not to react with that sword at my neck. I could easily snap you in two but because I’m trying to show you that you have nothing to fear from me. Why not give a little trust to me considering I am walking with you in my vulnerable form?”


Lucas pops up behind the guard. “Let her go. Unless you want to tell your king and queen you’ve made an enemy of the new kingdom and how it was over the fact of her species. I seriously prefer for you not to make an enemy of mine.” He says.


The guard is startled by his sudden appearance that she drops the sword and it clatters on the ground. Alesea moves away from the guard and looks at Lucas. “This whole fear and distrust is really starting to hurt my feeling.” She says.


There’s footsteps coming towards them and Lucas turns his attention to the approaching king and queen of the human kingdom. “What is going on here?” The king asks.


Lucas bows. “Your highnesses. I am sorry for the unexpected visit. We have just brought humans here for safety. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors of the dragon king. This is the dragon queen who brought the people here and away from the danger of the burning villages.”

They turn their attention to Alesea who nods respectfully. The king scrunches his eyebrows. “This girl here? She seems to be young for a queen.” He says.


She sighs. “Because I am young. I am 16 as of a couple days ago. This does not mean that I am weak and vulnerable. This you see is just a shell that allows me to communicate for none of you know how to speak the language of the dragons. I believe what the king has been doing is wrong and I have just corrected what he has done. I must be on my way back for he is ruthless and I rather not he find out where I am unless you want to meet him. Which in his current state of mind I would not suggest.”


The king crosses his arms. “Is that a threat?”


She shakes her head. “It is a mere statement. I will be on my way now. I will come back in the future to suggest means of how for both of us to keep peace between each other.” She turns away from them. “I bid you farewell for now.” She walks away and out of the castle.


Lucas bows before following her. She doesn’t face him walking past the guards at the entrance of the village and exits into the forest.


He grabs her shoulder lightly. “Hey we should rest before going.”


She shakes her head. “I’m fine. If you need to rest you can do that on my back. I need to get back to the castle.”


He frowns. “Why?”


She shrugs. “I just feel anxious away from the castle. I feel like it will ease once I get there.” She continues walking until she’s deep in the forest. She steps forward and all of a sudden something wraps around her ankle and she is pulled upside down yelping in surprise.


Lucas is laughing then it’s suddenly cut off and he’s caught in a net.


Alesea tries to lift her body up reaching for her ankle. “Why is there animal traps with no bait? It makes no sense.” She says.


Her crown is on the ground and she sees a hand reach for it. “It is if the trap was never meant for an animal.” A voice says and chuckles. “Seems I have captured a great prize too.”


She glares at the man holding her crown. “How about you cut me down and see just what a prize you’ve got.” She growls.


He smiles. “Oh you are quite feisty.” More people come and he turns his attention to them. “Tie them up. I think John will love to see these two.”


Alesea growls at the two approaching her. “Touch me and you will be nothing but ashes.”


Lucas is cut down and being pinned. The two she has threatened ignore it and cut her rope grabbing her before she has a chance to move. She fights them her eyes glowing and changing to show her true form that’s just beneath the surface trying to push through.


The man that gave the order holds up a hand. “Wait on the girl.” He walks closer to Alesea and kneels down. “Hmm. Interesting.” He says grabbing her chin. He gets up. “Alright continue. This one seems to be mysterious. John will love trying to figure her out.”


They bound her hands tight which prevents her from pushing through her shell and defending herself. She closes her eyes and forces herself to calm down her eyes going back to human. One throws her over their shoulder.


She growls. “You are going to regret this!” She says angrily.


Lucas rolls his eyes and is gone from the buffy dudes shoulder and the ropes holding him fall to the grass. He pop in front of her and smiles. “Of course they will.” He grabs the rope tied around her wrists and disappears again taking the rope with him.


She smiles and immediately shifts to her true from towering over them all. The roars and watches as their once cocky attitudes turn and they cower. The only one who doesn’t is the one who gave the order to tie her and Lucas up in the first place. He sighs. “Cowards.” Then he jumps toward  her grabbing both sides of her snout holding tight so she can’t snap at him.


She tries to throw him off but his grip only tightens. She smacks him up against a tree and the pain must have shocked him because he lets go. A sound of flapping catcher her attention and she sees black. She curses and spreads her wings flying toward Kaiden. What are you doing here?!


He growls. Looking for you! You can’t just fly off.


She rolls her eyes. Like you have any control over what I do. I was taking care of the remaining humans placing them where they belong. With their kind.


He snarls. You what?! I told you those humans were going to learn to fear their king. I was wondering why the bunch seemed smaller than before.


She growls. You are not their king! You are to rule dragons! Not humans. Get that in that thick skull of yours Kaiden. I did what was right. You can’t yell at me for that.


He huffs. I can and will. You are coming back to the castle now.


I was going back anyway. The humans are not to be messed with here Kaiden. Do you understand?


He roars. You will not tell me what to do! He swipes at her.


She dodges and swings her tail knocking it into him. Yes I will. My family is among those humans. My friends. I will not have you destroying them like you did yours.


Kaiden grows silent hovering in the air. After a few minutes he finally speaks. I didn’t kill them. He no longer sounds angry.


She cocks her head. What?


He glares. I didn’t kill my family! My mom and dad are still alive. They live in the higher part of the castle.


She puffs smoke from her nose. How was I supposed to know that? All I see when I look at you is a killer. It’s all you’ve done.


You don’t get to say what I am. You see what you want. The truth is maybe I’m doing the rest a favor by getting rid of the human race. Less wars that way. He says.


She glares and flies off. She hears him following. She stops and looks at him. Like it or not we were born by humans. They gave us this life. I appreciate my parents bringing me into this world. You may not get it by I do. Just leave me alone from now on and don’t try to play like you have any feelings whatsoever.  She flies as fast as she can to the direction of the castle.


Kaiden follows behind her conflicted. Most of his emotions are of rage toward the humans which has calmed down ever since he finished off the last village burning it to the ground. Now it’s left him confused as new emotions start to spring up. Fear for Alesea as well as feelings of caring towards her. Anger towards her for being his weakness. There’s something else that he’s never felt before that  he can’t quite place. Guilt about killing? A growing fondness for Alesea? It all leaves his mind filled with complicated thoughts making it hard for him to focus on one of them.


The Sorceress was the one to cause all of these emotions. She knew from day one what future was truly set. She made sure he would attack all the villages. She planned it all along but no one new it because she has brought on a good sorceress cover over the years to get them to trust her.


The Sorceress watches from the shadows getting information of progress from Michael the shapeshifter at the castle. She waits for the perfect moment to reveal her true plans to the dragon king and queen. For now she just watches them as they fly back to the castle. Alesea flying with anger and Kaiden flying confused as to how he truly feels.


Soon enough the dragon king will figure out his emotions and he’ll be able to persuade the dragon queen to see just how great it would be without humans to bother everyone. Well that’s the plan of course. The set path in which the sorceress has chosen for them. Alesea has the urge to go back to the eggs since she stumbled and it will only grow stronger until they hatch. It was forged into her with the blessing to keep her in the castle until they hatch.


Dragon eggs take 3-12 months to hatch depending on the type of dragon. These are of all different types but have been set to hatch in 3 months so that way all of them will grow up at the same time though the life spans are all different. Each egg has also been blessed so when they are full grown they can not disobey the orders given by the dragon king and queen. It’s a way to keep order among them.


Though Alesea knowing her true evil is only a setback. As long as no other humans believe it and Kaiden never believes it everything should be fine. For now rage and his real emotions are in battle. Once his mind clears the real fun will begin.

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