The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


13. Bacithala

While Alesea sleeps Lucas watches over the humans making sure there is no trouble. Alesea sleeps for a very long time and by four people are starting to get restless. Lucas goes to check on her and sees she’s still sleeping soundlessly. He sighs and looks around. A tap on his shoulder startles him. He turns to see her father. “If you want I can carry her. These villagers will only be patient for so long before they start getting restless.” Her father says.


Lucas cocks his head. “Are you sure?”


Her father nods and walks over to her gently picking her up. “She’s my daughter. It’s not a bother to carry her. I used to do it all the time when she was younger.” He says pulling his daughter closer to him.


Lucas nods and walks out. He claps his hands together and everyone turns their attention to him. “Alright time to pack up and get ready to hit the road. We have a long ways walk before we reach the village.” He says.


Chatter starts to build as everyone packs up slinging bags of essentials over their shoulders and waiting for Lucas to lead the way.


Lucas uses some of his magic to pull out a sword from  seemingly thin air. “The forest is dangerous so stay alert. There’s no telling what could happen. Stay together and make sure you keep up with me.” He walks forward  leaving the box behind since there was no further use for it.


People talk amongst each other as they walk deep in the forest. Lucas keeps an eye out for an creatures that could be dangerous. The humans are known for trying spells and things to try to make themselves more powerful causing creature to be created that should never have been. Like blood suckers and other weird creatures.


A snap in the branches not that far off catches his attention. His head snaps in that direction just as a long tail disappears into the bushes.


He curses under his breath knowing this creature well. He looks back at the still sleeping Alesea and knows he’s on his own this time.


There’s a growl and the creature comes from behind the bushes. It’s eyes are red glowing. It has hairs around its body like an ugly cat. Fangs drip with a bluish green venom out of its mouth which has hundreds of sharp teeth. It looks almost like a dinosaur but more disfigured and more existing. The ears on the creature is almost that of a wolf and it has a long tail. This creature is called a Bacithala. Not a very scary name but the person who discovered it died after so it was given the last name of the person.


The creature roars and people start to panic. Lucas readies himself sword up. “Stay together.” He says.


The Bacithala snarls and jumps at Lucas fangs bared. He dodges and swings his sword just nicking the beast in the side. It roars in pain and snaps its head toward him. He dodges.


“What the?” Alesea asks sleepily the noise waking her up. She looks at the scene in front of her. She looks up and sees her dad looking down at her. She pushes out of his arms.


Lucas is pinned to the ground now barely dodging the snapping jaws of the Bacithala. Alesea growls and the creature snaps it’s attention to her. It growls back and releases Lucas moving towards her. She glares at the creature and lets her dragon push through her human shell. She spreads her wings and roars.


It roars back and jumps at her. She can see startled surprise pass through lucas’s eyes as she makes no move to dodge. She lets instinct take over instead and lets out a breath of what she thought would be fire. Instead she’s looking at a frozen creature still springed to sink its teeth into her. She cocks her head and nudges the icicle creature. It wobbles but doesn’t melt.


Lucas cautiously walks over. “Interesting.” He says. He looks at Alesea. “Did you know this is what would happen?”


She shakes her head. She takes in another deep breath and holds it. She lets it out and fire comes out melting the ice.


Lucas jumps back startled as the creature falls to the ground stunned and confused. It shakes of the water and growls at Alesea.


She growls back snapping at it. The creature pounces and tries to bite her but her scales are to strong to be pierced through. She snarls and shakes off the Bacithala which flies into a tree with a startled yelp.


She spreads her wings and roars. She puffs smoke from her nostrils in warning and the creature finally takes the hint and runs off. She folds her wings against her but stays alert. She looks at Lucas who is staring at her.


She starts walking straight and looking around just in case she sees any other creatures. She looks back and sees everyone else following behind her in silence.


She turns back and finds the trees too close together for her to walk. She sighs and lets her human skin wrap around her dragon form. She walks through the trees for a couple more minutes before a hand lightly touches her shoulder.


She looks at Lucas who is smiling. “Thanks by the way. I’m a little rusty. It’s been 124 years since I fought a Bacithala.”


She cocks her head. “Oh that’s what it’s called? Bacithala…… not really a fitting name. I was thinking more like poison fang or something like that.” She rubs her her back and scrunches her nose at the bluish green venom that drips from her fingers. She shakes it off. “Or disgusto.” She says in disgust.


He frowns. “You’re hands aren’t burning from the venom.” He asks.


She gives him a confused look. “Venom? I thought this was just some weird saliva.” She says unbothered. She wipes her hand on her dress and keeps walking.


“That wasn’t very lady like.” Lucas says.


She looks at him. “Oh I’m sorry. Should I have used my invisible handkerchief?”  She asks her voice dripping with sarcasm.


He puts up his hands. “I was just saying…”


“Well don’t.” She snaps.


He walks a little faster so he could look at her. “You mad at me?”


She rubs her head. “What you did last night. Rubbing my neck like that. It felt personal. I just met you. It just felt wrong ok?”


He rubs his neck. “Oh that. I’m sorry. I should’ve asked or told you about the spot before I did anything. I knew it was a soft spot but I didn’t know it would feel personal to you. I’m really sorry.”


She sighs. “No I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I forget that I’m a completely new species and not everyone knows how to react to that. I get your reaction is to find out whether the myths of the dragon is true. Just let me be a dragon first before you try anything else.” She says and walks again in silence.


Eventually people start to talk and calm down. The sky darken as the lights of a village get closer and closer.


Alesea still feels drained from the long fly and struggles to keep her eyes open.


“Should we set up camp?” Lucas asks.


She shakes her head. “No. We are really close. Maybe half an hours walk possibly less.”


He smiles. “Alright. Though you look like you’ll fall asleep before then.” He grabs her arms and wraps them around his neck. She goes to move them when he lets go but her grabs under her legs and hold onto her.

She protests her grip tightening slightly. He chuckles. “It’s just until we get to the village. Give you some time to rest before then. They’ll be wondering why we are bringing so many to their village.”


She groans. “I could have just walked. I don’t need to rest.”


“You really should stop pushing yourself so hard.” Lucas says.


She growls. “I’m not pushing myself. I need to get these humans to safety.”


He sighs. “And we are. Alesea you don’t have push yourself so hard just because they are not at the human kingdom right now. The dragon king is at least two days behind with no clue as to where we are. These humans are safe.”


She sighs and lays her head on his shoulder. “I know.”


She goes silent as she drifts off to sleep.


Her dad walks up and walks next to Lucas. “My daughter has taken a liking to you. She never sleeps with anyone. Once when she was younger we had a sleepover for her and she wouldn’t fall asleep unless she was alone in her room.”


Lucas shrugs. “I don’t think she likes me. If she does then she has a sure way of showing it.”


Her dad laughs. “She’s not one to show it. You got to get to know her. Kindest heart in the world. Just likes to act tough.”


Lucas looks at him. “Your daughter isn’t as tough as she seems. I worry that this might not be a blessing for her and more of a course. The stress may wined up being too much for her.”


Her dad sighs. “Me and her mother have both had our doubts about it too.”


Lucas frowns. “Why even let the sorceress decide her fate? I mean yes she claims it’s a blessing but all magic, especially for humans, comes with a price. A price that the sorceress doesn’t have to pay.”


Her dad nods. “Most of her blessings were beneficial for the baby’s life. This blessing was different from any she has ever given to us. Usual it’s a nice happy life or wealth.”


The village comes up and the two guards stationed draw their swords. “State your business.” One says.


Lucas sets Alesea down who instantly startles awake. She looks around and notices where they are and calms down.


Lucas clears his throat. “We are here for safety. These people have been under attack and their villages are destroyed. They seek for protection under the human kingdom.”


Alesea gets up from the ground and brushes herself off. “We have been traveling for three days from the dragon kingdom. The dragon king has set all of these peoples villages on fire and has killed many. This is all that’s left of them.”


The guards don’t lower their swords. “How do we know this is not a trap? Dragons are said to be a myth and the rumors could just be to scare people away from that area.” One says.


Alesea raises an eyebrow. “You want proof of the existence of dragons? I could personally show you. I am the dragon queen after all. I don’t agree with what the dragon king was doing so this is a place i thought i would be able to get the humans to safety. You know at the human kingdom.” She says.


One of the guards laugh. “So this is a joke. Why would we believe you? The rumors have no mention of a dragon queen.”


She growls. “Do I look like I’m joking to you?” She takes in a deep breath. “You know what?” She looks around making sure she had enough room.


Lucas frowns. “You sure you want to do this neer all these people?”


She smiles. “They want proof.” She lets her dragon push through the surface. She looks down at the guards and they both drop their swords.


Lucas crosses his arms. “Believe us now?”


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