The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


12. almost there

Alesea wakes almost a day later. She groans feeling flaring pain in her shoulder. She tries to sit up but the pain is too much. She opens her eyes and sees a nurse standing over her dabbing a wet cloth on her shoulder. She tenses and pushes the nurses hands away causing her to wince.


The nurse gives her a stern look but Alesea just looks at her with no emotion. “I’m fine.” She says.


The nurse lightly touches Alesea’s shoulder causing her to wince. “You are not fine young one. You were stabbed with a knife. I’m surprised you are even conscious right now. Your body needs rest to heal.”


Alesea shakes her head and grabs on to the nurse’s arm pulling herself up her breathing hitching due to the pain. The nurse protests but Alesea ignores her and gets up holding her shoulder. She sees Lucas looking at her. “You are very stubborn. Most people listen to the nurse. They are only trying to help.” He says.


She rolls her eyes. “Most nurses think lying in a bed is the best medicine.”


He smiles. “Yes well sometimes that’s what you need.”  


She scoffs. “I don’t need rest.”

“Yes you do.” Lucas says.


She looks at him. “No I need to get these humans to safety.” She says.


He sighs. “And how do you expect to do that?”


She shrugs. “I don’t know…. Maybe turning into a dragon. It should heal the wound.”


He raises an eyebrow at her. “And how do you know that?”


She sighs and hold up her wrist that’s scarred. “This is how I know.” She says.


Lucas grabs her hand and looks at her wrist. “What did you do?” He asks. When she doesn’t answer he runs a finger along the scar and closes his eyes. He sees flashes of images with her and a razor blade and his eyes snap open. He drops her hand and looks at her. “Alesea.”


She glares at him. “What did you just do?”


He rubs the back of his neck. “I can access certain memories from another just by holding an item that would trigger the memory. Why did you cut yourself?”


She growl. “I don’t think I like someone rifling through my head. I don’t care what your intentions were. Don’t do it again.” She walks out of the box and into the woods to cool off.


She takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. She turns and looks at everyone sitting and talking. She holds her shoulder. “Alright time to go!” They all look at her. They stare at her. “Now!”


That gets them up and they all start packing. She closes her eyes and lets her dragon push through the surface. Pain flares in her shoulder but she fights through it. She opens her eyes and looks at her shoulder. It’s fully healed causing her to sigh in relief. She spreads her wings and hovers watching everyone walk inside the box. Once everyone is in Lucas locks it up and looks at her.


“I’m sorry Alesea. I was just curious as to how you got a perfect slice across your wrist. I was worried. I am worried. You can’t do that again.” He says. He flies up next to her head. “Cutting has never solved problems for anyone. Trust me I know. My friend used to cut. All it causes is more pain and scars as a reminder causing even more pain.”


She grabs the chains and lifts up from of the ground. Lucas runs a hand across her neck startling her. He does it again and his hand feels warm and comfortable against her scales. She closes her eyes and a sound almost like a pur comes out of her mouth.She hears him laugh and opens her and looks at him.

He smiles. “I’ve read up on the myth of dragons. Now that they are no longer a myth I thought i might see if dragons actually do like being rubbed on the neck.”


She puffs smoke from her nose at him before going higher. She hears him coughing and chuckles flying off in the direction they were before they hit camp.


He catches up a little later. “Ok I take it you don’t like being rubbed on the neck.”


She growls softly. And flies faster than she has before still being carefully not to jostle around the box giving them as smooth of a ride as possible.


Lucas flies in front of her and turns to face her. “I was curious. Can you blame me? You are a new species. Now i want to see if the myths of a dragon are true. Of course the only thing there isn’t in myth of a dragon is weakness.”


She rolls her eyes.


“I know. Dragons don’t have a weakness because they are the most dangerous and powerful creatures. But maybe there is and no one has ever figured it out.” He says.


She growls.


He puts up his hands. “I’m not saying I’m going to try to find it. I’m just saying there’s a possibility.”


Alesea glares.


“Fine fine. I won’t talk about it anymore.” He says and turns to face ahead just as the top of a tree smacks him. He starts falling and Alesea quickly dips her head to catch him grabbing onto his clothes with her teeth.


He whimpers and she sees one of his wings are ripped. She carefully sets him on her back. He looks at his wing with sad eyes. “That will at least take three days to heal.” He says in almost a pouty tone.


She sighs and nudges him. He looks at her then realizes what she’s saying and wraps his arms around her neck. She takes off again listening to him talk about his kingdom and his travels. Eventually she feels his grip on her loosen and hears nothing from him as the skies start to grow dark.


She decides to keep flying even though her muscles ache and she’s exhausted. She sees the stars and moon admiring them. She longs to be able to move more freely and dance amongst the stars.

The moon and stars slowly fade as the sun starts to rise. The soft orange glow on the horizon lit up a village farther off. She can fly no further exhausted. She slowly descends to the ground laying the box down. Lucas starts to slide of her still asleep and she carefully picks him up and places him next to her as she lays down her wings stretched out.


Lucas’s wing are gone probably absorbed so they can heal. He snuggles up close her and grabs her wing wrapping it around him and clutching it. She rolls her eyes trying to keep them open she weakly lifts her wing and his eyes snap open as he dangles from it. “W w what?!” He asks startled. She sets him down and he lets go of her wing. She rests her head against her head.


He looks around.”Did you fly all night?” He asks fully awake now.


She nods closing her eyes. She feels a hand on her cheek and she groans opening her eyes. Lucas looks at her concerned. “You should have woken me up and set up camp last night.”


She huffs at him and closes her eyes again this time letting her go into her human form. She uncurls herself and stretches. “Well I didn’t. There’s a human village not that far from here. Maybe a half a days walk. Now let me sleep.” She lays on her side and closes her eyes. Arms wrap around her and pick her up from the ground. She groans in protest but he ignores it. She feels him walking and hears clicking as he unlocks the door to the box.


She opens her eyes only able to open them halfway. “What are you doing?” She asks sleepily.


He looks down at her. “Letting you get some rest. I’m going to let everyone set up camp and give you some time to rest. You deserve it.”


She sighs and closes her eyes. “Whatever.” She mumbles.


“Alright everyone time to set up camp. This will be the last time we do for a little while. We will be traveling on foot in a couple of hours so eat up and do what you need to. Try to be quiet about it. Miss Alesea has pushed herself farther than she should have to get you here. She could have set up camp last night but she didn’t so we would be closer to getting you to safety.” Lucas says.


Alesea hears people walk by both of them. After a couple of minutes she feels him  walking and feels herself being set down. She curls up and falls asleep instantly. In a deep, dreamless sleep.


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