The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


2. Alesea: The heart of the king


What Kaiden’s parents don’t know is that the Sorceress planned another blessing in a different village further away from them. A baby girl who was born two years after him. She was given the name Alesea, meaning heart. The girl came into the world with a smile. Everyone fell in love with her at first sight.


Her mother, Sarah, had decided her name for the way she melted everyone’s heart. It wasn’t a surprise Alesea’s father never showed up. He had not liked it when he had heard his wife had become pregnant with a girl. He had always wanted a son. No one let it bother them on this special day though. Most were surprised when the Sorceress had come to visit.


She walks up to the hospital bed and smiles. “Miss Sarah. I have come to give your daughter a blessing. “


Sarah smiles. “You have always been welcome here Sorceress. It would be an honor to have you bless Alesea.” She says and hold out Alesea for the Sorceress.


The sorceress smiles holding the child in her arms. She shifts the weight of Alesea and places her hand on the baby’s neck. She chants in ancient tongue and her neck glows. A symbol appears on her neck. A red heart with dragon wings shooting out the sides. In the middle of the heart is a small crown. “Your daughter is the heart of the dragon king. She is the dragon queen.” The sorceress says handing Sarah back her daughter.


Sarah looks at the mark. “The dragon king?” She looks up at the Sorceress.


The sorceress nods. “He will be a ruler in 16 years. Your daughter shall not know who she is until after that. Her future is set to be a part of the kings world. As long as you keep her in the dark everything shall go as planned. If she finds out before then it may ruin everything. If she knows it will signal her….purpose early. I can not say more. Just know this means no matter what your daughter will never die unless it is off natural causes.” She says.


Sarah pulls her daughter closer to her. “Your saying you’ve given my daughter a destiny? A set life for her? Wouldn’t her choosing her life be a better gift? Letting her decide what she wants?”


The sorceress places a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “Things are going to happen in the future that are going to threaten many lives. This blessing I have given her sets her life for her to live past the future that had been set for her. She will not meet the ending that had been predicted for and instead she will live on in a happy relationship. Though that relationship may take time to build up. Just know you have nothing to worry about with your daughter as long as her blessing stays a secret from her until after she turns sixteen.” She says giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze.


Sarah sighs. “As you wish Sorceress. Though know I have a bad feeling about this. I feel like you’re leaving out an important detail. I know you must be doing it for a good reason so I will not try to  question you. I will leave her in the dark until after she turns sixteen.”


The Sorceress nods. “I only leave out things you can not know or have no reason to know.” She walks out without another word. She smiles to herself as she walks out and disappears into the woods until she’s needed again.


Sarah keeps little Alesea in her arms. Her little eyes are open and shining happily as she looks at her mother. Sarah smiles tiredly at Alesea before falling asleep with her still in her arms. Alesea falls asleep not long after.


Her father shows up a couple of hours later only to pick them up and take them home. He is not happy about the baby being a girl so he barely pays attention to the little baby cooing in the arms of his wife. In his heart he knows he can not reject this child for being born who she is but it is hard for him to accept her because of how much he for for a son. He knows though that he has to try his best.


Sarah smiles at her husband. “Thomas this is Alesea. The sorceress has blessed our child. She is very special.” She holds out the little girl.


Thomas looks at the little Alesea and his heart melts for her. He smiles softly then remembers what Sarah said. “Blessed?” He asks.


She nods. “Yes our child will survive. She has been given a destiny to be the heart of the dragon king. She won’t die for if she does so will he.”


He frowns. “There is no dragon king. Dragons are just myths.”


Sarah nods. “They are myths now. Soon it will be real. We can not tell her what she is until after she turns 16. That is when the Sorceress says he will reign. If we say anything to her before we risk her life.” She says.


He carefully takes Alesea from Sarah. “Then I guess we keep her being blessed a secret. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect how kids treat her when she gets older.”


Alesea smiles at him and reaches her arms out. He leans closer and she grabs his nose in her tiny little hands. “Very hand eye coordinated for a baby that is only a couple of hours old.” He says.


Sarah nods. “She seems to be less troublesome than I thought she would be. I haven’t heard even a whimper out of her since she has been born.”


Thomas smiles. “Well lets hope she won’t be.”


He shouldn’t have hoped. As the years went by she grew up to be a very troublesome girl. She had a big heart and it always got her into trouble. Alesea always wanted to help everyone and everything. Sometimes it would put her in dangerous places. When she was six she had almost got eaten by a wolf because she got too close to one of it’s cubs.


Thomas and Sarah had to keep a close on on little Alesea. The kids thought she was too nice and made fun of her for helping a little worm get back to the dirt or stop a boy from crushing a spider. Alesea had the biggest heart anyone had ever seen. It made her different. Turned her into an outcast at school. Some parents even told their kids to stay away from her.


Alesea was never bothered by their teases. Even as she got into her teens her heart was always big. She even managed to make a few friends. The teachers loved her and she always done what was needed of her. Many were jealous of her for being so accomplished at such a young age and she would often come home with bruises.


As she grew closer to sixteen she started to realise how different she was. When she was fourteen rumor of a dragon had started to spread and her parents had started acting weird. She just never took it to heart.


Her fifteenth birthday comes around and she looks around the table at her friends and family. For the first time she gets a weird feeling that her parents are hiding something important from her. The don’t talk to her as much as they used to. It actual seems like they are trying to avoid her. Her friends are the only ones talking and laughing.


She sighs and gets up from the table. “I think I’m going to go ahead and head to bed. Thank you guys for coming. I really appreciate it.” The room goes silent as she walks to her room and closes the door behind her. She lies in bed staring at the ceiling.


She knows deep inside her that this year will be the hardest. How? She doesn’t know. With that last thought she closes her eyes and goes to sleep.


Her mom opens the door and looks at her sleeping form with a small sigh. “One more year Thomas. Then we have to tell her.”


He nods placing a hand on her shoulder. “Time has gone by much faster than I ever thought it would. Our baby girl is growing up.”


Sarah nods tears in her eyes. “Our baby girl is growing up too fast. What ever is to happen to her in a year is leaving me feeling frightened for her. It frightens me not knowing what is going to be happening to her.”


Thomas hugs her. “I know. Me too.”


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