No sens

Just something i need to get of my chest


1. memories

I’m trying to get back those fireworks

The fireworks that i saw and felt the first time that we were actually talking to eachother the first time you asking me for my number. i look in your eyes and i couldn’t stop! The day after you texted me and what you didn’t know is that i was waiting for that message. I Couldn’t sleep without thinking of you . 1, 2, 3 eyes closes making a wish. But what you didn’t know my wish was you . We spend a lot of time talking, trying to know each other , we played the « what will you do » game and till that time i could get you out of my mind .

It’s been 3 years now and every time I’m catching myself thinking about you.

I’ve been acting like a bee flying flowers by flowers just to felt that fireworks again. But they never felt like your’s . I’ve been trying to forget and i tough that i did the first time that i met that other guy who was so sweet and kind but two weeks later i was catching myself thinking about how it could be if you were there … still mine .

I’ve seen myself smiling like an idiot about the memories that we shared together , well maybe just me. But I still remember how it felt when we first kiss , the way you ask me to go out with you ( we are a couple right” was so charming) ; the same day we had sexual relation if we can call it that way, you made me feel a way that i never felt before it was like God was on heart or eating candy’s that are acting like a drug . Yeah that day , i got addicted to that drug, the fireworks . Which was you .

Yes, i know you thought i move on, maybe yes but there’s nothing in this world that can compare the way you made me feel, or the way that i use or still love you( who knows) . Like they said « it only get easier », but there’s noway you can forget your first love.

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