No sens

Just something i need to get of my chest


2. 3 AM

3 am

Still in my mind

It’s been 3 years

And all i want is you

Maybe it’s hard to tell

But i still want you

My body

My lips

My heart

All are craving for you

Your smell

Your touch

Yeah i’m fuckup

Will be this till i find a way

To be detoxify of you

My only drug

That i can’t get enough

And keep craving for more

And now it’s 4

And I’m waiting for a call

A call that will never come

All alone

With the tough of you

Guess i’m fuckup for life

Tying to find my way

My way back to you

Seing your smile is all i’m asking!

My late night addiction

All i need is you.

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