Tales from an average Guinea pig.

What you are about to read is a very dumb Guinea Pig's notes who believes that on day he will become THE GREATEST SCIENTIST EVER!!!


1. The experiment.

My name is Squeaky, though what I am aware is that I am not at all squeaky. I love, love, love, science! I hope that one day I will become THE GREATEST SCIENTIST EVER!!! Yet, that's all in the processing thoughts of I. Today, with no help from Jammy, I shall be seeing/experimenting, is sawdust an edible substance for us Guinea pigs?? Who knows?? However, lets get on with it! 


Ewwwwwwww! Oh, no, oh, no Jammy you didn't go potty on the piece of sawdust I pecifically told you not to go potty on?!




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