Lie to Me

I looked up from my mic and into her ocean blue eyes and started singing,

“Flashing back to New York City
Changing flights so you'd stay with me
Remember thinking that I got this right.”

The memories started flooding back to all the good and wonderful times we had together. I thought we were madly in love with each other. It hurts me so much to think that I was wrong. It hurts to know that she probably never even cared I then continued to sing,

“Now I wish we'd never met
'Cause you're too hard to forget
While I'm cleaning up your mess
I know he's taking off your dress
And I know that you don't
But if I ask you if you love me
I hope you li-li-li-lie
Lie to me”

I watched as she ran out of the room and into the dark. Even after all the good and bad things we went through. I don’t know if I should even go after her or not. But, I all I knew was I still cared about her so so much. More then anyone knows.


2. Hopeful Dreams?

Octavia's POV    

    I slowly woke up to my dog sugar licking my face. I pushed her off of me and onto the floor and said 

“Sugar, what do you want girl?” 

    She barked with her tongue hanging out and jumped back onto my bed. She then proceeded to lay down next to me and rolled over with her paws in the air. I laughed and shook my head. 

“You always need attention don't you? I don’t blame you girl. Parents are always out and about for work and our so called “brother” is to busy with his newly engaged wife. Now it’s just us in this lonely house. Not to fear though, we won’t be hear much longer anyways.” I said as I rubbed her belly. 

    I got up and grabbed my phone from the side table. Not to my surprise the only notification I had was from my best friend Victoria who lives in New York City. She doesn’t live right down by Times Square but she lives about 15 minutes from there. I would love to live where she does, but I’m stuck in Tennessee for now. 

    Don’t get me wrong, Tennessee is beautiful especially in the fall. But, I’m the type of person who likes to be in big cities where there is a lot to do because I get bored very easy. I picked up my phone and the text read 

“So have you talked to your parents yet about moving down here with me and getting our own place together?” 

I replied, “Yes I did and even though I am 20 and I can make decisions for myself they have to approve it in order for me to get help from them. So, they said they would have an answer tonight when they get back home from work.” 

After a few minutes passed my phone beeped and Victoria replied with, “That’s great news, well hopefully good news. I am so excited if this happens. I have to go though, message me later when you get the answer! I love you!” 

    I sat my phone back down on my side table, got up and headed for the kitchen. I refilled sugars water and food bowl and then grabbed me a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. I brought everything into the living room with me and turned the tv on. I clicked on The Bachelorette and continued where I left off. I have watched every single season of this show and I love it! 

    Even though I hate it because my past love life hasn’t been the greatest at all. So, for now I have stopped looking especially after what happened with me and Tristan. Before Tristan I dated a couple guys. Some just didn’t work out because we weren’t very compatible and some was because of them being controlling. I still managed to end them all on good terms. 

    Tristian was a whole another ball game. Tristian and I dated for four years. We started dating my freshman year and we ended it my senior year. At the time I was a freshman he was the hot junior who was about to be a senior. I never imagined that we would end up dating but we did and a lot of people were jealous. I didn’t let that get to me though. All I can say was we were madly in love. 

    It was getting to the point where it was gross to our other friends. It was going great and each year it got better and better it felt like. Senior year, I for sure though he was going to propose to me at my senior prom. I was wrong. The start of the night was great until later that night at the hotel where the whole class was staying at. I found him in bed having sex with my best friend. 

    Not just any best friend but my best friend from childhood. Never in a million years did I think that would happen but it did. Even though they were both drunk I still could not forgive either one of them. They both knew what they were doing and they both knew it was wrong. To this day I still can’t get a straight answer from either one of them about why they did what they did. 

    Nevertheless, I broke up with him and lost total contact with both of them. Now Victoria, my brother and my parents are all I have left. Before I got to deep into my thoughts there was a knock at the front door. It’s to early to be my parents because they are still at work. I wonder who that could be? As I walked to the door sugar walked right next to me. Like she was protecting me from everyone. 

    I opened the door and low and behold it was my goofy ass brother. Honestly I’m surprised he settled down with someone this early in life. My brother is muscular with dark brown hair and green eyes. The one everyone wanted to date and drooled over. Shocked he went for Jade the girl no one even noticed. As long as they are happy, I am happy. 

“Josh!!! What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming!!?” 

“Hey sis! I just needed to get the rest of my things in the attic to take to Jade and I’s new house.” 

“Wow, I can’t believe your leaving me this soon.” I said fake crying. 

Josh punched me in the arm laughing and said, “Oh shut up! Your about to leave me for New York City, so I do not want to hear that!” 

“You can visit me anytime big brother.” I said as we started walking towards the stairs to the attic. 

    When we got to the top I started coughing. There was way to much dust up here. No one has been up here in years. We both walked over to some boxes that had “Josh’s Things” written on them. As I was about to pick up a box to take downstairs I looked down and saw a photo. It was a group photo of me, Josh, our parents and Jade.” It was the first vacation we went on as a whole group. At that time I didn’t like her very much. I remember that photo like it was yesterday. 

(Travel back to the trip.)

“So what are we going to see next?” I asked. 

“We are going to the Titanic Museum. I’ve been here once but it was a long time ago and it was amazing.” My dad said. 

“That sounds great but you guys still haven’t answered my question. Why did Jade have to come with us? This vacation is for my birthday after all and I did not want her to come with us. I don’t even like her.” I said looking out the window. 

"For gods sake Octavia. Stop being so selfish. Josh and Jade have been together for awhile and he asked if he could bring her to keep him company. We really didn’t think it would be a big deal. She has been nothing but nice to us. So please I do not want to hear another word about this.” My mom said yelling. 

"Whatever. I didn’t even want to go on this stupid vacation.” I said under my breath. 

    When we arrived at the Titanic Museum we all got out and walked over to to Josh’s car to meet them. I gave Josh a hug and tried to avoid Jade at all costs. My dad then guided us over to the museum so we could all take a photo together. My dad then headed his phone to one of the workers and said 

“Alright guys time for a photo.” 

    I watched as all of them walked up and put there arms around each other. Starting with my dad and ending with Jade. The petty self I am, I walked up to them and squeezed in between Josh and Jade. I didn’t do anything until right as the strangers were counting down. I talked loud but only loud enough for Jade to hear and said 

"I do not like you and I never will.” 

As I finished the sentence the strangers clicked the photo and it was done. 

(Back to present time

    As I knocked myself out of the past, I noticed my brother sitting next to a box on the other side of the attic. I walked over to him and he was holding a black shirt. When I got closer I realized it was the black shirt I got him years ago with a photo of us imprinted on it and with the words "Best Brother Ever." I remember getting that shirt for him like it was yesterday. It was with the last of my cash that I had saved for Christmas. All I knew in that moment was I wanted to get him something special. 

   We aren't like most brothers and sisters who fight and never got along. We grew up a couple years apart me being 20 now and Josh being 23. Just minding our own business and then every once and awhile annoy one another. Josh has probably been there for me more than anyone else when I went through my emo/suicide phase. At the time, if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be here. I don't know what I would do without him. 

    Before I got all emotional, I heard a car horn downstairs. It was mom and dad getting home from work. I looked at Josh and we both picked up a couple boxes and headed downstairs. We entered the kitchen with them right as my parents walked through the door. 

"Octavia we are home...Oh Josh I didn't even see you there! How are you dear?" My mom said smiling as she hugged Josh. 

"Nice to see you guys too." I said laughing. 

    They completely ignored me and just keep talking to Josh. I just rolled my eyes, picked up some boxes and took them out to my brothers car for him. When I reentered the house and walked into the kitchen my dad said 

"So Octavia, your mom and I have been talking about if we will allow you to live in New York or not." 

Before he could finish I said, "Are you guys going to let me!!!" I said giving them the puppy eyes and jumping around. 

Then out of nowhere it was like my whole life was flashing through my eyes. They said something that I didn't expect at all. 



Hi Guys!!!

Wow it's been forever since I've been on here. Sorry for the short chapter but I just wanted to get something out! I hope you guys like it. The next chapter will be out soon so stay tuned. (; <3



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