The cat (this title will change)

This is story of a cat. A starving stray destined to die cold and lonely, or so she thinks. (As of yet I don't know if i will continue this story. I started it ages ago and have been a bit stuck. If i continue it will be updated very slowly)


1. Capture

A thin feline cautiously moved across a path, her cream fur dull and unwashed, it hung off her bones which looked as if they would snap like a brittle twig. A silver object caught her eye and she began to move away, but she was halted by a scent that she longed for. Inside of the metal contraption sat two plastic bowls. One with water and one with food, both of which she desperately needed in order to survive her slight existence.

She slowly began cautiously slinking forward but hesitated when she reached the opening of the metal contraption. Her whiskers quivered and her tail remained low as she carefully inspected the strange object in front of her. Her stomach emitted a low growl and she could stand it no longer. She gingerly laid a paw onto the floor of the contraption and with that one paw after the other followed. She lowered her head and began to eat hungrily, filling her empty stomach till she could eat no more.

Suddenly the contraption slammed shut. The cat swung around in panic and began to claw at the metal wire, after what seemed like hours, her paws were aching and she didn’t have enough energy to continue. She turned back around in defeat, curled into a ball and fell asleep. She was starving, exhausted and trapped and alone. There was no hope now.

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