Sweet Love

This is a poem about a man who truly loves a woman with all his deepest and darkest passion.


1. Sweet Love

It is so wonderful that I have love for you.

And I know you love me too.


You are my angel of light and dark!

And you have left me your mark.


I love you so much that I want to deeply kiss and caress you.   

And I know you want to do that with me too.


Oh, Lord! 

If I didn’t have you in my life,

I would be lost in bitterness and strife. 


With out you, 

I would be lost in bitterness and strife.     


With out you, 

I would be a dead,


and empty soul.


And before my death,  

my life would take a toll.


Your personality is so sweet as an angel!

But at the same time,

you have a dark side that is ready to mangle.    


Your dark side and mine go so sweet together. 

Which to me,

is just fine.  


Your long black hair is so beautiful and silky.

And your hair has a color blend that is dark and milky.


Your dark eyes are that of a raven.

A raven that is looking for something on the paven road. 



if only I could give you the joy,  

of a baby girl or boy.   


I don’t know what it is, 

but you give me heaven and hell. 


But you as a woman,

is just so swell. 


You just drive me to madness!

But you keep me from sadness.


Trust me!

You are the most lovely and wonderful woman that I have ever meet!

And there is no other woman like you I bet.


Remember something my love.

I will love you ‘till death..........

and ‘till heaven above!

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