Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


38. Autumn festival 3


All of the pairs had now gotten to the top of the mountain. The mountain was clad in booths full of food and games. There were lanterns lighting up the area. The night sky was above them and the stars clouded the sky. The moon was beautiful and shining down upon everyone. On this mountain will drama appear and secrets will be revealed.


"Over here! come on!" Josephine shouted. I came walking through the crowd. There was enough space to walk. The festival grounds were massive so it was easy enough to walk around:
"For a girl in a dress. You can still run fast." I said with a grin. Josephine sighed and rolled her eyes:
"Ha...Ha." She said sarcastically. I smiled as I walked toward her:
"I wanna get some of this. It's the only time of year you can get the autumn spice roll." Josephine said as she pressed her hands up against the glass of the booth. Behind the glass was a few deep fries where a few rolls were inside:
"I never really understood why they're so good..." I said:
"Have you ever tasted one?" Josephine asked:
"Nope," I said. Josephine suddenly looked offended:
"How dare you!" She shouted:
"W-What?" I asked:
"Two please!" Josephine shouted:
"W-Wait. I didn't say I want one." I said:
"Listen. For that offense, you just did to me. You will have to both pay and eat one!" Josephine shouted:
"But-"I said:
"No buts!" She said sternly. I went silent and then smiled:
"Fine fine. No pouting." I said. She nodded. 


I slowly...Walked through the crowd. Sara looked around frantically:
"What's...wrong?" I asked:
"I don't know...For some reason, I just feel uneasy." Sara said. I looked forward. There were a few boys around. They were our age...It seemed. I looked down at her. The little red-haired girl looked around frantically. I sighed softly and moved my hand down. She looked at it. I finger flicked her forehead:
"I'm here...You're safe," I said. She rubbed her forehead and then smiled:
"I filled up my wallet...Go wild," I said with the best smile I could muster. Sara's eyes sparkled:
"You're just the best did you know that." She said. She stood on her tip toes. I sighed and leaned down a bit. She poked my cheek with her lips. Our height difference was massive. She couldn't even reach m head if she tiptoed:
"There a lot of food I wanna try. Are you ready for the food race?" Sara asked. I looked down at her and nodded:
"Let's go!" Sara shouted as she ran in front of me. I smiled warmly. I like her more like this. The carefree, weird, Sara.


Food! Eat it!  No. This is for Minik. We bought this for Minik. THE GIRL WANTS OUR FOOD?! No. She asked us to go buy a shish kebab.ONE FOR US? Yeah, don't worry. There is one for us. I looked up and saw Minik stand up against a tree...She wasn't alone:
"Come on. I know a good booth with some food." A boy said. It was a boy who had two of his friends with him:
"Thomas was it? I'm not really interested." Minik said:
"Awh come on." The boy named Thomas said as he took a step forward and placed his arm up against the tree. Locking Minik in place. grrrr. Attack! For once I agree:
"No. I'm with someone." Minik said sternly. Thomas laughed:
"I'm much better. I'm a real tough guy." Thomas said as he took her arm. He was about to run around when he walked right into my chest:
"Excuse me..." I said. Thomas looked up:
"Oh. Are you the boy? Well. I stole your girl." Thomas said. The two other friends took a step back:
"What is it, guys?" Thomas asked:
"That is, Point!" One boy shouted:
"I THINK YOU SHOULD WATCH OUT...I FEEL...ANGRY." I said. Give me control again! We can't scare Minik! FINE!
"Are you the famous Point...Huh." Thomas said. Minik took a step back:
"I think you should just leave," I said. Thomas sighed:
"Oh. Hold these for a second." I said as I turned to Minik and handed her the food:
"Don't do anything rash," Minik said:
"Trust me. I'm trying." I said. HIT HIM! She just told not to be rash!
"Fine we will leave," Thomas said as he took a step away from Minik:
"But first," Thomas said as he threw a punch. Not at me but-

The sound of a crack happened. Minik's eyes shivered as a fist stopped right in front of her. Thomas was howling in pain:
"STEP BACK!" I shouted. Good reaction time...Sometimes you're useful. THANKS!
"Ah. Let go, you psychopath!" Thomas shouted. Okay, let go of him. FINE! Thomas stumbled back as he held his arm. He walked away with his friends in toe:
"S-Sorry. Are you okay?" I asked. Oh, I got control again! YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME TO TALK TO HER. I STAY HERE:
"Y-Yeah. Just a bit startled." Minik said as she looked at the food. Something?! Umm, A boy needs to do something cool here right? NO IDEA! Umm...Jacket!
"Here. Take this." I said as I took off my jacket and placed it on her shoulders. She smiled:
"Now. Take a bite of that food. I weren't cheap you know." I said with a wink...Or what I now could muster only with one eye. She laughed:
"Yeah." She said taking a bite from the food. I grabbed my smokes in my pocket and lighted one. SMOOTH! Thanks:
"Come. Let's get going." She said as she held out my shish kebab. I took it and took a bite:
"Oh. It's good!" I said. TASTY!
"Yeah. I know the guy who makes em." Minik said:
"Why did you make me go then?" I asked:
"It was a test. Remember the only reason we are here is to make sure you can control yourself normally again." Minik said:
"Oh yeah. I actually forgot." I said:
"Forgot?" Minik asked surprised:
"Well. It's just fun being with you...Purple." I said. She sighed:
"Thank you." She then said with a smile. I grinned showing my fangs. She giggled:
"You have some kebab stuck between your teeth." She said:
"I save it for later," I said with a grin. She laughed now:
"Come. Let's get going." She said. I nodded. We walked around together a bit more. It's fun. I KEEP WATCH FOR THE GUYS! Thanks. You're like me and Minik'S little guard dog. SHUT UP! Sorry Sorry. 

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