Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


14. The sports festival 1.


So it's finally here. The sports festival. The summer heat shining down on us:
"We should find a good place to watch," Minik said:
"Yeah," I said. It was only me and Minik since Josephine and Masamune was gonna participate. We were at our school. There were sitting spaces all around. We sat in our school space. Right over the field was a fenced area with guards. There was set up cover for the sun and only girls walked around in there:
"That over there is the all-girls school," Minik said:
"Yeah fancy," I said:
"The first thing up is the soccer tournament!" Mister Karima sounded in the speakers. Our school started to chant:
"Karima!" Me and Minik shouted. 
"Oh, that is Masamune's sport!" Minik shouted afterward:
"Yeah. Let's hope our team goes to the finals." I said with a smile. 

In the meantime at 


"Come on! Come on!" I shouted as I pulled on Kyro's arm. We were at Sylph common school for the sports festival:
"But we...Don't do...sports." Kyro said:
"Whatever. We can watch it from over there." I said pulling on his arm:
"Oh and let's buy some food too!" I shouted:
"You mean...I'm gonna pay...For your food." Kyro said:
"Yep," I said. He sighed but then showed a small smile:
"Fine..." He said. 


"Why am I here...Our school is forced to be here." I said as I sighed. I took out a cigarette and ignited it. I slowly breathed out smoke:
"Excuse me miss. My name is Mister Karima. I'm a teacher here. We don't want smoking on school grounds." A man said as he came walking:
"Pff," I said as I turned away from him. My cigarette suddenly stopped as something pressed against it:
"Excuse my friend here." A boy said. I looked as I saw a metal finger pressed against my cigarette:
"H-Hey!" I shouted. Ikki stood there with his usual smile:
"Just...Don't smoke here." The teacher said leaving:
"What's that all about," I said taking out my lighter. The cigarette was removed from my mouth:
"Say. Wanna watch it with me?" Ikki asked. I looked at him and saw his warm smile. I could feel a small heat in my cheeks:
"Whatever," I said as we walked down toward the playing field. 


"You were rejected?!" I shouted. Jaden stood there:
"Seems like she was in love with someone else," I said:
"Who!" I shouted. He shrugged:
"Didn't wanna tell me," Jaden said:
"Oh," I said looking down:
"What about just enjoying the festival?" He asked:
"Y-Yeah," I said. We walked outside where Kari had set up camp with a parasol:
"Hey girl!" I shouted as I sat down next to her:
"Oh hello." She said:
"Seems like our soccer team is gonna play now." She said. I looked out at the field.


"Can she see me?" I said low as I looked toward the fenced of area. Most of the girls sat down at their tables having tea but one girl stood at the fence and looked out. The amber-eyed jewel. I couldn't wave. Seems like she talking to a guard. The guard nodded and opened the door following her outside so she got closer to the field. She kept her eyes on me with a smile:
"Sneaky," I said low as I readied myself. The match was about to begin.

"Sir. If you protect me am I allowed outside the fence?" I asked the guard. He nodded with a smile:
"If you insist lady Hemingsworth." The guard said. I can get closer to Masamune...How exciting. I walked outside and stood on the sideline. Some of the people around me looked at me. I had my normal attire on but they instantly knew I was from Haman:
"Lady. Please tell me if the stares get annoying." The guard said:
"It's fine. Thank you." I said as I looked at Masamune. He was smiling. He stood there in his school's soccer uniform with running shoes. I hope he's trained a lot.


"Okay ready! Masamune is already on the field. Better go to the others!" I shouted as I ran over the school field. I saw the black dot instantly:
"Hey!" I shouted:
"Oh hey!" Rei shouted. Minik smiled. We been dating for a few weeks but haven't really talked about it:
"Masamune already on the field." Minik said. I looked down over the field to see Masamune stand ready:
"I hope his gonna be okay." Rei said:
"He's gonna be fine." I said as I sat down with them:
"Hmm is this a good place?" I heard a voice. I turned to see a guy with narrowed slite eyes who walked around with a metal pole and a girl with blond, purple and violet hair:
"This isn't our school area, Ikki." The girl said:
"but we need the perfect spot for my day-light telescope." The boy said:
"Just let's go watch it normally you dumbass." The girl said before they left again:
"They were from Laster?" I asked:
"I guess so." Rei said. We heard the whistle and the match started.

"Say. Sir." I said. The guard looked at me:
"Yes, miss?" He asked:
"Do you know soccer?" I asked. He looked at me:
"Yes, my lady." The guard said:
"I know soccer is a sport and that some girls play it...But I don't know every rule. If I get confused will you answer my questions?" I asked:
"Of course, my lady." He said with a smile. I bowed my head softly:
"Wow!" I heard someone shout. I looked behind me to see a tall slim guy with gray hair and a girl with red hair:
"So this is the fenced off area." The girl said:
"We should go...We aren't...Allowed around here." The boy said:
"Maybe you're right. Just wanted to see it. Where were we going again?" The girl asked:
"Food..." The boy answered. The two left one quicker than the other:
"So they are also from other schools." I said to myself. I looked out on the field again. Masamune was running around. I smiled as I saw his focused face.


"Hey, girls..." I heard a male voice. I looked over my shoulder to see a boy:
"My name is Thomas and are from Haino. Need a boy around ya?" The boy said:
"Scram boy. We don't seek a hand to hold." Hiri said:
"What did you say!" He shouted:
"Oi!" Jaden shouted as he came walking. The other boy sighed and walked away:
"Thanks." I said:
"You need me around to scare away the boys...All I did was get drinks." Jaden said:
"What a dangerous mission." Hiri said with a grin. I looked up into the sky.


The summer had come with the sports festival...All the students were collected in one place...What will happened in this area full of teachers...Students...And people? 

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