Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


9. Rei and Josephine 4. Wheelchair.


So I have been stuck in a wheelchair since the accident. It's not that dire but I just have problems standing up. So this whole week I had my own nurse...And it's been kinda...Eh


"Say Ahh!" Josephine said holding out a fork with a piece of neatly chopped up meat on it:
"Um...Josephine. I appreciate you wanting to help...But this is." I said:
"Come on. It's not that embarrassing is it?" She asked:
"It is when you stuck in the middle of a cafeteria," I said. Everyone's eyes were on us:

"When did these two get so close?"

"Josephine should really find someone else."

"Who is he even. I have never seen him." Those were the words I heard. I didn't even notice but in a small amount of time. Me and Josephine had grown closer. So one day.


"Josephine," I said. We were outside. I was getting some fresh air. She looked down at me:
"What is it?" She asked:
"I think. It's best that I start taking care of myself." I said. She stopped walking and looked down at me:
"What do you mean, silly?" She asked with a smile and started walking again:
"I just think it's best," I said. I could feel my hand clench around the armrest. She stopped completely. Her smile vanished and she looked at me seriously:
"Listen. Hasn't it bother you..." I asked:
"What?" She asked:
"So many know you. You like a light while I'm just a shadow." I said. She looked even more confused now:
"People talk...They talk about us." I said. Her eyes widened:
"What do you mean?" She asked:
"I'm dragging you down," I said:
"Dragging me down?" She asked:
"I'm a mere zero in this school but a lot of people know you. You like a sunshine that everyone like, and I'm just a shadow." I said. I felt my teeth grind. She looked at me. She let out a sigh and walked around the wheelchair to look at me:
"Are this really how you feel?" She asked:
"Haven't you even seen it...Look." I said. She looked to her left to see some students look at us. They had this annoyed look:
"I see." She said. She just looked at me:
"If you continue. They might think weird things...We wouldn't want that." I said:
"Really..." She said. 


He might not like me back. I've experienced such happiness the last couple of days. It might only have been me:
"I understand...You don't want them to think we are a couple." I said:
"For your sake." He said:
"What do you mean?" I asked:
"Well. If a nice girl like you ever dated a boy like me...It would...People would begin to look down on you." He said. His blackish brown eyes looked at me and his hair waved softly in the wind:
"Look down...On me." I said. What was he talking about? I had no idea:
"So-" He said. I snapped out of my thoughts. He grabbed the wheels on the wheelchair and softly rolled a step away from me:
"I'm really thankful for all you have done. But if we keep going. It might affect how people look at you." He said as he spun around looking at me:
"I think you paid off what you did...So you can go back to be less caring about me." He said. I don't know what to say. Somehow I know he's just trying to be nice. But I get this feeling-
"So. I will roll on now. Haha." He said then laughed. But...I get this feeling that-
"Oh. This doesn't mean that we can't talk. I just don't want your image to be tainted by me." He said as he smiled warmly. But...I get this feeling that this will affect-
"So see ya." He said grabbing the wheels. This will affect my future:
"Wait!" I shouted. He stopped:
"What?" He asked surprised:
"Umm." I said:
"Huh?" He looked confused. I had so much to say but it all vanished the moment I opened my mouth:
"Josephine?" He said my name:
"Do-Don't leave..." I said:
"Why?" He asked. He turned around again to look at me:
"I...Don't know." I said. Why did I stop him?
"You don't know?" Rei asked:
"No..." I said. Something inside me told me to move. Is this...What I think it is:
"I know..." I said. He looked at me. I walked over to him:
"What?" He asked. I took a grab on the wheelchair and softly pushed it:
"He-Hey hey hey!" Rei shouted:
"Did you not hear anything I just said!" Rei shouted. He looked up at me. I kept pushing:
"I did," I said:
"Why...Do you not listen!" He shouted as he stood up. He looked at me. I could see pain in his eyes but he kept a stern look:
"Why do you think!" I shouted. In one quick movement, my hand flew and the sound of clap could be heard. His cheek moved to the side and slowly turned red. He took a step back:
"R-Rei..." I said. He looked at me. his cheek red but his eyes still stern:
"What is it you want. Josephine!" He shouted. 
I don't know why...But my blood is pumping. I looked at her:
"It-it's fine," I said and sighed:
"My hand...Moved on its own. S-Sorry!" She shouted:
"It's fine!" I shouted. I softly placed a hand on my cheek:
"It's fine..." I said. People were starting to look at us:
"I better...Go," I said. I took my hair and lowered it in front of my eyes:
"R-" I heard her behind me:
"Hm?" I stopped:
"Rei Hamond!" She shouted. Everyone looked at us again. I turned toward her:
"Y-yes?" I asked:
"Sit down in this chair this instance!" She shouted. I looked confused:
"W-What?" I asked:
"P-Please, sit down!" She shouted. I looked even more confused:
"P...Please." Her voice lowered. Her cheeks were red. I looked at her:
"I want to take care of you...I want to be with you...Rei Hamond." She said. All the boys around us gasped and also some of the girls:
"I don't care what others think...As long as I'm with you." She said. I looked at her:
"Jo-Josephine you know what you're saying!" I shouted:
"Yeah. I know!" She shouted:
"Don't say it. It might ruin your school life!" I shouted:
"Rei!" She shouted. The force of her voice made me got mute:
"Rei Hamond...I'm in love with you!" She shouted. My eyes went wide:
"Please go out with me!" She shouted:
"Is that a confession?" I heard a boy ask:
"Did she just confess to him?" I heard a girl ask:
"D-Did you just?" I asked:
"Yeah..." She said opening her eyes. She looked at me:
"It was love-" She said:
"At first sight." I said. She smiled. I smiled back:
"Come, sit down. Until your back is healed." She said. I...Was happy. I took a tight grip at my chest. These last couple of days...I felt so scared...That she would leave...So I tried to force her to leave...I fell to my knees:
"Rei?" She asked. Tears ran down my face:
"Rei?!" She shouted. She rushed to my side. I grabbed my face:
"I...Thought...You would leave..." I said:
"Why?" She asked:
"I...Don't know." I said. She smiled. She knelt down and softly wrapped her arms around me. I kept crying. All these scary emotions I felt came all out at once...All the doubt about her...About me...About my friends...About school...About others...All of those flowed. Her words broke the walls I had set up:
"It's fine." She whispered. I bit my lip:
"Do...You really want one like me?" I asked:
"Yes...I want you...Rei." She said:
"I...Love...You." I said softly wrapping an arm around her. She smiled.

At this point...We finally found what we searched for...Each other...All because of one...Wheelchair.

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