Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


3. Rei and Josephine 3. I will help!


I seem to drift around in nothing. I could feel the cold. The last thing I remember was a bang and the pain in my back. Oh and her scream. What did she scream again?
"We're gonna fall!" She had shouted. Was she safe? Why is this nothingness so long? Just let me wake up already. 


I was sitting next to the bed. He was in a cold sweat. His breathing was fast. He was hyperventilating:
"Please get well soon," I said as I placed a hand up against his cheek. He calmed down:
"He just needs rest." The nurse said. She smiled warmly:
"He must be happy to know that she wakes up to his girlfriend."  The nurse said:
"Oh! I'm not his...Girlfriend." I said. I could feel my cheeks burn up:
"You cheeks tell otherwise." The nurse said with a grin. I just let out a giggle:
"I'm here! How is he doing?" Minik asked:
"He isn't that hurt. Some minor trauma to the back." The nurse said:
"I see," Minik said as she sat down:
"I thought you went home," I said:
"I was worried. It's kinda my fault too." Minik said:
"What do you mean?" I asked:
"I made you run. Peer pressure." Minik said with a sad smile:
"It's fine. Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to him." I said. Minik nodded:
"The fuck going on in here!" I heard a male voice shout:
"Oh...You're his friend right?" Minik asked. I looked at the boy. It was the boy he was with the other day:
"Yeah. Name's Masamune. What happened?" The boy asked and ran to the bed:
"He was mowed down by a bull," Minik said with a giggle:
"Hey!" I shouted. Minik giggled:
"I don't think this is time to joke around." The nurse said. The three teenagers looked at her:
"He was lucky that he only got minor injuries." The nurse said. My eyes shivered:
"He could have ended up even worse and you too." The nurse said pointing at me:
"What happened?" Masamune asked:
"Jose ran into him. They both flew through the air. It seems like your friend here took the fall for both of them." Minik explained:
"I see..." Masamune said with a smile:
"Why are you smiling?" Minik asked:
"Just seems like something he would do," Masamune said:
"Well, we should let him rest. I would suggest you three get going." The nurse said. Minik and Masamune stood up, but I didn't budge:
"Jose?" Minik asked:
"I would like to stay," I said:
"I don't know." The nurse said:
"It was my fault he was hurt. I want to be by his side when he wakes up." I said. The nurse smiled:
"Fine. I allow it. You two get going." The nurse said. Masamune smiled:
"Lucky bastard." Masamune mumbled something, but I was unable to hear it:
"See you tomorrow, Jose." Minik said. The two left.


"Hm?" I let out a soft grunt. I looked around:
"Where am I?" I asked. The light from the lamp shined down on me:
"Pew..." I heard a soft snore at my side. I looked up and saw the color yellow."
Hm?" I let out a hum. I felt something on my knees. I tried to sit up but felt a stinging pain in my back:
"ACH!" I let out a loud grunt:
"Hm?" I heard a voice. I had managed to sit up a tiny bit. I looked in front of me and saw a yellow ocean:
"Is that?" I asked as I let my hand feel the yellow. It was hair. In front of me was a girl. She was bent over my bed and was sleeping:
"Is that her?" I asked myself. I could feel a blush creep onto my face:
"Huh?" She let out a curious yelp and looked up. We got eye contact for a moment:
"M-Morning," I said. She blushed a tiny bit:
"Not...Gonna say anything?" I asked:
"Su-Sure." She said. She sat up straight:
"Let me explain what happened." She said:
"No need. I'm fully aware." I said. She looked at me. Her eyes were apologetic:
"...I have something to say!" We both shouted:
"I'm sorry. You got first." I said:
"I'm sorry. I ran off the other day." She said:
"Oh. I want to say sorry for offending you. I was scared you were mad at me." I said:
"Mad at you? I thought you were mad at me." She said:
"Mad at you?" I asked:
"Why should I be mad?" I asked:
"Well. I burp..." She said. I had no clue what she was talking about:
"What this about...A burp?" I asked:
"Nothing...Nothing!" She shouted two times in a row blushing. She hit the bed in the meantime giving it a shook. My back gave out a scream of mercy:
"AH!" I grunted in pain:
"You okay?!" She shouted:
"Seems like my back is sore," I said with a smile:
"Oh...It's my fault." She said:
"You don't have to be sad. I chose this myself." I said with a smile:
"I know, but look at you." She said:
"Yeah. Yeah. I just got a quick question?" I said:
"What is it?" She asked:
"Why are you still here. It's late isn't it?" I asked as I looked out the window. It was already dusk:
"Because I couldn't just leave you!" She shouted:
"Fair...Enough." I said a bit surprised.

Silence filled the room

"So!" We both shouted:
"Ah...Again. You first." I said:
"No, you go first." She said:
"What's your name?" I asked. She blinked:
"Oh yeah...My name is Josephine Ydger." Josephine said with a warm smile:
"Well. I'm Rei Hamond." I said with a warm smile:
"Rei huh." She said. She leaned in closer. I could feel the heat in my cheek again:
"I like your eye." She said:
"Eye?" I asked:
"Yeah." She said with a smile. I blushed:
"Well, there's not only one." I raised my hand and moved the hair away from my other eye. My blackish brown eyes looked at her:
"Hehe." She giggled and leaned back:
"I like your hair," I said:
"My hair?" She said and cupped a portion of her hair:
"Yeah," I said. I tried to touch it but felt the stinging pain in my back:
"Ah!" I grunted again:
"Oh...Is it that bad?!" She shouted:
"Yeah. I might need to stay home for a bit." I said:
"That...I feel bad now." She said:
"Nah. I will come back soon. I should be good soon." I said with a smile:
"Just tell me if I can help you!" She shouted:
"What?" I asked:
"I will help you!" She shouted and stood up:
"Th-Thanks," I said. She smiled:
"I want...To know you better." She said. I felt my cheeks burn again:
"Feel free to ask me anything," I said and smiled:
"I will." She said. She smiled back at me:
"Better see if I can stand up," I said. I ignored the pain and stood up:
"Just be careful!" She shouted. I took a step forward:
"I'm fine," I said, but then I saw a hand:
"Hm?" I looked at her:
"Take it." She said. I took her hand:
"I will help you as much as I can." She said:
"Th-Thanks," I said. We walked hand in hand out of the room:
"This is nice." I thought


"This is nice." I thought. 

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