Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


5. Kyro and Sara 1. Leave...


My heavy footsteps echoed in the hall. I walked past my class, my teacher giving me a sigh as she saw me. I walked toward the only room I find as my home. I opened the door and was met with so many colors. I walked in and grabbed my brush. 


"Hey, Sara...You coming to the party this weekend?" A boy asked. His name was Thomas:
"Oh no. I have homework and-" I said but he took a step closer:
"Come on. I will be there and some of the boys. It's gonna be fun." Thomas said:
"I'm sorry but I just can't," I said. I took a step back:
"Pff. Fine." Thomas said. He finally left. I'm so tired of this. Boys trying to get their way with me. I don't know why it happened but since I started at this high school I been seen as a girl the boys can toy around with. The teachers can't do anything and it's annoying:
"Pff. Getting the boys attention again huh Sara?" One of the girls said:
"Not willingly...It's quite annoying." I said. The girl at my side smiled. It was my best friend Jessica:
"Boys are just boys," Jessica said:
"Can it be the way I dress?" I asked myself.

My hair was red and set into a ponytail with a white hair-band. My eyes were brown. I had a brown jacket on and a white t-shirt there allowed people to see my belly button. I wore leggings and white shoes. I had many different colored armbands on my wrists. Around three on each. 

"I don't know," Jessica said:
"What?" I asked:
"You look normal to me. I even wear the same kinda cloth as you." Jessica said:
"True," I answered. Maybe it was my upbeat personality?
"Hey, Sara. Why don't you come over here?!" Thomas shouted:
"Nah. I'm fine over here," I said with a smile. Thomas sighed and looked away:
"It's just weird," Jessica said. I nodded.

A few hours past.

Finally free:
"What are you gonna do today?" I asked:
"I'm going to my club. The movie study club is a lot of fun. You should join." Jessica said:
"Nah. I'm not interested in clubs," I said, but that was a lie. There was a club I was a small tad interested in but it was always empty. The art club:
"I will get going," I said. I took my bag and began to walk down the hall of the schools:
"I first needed to go out of the first-years building and go over campus to get to the third years building. That is where the art room is located. I walked over campus. I took a shortcut behind the third-years building to get in from the back:
"Hey. Isn't that Sara." Thomas said. It was one of the boys earlier:
"Oh hey," I said with a smile:
"What you doing over here?" Thomas asked. He had a cigarette in his mouth:
"Oh. I had an errand in the third years building...Is that a cigarette. You aren't allowed to smoke them on campus."  I said:
"Pff. Like I care. Why don't you try one?" Thomas asked holding his pack out:
"Nah. I'm good. I better get going." I said as I took a step forward. He placed his hand up against the wall in front of me to stop me:
"Where do you think you're going. Did I say you could leave?" Thomas asked:
"Just stop it..." I said:
"Nah," Thomas said placing a hand behind me too. I was forced up against the wall:
"This isn't funny!" I shouted. I was getting scared now:
"Bah," Thomas said annoyed:
"Give me a kiss and I let you go," Thomas said with a grin:
"No!" I shouted:
"Annoying...GIRL!" Thomas shouted as he hit me. I fell to the ground. I felt tears start bawling from my eyes. He gave me one kick:
"Not like I wanted it anyway...Pest." Thomas said as he left. I was left there. I cried. I don't know how long their past but suddenly I heard a heavy footstep.


I thought I heard something...What did I find? I softly sat down and looked at the crying girl. She looked up at me with tearful eyes. Her eyes were felt with fear as she saw my face:
"GO!" She shouted and threw some dirt at me. I was hit in the face but I didn't budge:
"Just go!" She cried...She hugged her legs:
"Oh. You still here?" A boy asked as he came walking. I looked at him:
"Wait...Who is that?" The boy asked:
"What..." I said. My brain was numb. I looked around as I slowly stood up again:
"Is this your boyfriend...Pff." The boy said. I slowly stood up. The girl didn't answer:
"No...I'm not," I said. 


"No...I'm not," The other boy's voice said. It was hazy and nonchalant. 

The newcomer was tall and slim. He got one hand in his pocket and his eyes are emotionless. He had grayish hair. It was chin length in front. Shoulder length in the back and shoulder length in the sides. It was loosely hanging down his head. Both of his eyes were red. He had a button-up white short sleeved shirt on with a notebook in the pocket of the shirt. He had black pants on and black shoes. 

Please...Help me. That was the only thought going through my head:
"I see...Are you her boyfriend?" The newcomer asked:
"Pff. No. She is my bitch!" Thomas shouted:
"Oh...I see." The newcomer said standing up. Wait...His face. Isn't he the-


So his bitch? That is a weird thing to have in high school:
"Now. Can you leave us?" The boy asked:
"Sure..." I said as I stood up. As I was about to turn around I felt a hand grab at my leg. I looked down and saw her face:
"Help...Me..." She cried. I just looked at her:
"Were you not leaving?" The boy asked as he walked toward us:
"Let go of him!" The boy shouted. 


"Let go of him!" Thomas shouted. I closed my eyes in fear. I heard a crack sound and slowly opened my eyes. A shadow was above me. The newcomer's arm extended and held the boy by the face. He held the boy into the air:
"Is this...Okay?" The newcomer asked:
"W-What?" I asked:
"You wanted my help...Right? Or should I just go?" The newcomer asked. His accent. It is him. The transfer student from another country:
"Let go!" Thomas shouted:
"Fine..." The newcomer said as he tossed the boy to the ground. Thomas stood up and raised his fists but he stopped as he shivered in fear. The pure red eye of the newcomer started at him:
"Leave..." The newcomer said. Thomas ran off. The newcomer looked down at me. His red eye there was glowing a second ago now was calm again:
"You...Okay?" He asked. His voice had not a tint of emotion and he was quite lazy too:
"Y-Yeah," I said with a sniffle. I stood up. I felt a pain in my leg:
"You are scrapped." He said as he looked at my leg:
"Y-yeah," I said:
"...We...Got bandages...In the art room...Come." The boy said. I nodded with teary eyes.

A few minutes after.

This is embarrassing. I was lifted up the stairs as I was carried by him
"I can walk on my own..." I said embarrassed:
"No...You are hurt. Just bare with...It." He said. He didn't even show one inch of embarrassment. We came into the art room and he sat me on a chair. There was a lot of paintings:
"This room is usually empty?" I asked:
"I'm the only member." He said as he put a bandage on my scrap:
"You are?" She asked:
"Yeah..." He said. He's really good at conversations...Not:
"So what's your name?" I asked:
"Kyro." He said:
"I see...I'm Sara," I said:
"Sara...Okay." He said. The silence filled the air:
"Are they after you?" He asked:
"What?" I asked:
"Are they doing that...A lot?.." He asked:
"Oh...Yeah. It has never been this bad before." I said:
"I see..." He said. He had grabbed a paint brush and started to paint:
"They have been hunting me since school started. I'm a freshman here after all. I don't know why but the boys treat me like I'm some toy they can play around with...And then today...He hit and kicked me." I said with a tear:
"I...See..." He answered:
"I'm...Scared." I said. I could feel my legs shaking and I could feel the tears crawl out of my eyes:
"Hmm" I heard a hum and then I felt a hand on my head:
"W-What?" I asked:
"You need...Help?" He asked:
"W-What?" I asked:
"I can...Help you...Be there...All the time...Be scary...Scare away the boys." He said:
"Why...Would you do that?" I asked. He shrugs:
"You said...You needed help." He answered:
"W-What?" I asked:
"Out there...You took my leg. Said...You needed help...I can help." He said nonchalantly. I broke into tears...I jumped forward and placed my head against his chest. For just a moment...I could...Relax.


Did I make her cry? Oh no... 

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