Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


11. Ikki and Pauline 1. One finger.


Welcome to the prestigious Laster private school. The school for geniuses! 


And then us... Laster is a school you sent to for one of two reasons. One. You're a genius with a certain talent or two. You are a troublemaker. I'm of course a troublemaker. I'm a first year. I stick to myself. The school has two buildings. The left building...The cheap one which looks like it can break apart at any moment is the area for the troublemakers. While the building to the right is a building for the geniuses. I'm standing outside smoking my cigarette looking at the buildings:
"What cheap shit," I said throwing the cigarette to the ground. I stomped on it and kept walking:
"We don't even need to go to classes. We like the lost cause of society." I said out loud as I kicked a trash can. I looked at the geniuses building. I sighed and walked over to it. I placed my foot up against the wall and stomped the wall a bit:
"Damn this school!" I shouted. I kicked it once more:
"Hello?" I heard a male voice. I looked up and saw someone peek out a window on the second floor:
"Yo!" I shouted. He looked down at me. He had these narrowed eyes which just became slits:
"Hello there." He said. He had this soft voice:
"What you staring at!" I growled:
"You...Said hey to me?" He said with a smile. He had me there:
"Y-Yeah and?" I asked:
"Hello there." He said. He moved out from the building and stretched out his left hand. For some reason I took it:
"My name is Ikki Yiya." He said:
"Did I ask for your name!" I shouted:
"No, you didn't?" He said with a grin moving up again:
"So you're a genius?" I asked:
"Yeah. Names Ikki Yiya." He said again:
"Umm...You already told me your name." I said:
"Oh yes, I did...I forgot." He said with a carefree laugh. His so annoying:
"So what are you...What form of genius?" I asked:
"I'm an inventor..." He said with a smile:
"Inventor...So what have you invented?" I asked:
"This." He said moving out a small sphere-like thing:
"This one generates heat on its own. Making it easy for us to keep warm in the night." He said with a laugh:
"So a ball of warmth?" I asked:
"Correct." He said:
"Pff. I'm a part of the shadow side of this school...Why do you even talk to me!" I shouted:
"Because you kicked my wall." He said looking questionable confused. I blinked:
"T-True," I said:
"So why do you call it the shadow side?" He asked:
"It doesn't matter," I said. He sighed:
"I'm coming down." He said jumping out the window. He landed in front of me. 

He had brown orangeish hair. It was shoulder length and smooth. He had the slite narrowed eyes so you couldn't see his eye color. He walked around in a long-sleeved white shirt with a green short sleeved button up shirt over it. The white shirt's sleeves were rolled up to the elbows. He got blue jeans and black shoes.

"There we go." He said as he looked at me:
"You just...Jumped out a window?" I asked:
"Well. I wanted to talk to you." He said with a grin.


She is quite a curious one. I don't think I have seen a specimen like her.

She had golden with purple and violet stripes through it. It's quite short going to I would say just above her shoulders. She got a piercing through her right nose wall. She got black eyeliner with amber eyes. She walks around in a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt under. It was short going above her belly button. She got black leggings on and black boots and she got this armband around her wrist with spikes on it.

"Curious...Your hair. Is it natural?" I asked:
"What do you think..." She said with a sigh:
"How should I know?" I asked. Why did she sigh?
"It's not natural." She said. I nodded:
"I see." I tapped my chin with my right hand:
"W-What!" She shouted her eyes widening.


"What is this..." I asked. My eyes shivered as I saw his hand:
"What is it?" He asked:
"Y-Your finger," I said:
"Oh yeah...Sorry." He said holding out his right hand. HIs middle finger was made of metal:
"This is my prototype as a metal replacement for limbs." He said. The finger moved and bend like a normal finger:
"W-What the fuck happened to you?" I asked:
"When I was young I was in an accident which took my finger." He said:
"W-Wow," I said:
"It also was a part of why I'm so clever...Something happened in my brain which just let me think out of the box." He said with a smile. I was left speechless. He told all this with a smile:
"So...Now I ask again." He said as he turned toward me:
"Hm?" I let out a sound:
"What's your name." He asked:
"P-Pauline," I said:
"Pauline what?" Ikki asked:
"Pauline Peruzious," I said:
"Okay." He said:
"Okay? That all?" I asked:
"Oh...Hmm." He started thinking:
"W-What?" I asked:
"I haven't really been good with conversations...I spent most of my time in my lab." He said:
"I see. Well...What about getting up again?" I asked:
"Oh yeah!" He shouted. He looked toward the window and jumped up grabbing on to it:
"There a door!" I shouted:
"I know." He said crawling in through the window:
"Better get in before the bell ring." He said to me:
"I don't really attend class," I said:
"Why?" He asked:
"Well..." I said:
"Too stupid." He said with a grin:
"Shut up!" I shouted:
"Okay. Better get going Pauline." He said opening his right eye a tiny bit showing this emerald green eye color before closing them again. I looked at it and smiled:
"Yeah whatever nerd," I said turning around:
"See you later." He said. I stopped up...See you later?
"Y-yeah," I said. He waved to me with his right hand. I waved back:
"A metal finger," I said under my breath as I walked into my school building:
"What a weirdo," I said


"So she's a troublemaker," I said out loud. I sat down on my chair and grinned:
"She is quite the curious one," I said as I started screwing some nails into one of my prototypes.

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