Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?

Welcome to Aiyuga.
A small sea-port town.

In this town is there a few schools.
Schools like:
Haman private girl academy
Sylph common school.
Haino Common school
Laster Private school

And many more. In these school are their kids and sometimes there happens something we call "Love." It's a dangerous thing there can have side effects like. "Dates, Happiness, and sadness. Maybe also buying gifts and more." But these kids are about to be hit by it. Dangerous as it can be.

Welcome to Aiyuga.

Welcome to "Love blossom in the weirdest way...Right?"


7. Hiri and Kari 1. New student.


Just an ordinary new day Ay. Meeting to class and getting one more boring lecture:
"Yo. Hiri. Up for going around after school." A boy asked. That boy was one of my close friends. His name was Jaden:
"Sure, dude," I said leaning back. I grinned. I am placed in the back row the chair mostly to the right. I attend Sylph common school. In class 2-C:
"Nice," Jaden said holding out his fist. I fist bumped him. The teacher slowly walked in:
"Hello." the teacher said. Some of the student cheered:
"We didn't know you we were gonna have you today!" A student shouted happily. That teacher is the best teacher. His name is mister Karima. He's the nicest teacher and always the best to have. He always explains things to an understandable level and go one step and beyond to help the students to learn. The teacher smiled:
"Settle down," Karima said with a smile:
"I'm actually gonna have you the rest of the day. Your teacher got sick and I got time." Karima said with a grin holding up one of his fingers:
"But there is also another reason I'm here...Do you wanna introduce yourself?" Karima asked as he looked behind his back. A girl peeked around his back. You could see black and also beige:
"Hm?" I let out a hum:
"H-H-H-He-Hello." A girl's voice came from his back:
"Don't be shy. I know it's a new town and school but these students don't bite." Karima said. A girl walked out in front of him. My eyes widened:
"She seems...Fragile." Jaden said in awe. 

The girl had long black hair. The hair went to the back at her back. It goes to her hips in the sides and down to the stomach in front. It covers the right side of her face. She got pale beige eyes. She walks around in a frilly black shirt and black skirt. She also has black shoes. Her skin was pale and she was thin. Like really thin. She was shaking a tiny bit.

"Do you wanna tell them. Or should I?" Karima said with a serious voice:
"I-I can do that." The girl said as she looked at us. She shivered:
"M-My name is Kari Herol. I have skipped school for a year because of sickness. I had an unknown disease there turned my skin pale white and made me fragile...So I might have a hard time around here. So please, let us all get along." The girl said bowing:
"Wow," I said under my breath:
"Of course we will," Jaden said with a smile. Kari smiled warmly:
"That nice to hear," Karima said placing a hand on her shoulder:
"Say. I need someone to be with her today. Show her around and make her comfortable. What about you Hiri?" Karima asked:
"Oh!" I let out a gasp nearly falling off my chair as I had my legs on my table:
"Yeah. You" Karima said with a grin:
"Oh..Umm," I said. Kari was looking right at me:
"S-sure," I said. Karima nodded:
"There an empty seat next to you right?" Karima asked:
"Yeah," I said:
"Nice. You can sit next to Hiri, Kari." Karima said. Kari nodded and slowly walked toward me. She placed her black bag next to her seat and sat down looking straight forward:
"Oh, and Hiri," Karima said:
"Yeah?" I asked:
"Stop having your shoes on the table," Karima said with a grin:
"Sure. Teach." I said with a smile. 

The lesson kept going and soon after it ended.

"So...Hungry," I said as I leaned back in my chair:
"W-Wanna go eat?" Kari asked. I looked at her. She stood at the side of my table. The moment I looked at her she took a step back:
"Oh, yeah sure," I said with a smile. I stood up and placed my hands in the pockets of my short sleeved hoodie.

We walked down the hall. She had brought a handbag:
"You okay?" I heard a voice:
"Yeah. just not used to a wheelchair." A boy's voice could be heard saying:
"I told you. I would help you!" The first voice answered. It was a girl:
"Stop shouting Jose." Another girl's voice said:
"Sorry." The first girl voice said:
"Where are we going today?" The boy in the wheelchair said. They came walking past us. A girl with blond fluffy hair. A girl with purple short hair. A boy with green hair and a boy with black hair which was sitting in a wheelchair:
"I don't know?" The boy in the wheelchair said:
"Then. I got something to do. So I can't hang out." The green haired boy said:
"What is it?" The purple haired girl asked:
"Just...Something." The green haired boy said. That was the last we heard before they turned into the elevator for teachers and injured students:
"Elevators..." The new girl said:
"Oh yeah. We have them for injured students." I said:
"I know...Let's wait for our turn." Kari said:
"Wait...You need a key card for it." I said. She produced a card from her handbag:
"You got one!" I shouted:
"Y-Yeah." She said scared:
"Oh...Sorry." I said. I coughed softly:
"Then let's wait our turn," I said. We waited and got onto the elevator.


Hiri is really nice:
"S-So. You started out here?" I asked:
"Hm?" Hiri looked at me:
"Like...You were a freshman...Here?" I asked:
"Oh yeah sure," Hiri said placing a finger to the nose:
"H-How funny. I...I like the way you dress." I said:
"Oh thank you," Hiri answered looking down at the hoodie and shorts.

Hiri was wearing a white short-sleeved hoodie. Hiri got green mint hair and violet pinkish eyes. Hiri had blue shorts and sneakers. Hiri's hair was set into a ponytail but Hiri still got a lot of hair. Going down to the shoulders in the back. There were two bangs going down in front of the face and it was ear length in the sides.

"Y-You...look quite...Boyish." I said:
"That a problem?" Hiri asked:
"N-no. Just. You a girl." I said. Hiri was, in fact, a girl wearing cloth like a boy:
"Oh. I never really was a part of the girls" Hiri said with a shrug:
"I see," I said. I looked at her with a smile:
"I'm just Hiri." She said with a grin:
"I see." I smiled:
"So...I might be a bit personal now, but-" She said. She looked at the wall and I could see her shoulder tense up:
"Are you in the safe zone?" She asked:
"safe zone...Oh!" I said:
"I'm healthy but my health can always waver," I said:
"Oh..." Hiri said looking in front of herself. The elevator door opened and we walked down toward the cantina:
"Why do y-you ask?" I asked her. She was silent for a few seconds and then turned to me:
"Just...Curious." She said smiling. We kept walking.


Her health can waver. What hell has this girl gone through:
"What about I pay today," I said:
"S-Sure," Kari said. She softly let out a cough:
"You kay?" I asked:
"Y-Yeah!" She shouted happily:
"Everyone has their own fights," I said:
"Huh. What d-did you say?" Kari asked:
"Nothing. Just make sure you don't push yourself." I said. She nodded:
"I already have my medicine with me and the teacher take extra care of me." She said:
"Good," I said. 

So she is fragile...How terrifying.

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