The mysterious girl


2. The answer

 When I woke up I realized that I was still at kasity' sand that I needed to go home so I woke up kasity and told her I needed to go home. I packed up my clothes and walked home on my way back i got really tired and sat down in an ally way on the curb I sat there for a while till to people walked by and were cat calling at me I just looked back at my phone and ignored it till one of the guys who smelled of alcohol grabbed me and tried to kiss me I kicked him and tried running but the other dude caught me and carried me into his trunk my heart beat fast and the guys tied my hands together and tapped my mouth shut so I couldn't do much but they didn't do anything to my feet so I tried opening the door but my shoes kept slipping. I was so scared that I started crying for thinking it was the end but I kept thinking what do theate guys want. After forever we finally stopped moving and we were at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. I heard on of the guys say it was abandoned so I couldn't get any help. Finally a guy opened the trunk and carried me up to the top floor he tied me to the desk thinking obviously nothing at all. But one of the guys ripped off my tape and I started hollering why am I here one of the guys put a napkin in my mouth and said listen so I did. He introduced himself say he was mason and the other was Cole 

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