With so much going on in His life, Milan Everett is slowly falling apart but, while trying to escape the deadliest twister to ever strike His home town, Milan is struck by lightning. He falls into a coma and awakes with strange new abilities.
Milan now finds Himself on a journey to protect the citizens of His home town from the evil plans of Black Death, from The Dark Kingdom.


Author's note

Radiant Flame trailer [COMING SOON]
Copyright 2018 Jaleel McClain
This is the first series takeoff
Thanks to Jaleel McClain the founder/creator of Virtue Union Heroes

"Hey guys, I am truly grateful to share my creative stories with you all. I really appreciate you all, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT BUSINESS".
- Jaleel McClain

1. Meet The Characters

1. Milan Everett [Radiant Flame] - Milan is a African-American male, Milan graduated from high school 3 years ago, and is slowly falling apart. His mother Madeline Everett is dying from stage 4 lung cancer, Milan has a job as a pet sitter. Milan father Marley Everett died in a car accident when He was a sophomore in high school (once struck by lightning Milan has the power to control and manipulate fire, He can also create His own balls of superheated electrical flame. Milan has immunity to all forms of radiation, and invulnerability to physical damage/fire. Milan also have to wear leather gloves at all times, until it's time for battle because, whatever He touch can catch on fire or cause a fire. Milan has electric skin which means, He only wears long leather clothing [for example: long leather pants and shirt/jacket]

2. Lacie Castillo - Lacie is a Caucasian female, she's also best friends with Milan, they graduated together.

3. Neal Castillo - Neal is a Caucasian male, He's the father of Lacie. Neal is also a Police Lieutenant.

4. Lona Castillo - Lona is a Caucasian female, she's the wife of Neal, and the mother of Lacie.

5. Carlos Orlove - Carlos is a Caucasian male, Carlos is a geek, a very smart one. Carlos also has His own special laboratory/room, where He create, design, and build all type of helpful things.

6. Dr. Donald Copeland - Dr. Copeland is a African-American male, He's also the caretaker of Milan's mother.

7. Black Death - Black Death is a powerful immortal being from The Dark Kingdom, who's seeking to destroy, and kill anyone that tries to get in His way. Black Death powers are Affinity (the power to gain strength from something or when a certain event occurs) Black Death also has the power to bring demons and other inhuman terrors into earth to help Him fight.

8. Earthia - Earthia is a African-American female, she's the leader of The Golden Sanctuary. Earthia has almighty magical powers, stronger than the whole superhero force put together. Earthia also has Precognition.

9. Justice Stapler - Justice Stapler is a Caucasian male, Justice has Superhuman Agility (lightning fast reaction time, great flexibility, and excellent jumping capacity. This gives Justice the upper hand during battle) He also works alongside Earthia.

10. Stareye - Stareye is a wise immortal being, she also works alongside Earthia. Stareye has Power Mimicry, she can even mimic the powers of villans. Stareye also has Astral Projection (out of body experience that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it throughout the universe)

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