Poetry For Lovers

*Written during July Camp Nanowrimo 2018!*

This collection of poetry is dedicated to anyone who has ever fallen in love, dreamt of love and witnessed love. All original poems written by myself!


Author's note

I've been writing poetry since the age of seven, it's actually my favourite form of creative writing! This collection I've definitely wanted to write for a long time and being here on Movellas is the opportunity to do just that.

I really hope that you guys all enjoy reading the poems. If you can relate to any topics that I mention, let me know in the comments section!

Alice x

PS: Add my Twitter @MarriedToBooks3

3. You My Valentine

February 14th in high school was a joke

Girls getting flowers from other students they don't know

Although this was cute, I had my doubts

As others said I was too ugly to even be asked out

You I remember broke out in a nervous sweat

A classmate you liked was getting a special gift

Then the shock hitting you when friends got involved

Tears, heartache and slamming of classroom doors

If I ever had the nerve to be true to me, I would invite you into my company

Would that save all the misery? Probably

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