Poetry For Lovers

*Written during July Camp Nanowrimo 2018!*

This collection of poetry is dedicated to anyone who has ever fallen in love, dreamt of love and witnessed love. All original poems written by myself!


Author's note

I've been writing poetry since the age of seven, it's actually my favourite form of creative writing! This collection I've definitely wanted to write for a long time and being here on Movellas is the opportunity to do just that.

I really hope that you guys all enjoy reading the poems. If you can relate to any topics that I mention, let me know in the comments section!

Alice x

PS: Add my Twitter @MarriedToBooks3

5. Hold My Hand

Let's see us close up now

Caught up in the hustle of the city crowds

Lift us up into the sky

As the skyscrapers pass us by 

When we speak of the future

Sparks of joy fill into my lungs

On breathing it out, it captures deep 

The answer to my romance sum

I was looking for the one in all of the wrong places

You were just a ghost floating close behind

Then the big reveal happened

And the dark clouds blew away the hurt and unkind

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