Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


7. Where was hermione?

Authors note: wow, I update a lot! You’re so lucky so Where was hermione? Find out in this chapter!

Hermione PoV

I was in the bathroom with Ginny, telling her everything

Flash back

In hospital wing

I walked into the hospital ring, to get checked up on, as I haven’t stopped vomiting. Madam pomfrey was doing things as unusual, being very strict. She suddenly stopped starting shaking her head and tutting. ‘What is it?’ I ask her ‘I’m not sure if I’m correct…’ she muttered, pulling out a scanner. I realised what type of scanner.... a pregnancy scanner... I’m in trouble

‘What?!!’ Ginny was shocked on what I’d done. She knew who the father was, Draco.... ‘You need to tell Draco’ she said, holding my head over the toilet as I vomited ‘No! I.. I can’t!’ ‘Tell Draco what?!’ Draco was standing at the door

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