Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


5. What Have I Done?

Authors note: A new chapter! Wow I’m updating A LOT! Anyway enjoy!

Hermione’s PoV

I had nearly forgot about my date with Ron, until I saw the clock and jumped away from Draco. ‘leave him’ he said, kissing me again ‘He knows the password, he’ll be here any minute I’m gonna go cancel on him to be with you’ I said giving him one last kiss. I ran out of the common room, just in time as Ron was just coming walking ‘’Mione!’ He shouted ‘Ron’ I whispered, pretending to be hoarse ‘I’m so sorry Ron, I won’t be able to go this evening’ I whispered ‘I feel very s-‘ I ran back into the common room pretending to get sick then walked back out ‘I’m so sorry I’m going to bed’

That part wasn’t a lie ;) ‘It’s fine ‘mione maybe next weekend?’ He said walking away. I ran back into the common room, up to Draco’s dorm and kissed him harder and longer then ever, as he stripped me

The next morning (Sunday)

I woke up beside Draco- naked. I quickly realised what I’d done and ran to get dressed, before he woke up. This was awkward. Really awkward. Then I really did feel sick. I ran into the bathroom and vomited everywhere. What had I done?

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