Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


18. What Happened

Authors note: Ahh so sad! What do you think the most sad spell in hp is? Mines the unforgivable curses and obliviate although obliviate is my name on this ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok I’m calm now I’m gonna try make this chapter muchhhh longer and I’m still on 2K Bye <3 Luna

Hermione’s POV

I shook my head. Malfoy was standing in front of me, a tear falling down his cheek. He looked at me for a minute and then walked away. What just happened? I felt a bit dizzy, and looked around the common room. I picked up Scorpios, going to the gryfindor common room.

Draco’s PoV

I was running around Hogwarts, obliviating everyone so they’d think Ron was Scorpios’ father. I’d already obliviated Ron. It was hard to get everyone, but eventually, I did. I went back to the common room, alone

Hermione’s PoV

I went into the common room and sat beside Ron. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, I love him so much. I just knew we were soulmates. ‘So, mione, there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend, if you wanna come with me?’ He asked ‘Of course Ron! I’d love to!’ I smiled.

Saturday hogsmeade trip

I’d been sleeping in the gryfindor common room the past few nights, which I loved. I wouldn’t have to share a common room with ferret-face. I got ready for the hogsmeade trip and met Ron. I picked up Scorpios and off we went. I held hands with Ron, skipping down the street. He was taking me for a drink in the three broomsticks. How cute! We were walking, normally when malfoy passed us. He saw us holding hands, when he broke down, falling against Zonko’s joke shop window. He started to cry, but I kept walking. Why would I help a death eater?

Draco’s PoV

I was so bad at this. Pretending. Seeing them holding hands, Scorpios in hermione’s arm… I just broke down. Hermione looked back, so I got up and ran. I ran the whole way back to Hogwarts and into our dorm. Why couldn’t I go back to a time when I could smile?

Luna’s PoV

I walked into Draco and Hermione’s dorms. I heard Draco inside them, and I felt bad energy, so I decided to go in. I heard Draco crying from his dorm, so I went in. He was scribbling a note. He didn’t see me, and went over to his window. He sat on the edge. ‘This is what happens to death eaters and blood traitors. I killed mother. It was my fault.’ He said to himself. He was going to jump. I had to act quickly, I had to save my cousin. ‘DRACO!’ I screamed. He turned around, looking scared, when he slipped of the edge. I grabbed a rope,which was in th dorm, tied it to the top of the ledge, held it and jumped. The rope burnt my hand but I couldn’t let go. I was going much faster that Draco, when I grabbed his hand. The rope wasn’t long enough to reach the ground, so we were suspended in midair. My hands were hurting and burning, and I couldn’t hold Draco. I didnt have a spear hand to use my wand, so we both were stuck. I couldn’t hold on for much longer. ‘HELP!’ I screamed. I didn’t have that loud of a voice, and we were so high up no one could hear us. ‘L-Luna d-don’t let go of the rope... you can let me go, but save yourself.’ He cried ‘Draco Lucius malfoy, you expect me to let you go? Draco, you need to trust me ok? I’m letting go of the rope!’ I said, calmly. I needed to say it calmly for him to trust me. ‘LUNA I DONT KNOW YOUR MIDDLE NAME LOVEGOOD IF YOU LET GO WE’RE BOTH DYING! AND IM NOT LETTING YOU DIE!’ He shouted. ‘Draco, neither of us is dying! Trust me!’ I let go of the rope, falling but grabbing a window ledge with one hand and climbing through it. I didn’t realise it was mc gonagals office.

Authors note: Yo! Ok so that’s prettyyyy unbelievable but SUPER LUNA TO THE RESCUE okie it’s 01:16 AM so night I guess ::))) WE GOT 3 K

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