Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


2. The Unfortunate* Train Ride

Authors note: Ok it’s totally pointless writing this because I’ve got 0 reads

I guess my new goal is 1 :( anyway I’m still writing because I’m bored! So thanks if you’re reading! <3 Luna

Draco’s POV

Great. Just great, of all people in Hogwarts granger.

She was reading.

30 minutes later

She put the book down ‘Nice of you to notice me’ I said. She looked beautiful- WHAT WAS I THINKING? Her, no. ‘Thank you’ Hermione replied sarcastically, but I thought I seen a tiny smile...

Hermione’s POV

Ugh! he irritates me so much! ‘So whatcha reading?’ I rolled my eyes ‘Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare not that you’d know him’ I answered ‘Ha, Shakespeare, of course I know him when we’re born we cry,’ he laughed ‘that we become to this stage of great fools’ we finish together ‘I- You know a muggle quote?!’ I ask, shocked ‘Alright, mudblood although I’m a pureblood doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about muggles’ ugh! Mudblood I hate when he says that! I didn’t know why I was so angry, but I said something I really didn’t mean to ‘SHUT UP YOU DEATH EATER!’ I covered my mouth in shock what had I just said?! Draco just stopped and stared.

Draco’s POV

‘SHUT UP YOU DEATH EATER’ she screamed. I stopped, looking her in the eye, full of hate. She covered her mouth. I hate her! Death eater. I punched her, hard. She screamed quietly. Yes that’s possible! I seen blood dripping from her nose... what had I done? ‘FERULA!’ I shouted and the bleeding stopped ‘I’m so so so so so sorry!’ ‘Episkey’ I said, noticing her broken nose. ‘ugh it’s fine’ she said rolling her eyes ‘Well maybe if you didn’t call me a... you know.... I wouldn’t‘ve done it!’ ‘Fine! I’m sorry’ there was no more talking for the rest of the journey, finally I seen hogsmeade station

Thanks for reading this so far! Ok so I know it’s no good so far but that’s because NO ONE HAS READ THIS :( how do I get more reads?

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