Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


9. Secrets Are Made To Be Kept

A/N: 400+ reads! Yay! New goal: 500

Hermione’s PoV

‘Uhh well yeah I umm punched him because he’s really annoying and umm yeah...’ ok... that failed I could NOT lie

‘Ok, Hermione, that was the worst lie I’ve ever heard!’ Draco said through tears ‘You can’t keep it a secret forever...’ ugh! I hate him! He just had to say that. Ugh. ‘’Mione WHAT is going on?!’ Ok now Ron knew great ‘Ron... I- promise not to tell anyone!’ ‘I promise?’ ‘Fine! I’m pregnant with Draco’s child so your pretty much gonna hate me now and so is Harry and Ginny although Harry doesn’t know... and Draco’s gonna be disowned by his family! There happy now?! You may leave!’ Ron looked angry, sad and confused all at the same time. ‘B-W-with him! Why doesn’t Harry know?? Does Ginny?! Wait WHAT!’ Well that failed. I started to cry even more ‘Just leave me alone Ronald!’

Ron’s PoV

This can’t be happening! Draco malfoy! Ugghhh! I quickly got out my wand, and hexed draco. Got what he deserved, eventually I stopped, and he fell against the wall, rocking back and forth...

Luna’s PoV

I walked into Draco and Hermione’s room, and heard them in the bathroom. I walked in, Hermione Ron and Draco was there. Hermione was crying and Draco’s face was hidden in his hands. I was very confused ... there must’ve been too much nargles ‘L-Luna how do you know the password?’ Hermione asked through sobs ‘Draco told me, did you know we’re cousins?’ I sat beside him, and muttered a chant. I knew what was wrong with him, but no one else…

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