Why don’t you understand?-Dramione

First movella! this is after the war when all of Harry’s year returns to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year! Hermione and Draco are made heads so they have to share a dorm :) What could go wrong? They say keep your friends close but you enemies closer Goal: 1K


20. Locked Away

Hermione’s PoV

How could I forget? I put on some actual clothes and washed my face as fast as I could. I looked down at my hand while washing off my nail polish when I seen the ring. 18 years old and I have a kid and someone proposed to me. Goddamit. I let out a long sigh when I heard Draco enter. ‘Draco I’m so sorry how could I forge-‘’it’s fine, Hermione.’ He sounded sad, like something was up. ‘Draco... are you ok?’ ‘NO HERMIONE IM NOT OK I JUST GOT AN OWL FROM FATHER SAYING HE WAS COMING ANY MINUTE AND I CAN’T TELL A PROFFESER... and he wants you and Scorpios!!’ He shouted. Oh great. Lucius. Who’s going to be murdered now? ‘Draco you need to tell s-‘ there was a pop from the fireplace and Lucius appeared. I got out my wand, the ministry put Draco’s band back on. ‘What do you want from me!’ Draco spat, taking a step back. I quickly scooped up Scorpios, seeing Lucius look at him. ‘You know what I want, draco. I want your child’ he whispered. Taking out his wand, too. ‘EXPELLIARMUS’ my wand went flying out of my hand and a knife blade came out of the top of his. Draco took another step back and Lucius pointed the knife at me, taking a step closer. I couldn’t take a step back, I couldn’t show him I was afraid. The knife jabbed the side of my neck, while he threatened to kill me ‘Give me the baby or you both die.’ I swallowed the lump in my throat, but didn’t answer him. ‘GIVE ME HIM’ he screamed, directly in my ear, hurting it. I shook my head, tears still falling down my face. I looked around at Draco, but he wasn’t there. Lucius had obviously just realised that too. Hopefully he was getting help. I heard the portrait open again, and there was a lot of footprints. In came Professor mc gonagal, Kingsley and several aurors. Lucius look up, now he was the scared one. They all pulled out their wands, pointing them at him. In about ten minutes he was chained up, being taken to Azkaban. For the dementors kiss. Everyone had left. ‘T-Thank you Draco!’ I said, hugging him. He didn’t hug me back. I looked up at him and he looked angry. ‘Draco.. what’s wrong??’ ‘You have made my life a living hell, Granger! Most of my family is dead! Pandora orion bellatrix Tonks remus Sirius regulus walburga and now my parents?!? All I have left is andromeda, teddy and Luna!! There hasn’t been a day I haven’t cried ever since Scorpios was born!’ He grabbed my hair. Throwing me into the fireplace then getting floo powder. He grabbed my arm, Scorpios being uncomfortably help in his other arm and said ‘Malfoy manor’ the place all my nightmares came through. We appeared in the tidy large living room. He through scorpios on the sofa, grabbing my hair again, leading me to the dungeon. He through me into a sell, which had blood on the ground and the narrow short mattress that looked like all the springs were broke. The ‘Duvet’ was a sheet that you’d put around the mattress with a huge hole in the middle, looking dirty. There was spiders and cobwebs everywhere. He got the chain which was attached to the wall beside the mattress, trying to wrap it around me. I struggled to escape, and he got it on. Then he hit out a wire, tie my feet together then my hands. He got a dirty looking sock, rolled it in a ball and stuffed it in my mouth. Then he got tape and stuck it over my mouth. I couldn’t breathe, and I nearly choked on the sock in my mouth. It was disgusting, and I could feel the spiders of it crawling down my throat. I tried to cough but I couldn’t. He stood up and left.

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