Arthur was said to have committed suicide, but unknown from anyone he was killed. His spirit seeking justice and revenge in on plate. And then Almyra appeared. The girl who can see him whom he asked for help in search of his killer.

Now, because of an accident, Almyra suffers a comma having Arthur have a way of taking over her body in order to plan his eternal revenge.
Two souls sharing one body.


7. Chapter 6: Fused

I was there again, caved in a dark endless corners where I felt like the space itself. I couldn’t find myself imagining this scene to commemorate with what I have always thought I’d be. It was rather cold and empty. A sky that both reflected the atmosphere and earth, like a water so dark that I’m afraid I might not be able to see the depth once I fall. This place where everything is glass-like, a fragile place that I thought that if I’d make a wrong move, I might break it.

I was sitting down, facing a black corner in front of me, when a cold palm had rested itself on my forehand. It must’ve been the same thing as I’ve last remembered. It was just us here.

“It must’ve been a good sleep you’re having.” She spoke behind me.

“Don’t know about that.” I replied casually as I always do. Then she interludes with a chuckle. “What is it?” I asked.

“Do you know where you are?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda wondering about that.” I replied. That question was what I’ve been curious about ever since I first saw this place. I don’t even know if this is just a dream after finding how surreal and dark this is that I couldn’t decide whether I’m having delusions or was I even thinking right—although I knew that I’m just an apparition.

“This is me.” She replied as soon as I’ve asked my question.

But rather than getting to that point, I didn’t understand her statement. Rather, it made me even more confused. “What?” I asked again to have further confirmation.

“We’re inside my body.” She cleared to which made me a bit skeptic. “You just joined my soul, Arthur. This is your chance to find out who tried to kill us.”

“Wait, what the hell are you talking about Al—“


My question was cut off when I came up to. I was dreaming again?

Do I even sleep? Does spirit even sleep?

I opened my eyes and refreshed my dulled senses. Strange enough, I was facing up a bright light outspread into a white ceiling. My head hurts and my body was feeling weakly ill that I couldn’t even move a muscle because of such paralysis. Or was this another dream?

As I remained staring at the light, a strange silhouette appeared peeking at the side of my vision. A woman as I presume as I heard her gasp and disappeared from my sight hearing quick footsteps, a door slamming open and a scream from a person unknown to me. “Doctor! Anyone, my daughter! Please!” she screamed in worries. Then a little while after, I heard another footsteps coming close, heavier as I caught glimpse of a man into my view point. He was clad in white, wearing a thick eye glasses that made it hard for me to look through his eyes, he seemed to be in his forties and the kind of expression he’s showing… it seemed glad.

He went closer, lit up a light right through my right eye as I blink in response of the ray that was passing through. I wanted to speak, but my mouth seemed to have forgotten a term and my tongue also felt immobilized as if I forgot how to move anymore. The woman was crying beside me, feeling her warm hands wrapped around mine as she began to thank god that I was able to make it back home. I don’t get it. Who was she?

Soon my feeling started turning vague. My head wavering from pain and I felt dizzy. What the hell’s happening?

The two individuals left me for a moment while here I am still bound in confusion and unmoving. So my sight made a turn to observe through what my vision could reach and what my senses could manifest. All white painted walls that doesn’t seem to have any windows surrounded me, I could also see different equipment over my peripheral vision and the sound of high pitched computer noise continually beeping on my right ear, the smell was awfully familiar as I started realizing what is going on…

I was awake, lying in a hospital bed, locked in one of the rooms. So that means, I’m finally back from being a spirit? With this information sticking out of my head, my headache suddenly subsided and my blood was rushing together with the pumping of my heart. I tried to rest my muscles a bit, trying to feel it within my veins as I tried to move starting with my fingers successfully raising my point finger shakily followed by my other hands. And then I took the time to invest the strength in my body as I felt the need to sit up while my arm started moving slowly on my side. I held the sheet I was lying in to and began to force my body up, my muscle still felt week that made me lie back down when I rose my body a little, but I couldn’t let this go now. Now that I’m completely alive. I attempted to get my muscles working in my arms again, trying my best to lift myself up although my head was burdening me but with my efforts put and my strength slowly rushing back, I managed to finally make a sit.

I raised my hand in front of me thinking how thin I’ve become and strands of my long dark hair blocking my sight. I also felt thirsty that moment that I wanted to drink a bottle or so, deciding to stand up myself since the doctor wasn’t around as I jerked my body sideways my hands supporting my body as I lifted myself down the bed. My feet falling into the white floor feeling shivers in my spine when I got in contact with the cold icy ground. But before I could even stand up, I noticed the tube attached on my arm. And since I was awake, I thought I didn’t need it and just pulled it off my arm tossing it wherever I care less about and then I continued my plan to stand up, putting all my strength down my legs as it lifted my upper body. But it didn’t seem to go quite well enough that I ended up falling on the floor.

The door opened in front of me and a man and a woman entered but gasped after finding me down on the floor. “Oh no, dear!” The woman quickly ran towards me and helped me up, the man followed, scooping me up from the floor awkwardly then putting me back on the bed to lie me down. The two seemed like couples as to what I can see. The man was familiar too, I think I’ve seen him before but my head just couldn’t keep up with me that I just gave up on familiarizing him.

“I’m so glad.” The woman cried again, now embracing me as she wailed. “I thought I’d lose you. Oh god, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She cried for more than minutes until finally, doctors arrived.

They were checking me up along with few questions that I replied with a nod. There was a lot of things that I wanted to say, starting with asking for a drink and wonder who these couples are. But all were answered when the woman went close to me with a motherly smile, caressed my cheeks and place her hand on top of my head after. “Almyra, dear. Welcome back.” She whispered.

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