Arthur was said to have committed suicide, but unknown from anyone he was killed. His spirit seeking justice and revenge in on plate. And then Almyra appeared. The girl who can see him whom he asked for help in search of his killer.

Now, because of an accident, Almyra suffers a comma having Arthur have a way of taking over her body in order to plan his eternal revenge.
Two souls sharing one body.


6. Chapter 5: De ja vu

Chapter 5: De ja vu

It was only the sunset when I noticed that I was late on meeting Almyra at the dock. I made it fast as the dim evening begins to devour the orange light in the sky. The flickering light post are starting to reveal as night unravels itself into the road. I don’t know if I should still continue since I was an hour late on the meeting and I don’t know if she had the capacity to wait for me. She doesn’t look patient when I think about it.

When I was close into the stairway going down the dock, I noticed someone running from where I am supposed to enter. He wore his hood pretty covered and his sprint wasn’t something that normal people could actually accomplish in a normal evening. His face was shaded into the shadows that made the hood hollow and he seems to be in a hurry that much that I didn’t paid much attention to him and just made my way down the dock. And not really surprised about this, the place was already empty.

I guess she’s not really the patient type. I made my way towards my usual spot in the dock where I never missed to visit since I was still alive and my last sight when my body was still conscious. And in that moment over a brief second I heard a familiar sound. A cling that I could recall as a sound of a coin or something metallic.

It was already night, no stars but heavy clouds covering the sky welcomed me with the waves getting stronger down below, but was I shocked from the sight under me when I noticed something odd down the water. Then memories of earlier just hit me although I wasn’t paying much attention to details, the man still looked suspicious and it felt uneasy when I think about it.

A silhouette moving back and forth with the waves pushing it but the most disturbing sight I could imagine is fresh blood coating the rocks that had once my blood. It scared me for seconds before the silhouette revealed a girl lying on her back being wove away into the shoreline.

“Almyra!” I shouted down at her but she seemed unconscious. “Anyone! Please! Save her! Anyone!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. But it was useless, nobody can hear me.

I didn’t know what to do and despite being a useless apparition, I jumped down instinctively, trying my hardest to save her. I swam deeper trying to find her body and it was there. The blood on her head still being washed by the salt water as I followed ahead trying as hard as I could to ignore the horror of watching the same thing happening, going further down as I stretched my hand, trying my best to reach her the best I could until I was a meter away, then feet, and then a couple of inches until I managed to reach her hand. However, it just went through like wind. I was not able to grab her nor did I changed anything from diving down.

“Almyra!” I shouted still swimming down. “Almyra, wake up!” I tried to make her hear me until there was a response. Her hand twitched and eyes half opened looking back at me. I tried reaching her again, and when I reached her hand, I managed to touch it. But something insignificant was there. I felt electrified and something was running down through my veins.

It felt hot and when I closed my eyes, a blinding white light left me unsteady. A pain in my head struck as if crushing my head as a brighter light appeared as I began seeing flashes of gushing memories. Not mine, but Almyra’s. It was different kind of clips from her childhood until she grew up and then here drowning deeper into the sea, staring up at my own image that was swimming down to reach her.

And then everything darkened…

I opened my eyes feeling like I’ve been asleep for some hour before I woke up. “Awake?” an echoing voice spoke behind me.

I looked back and saw Almyra sitting behind me with her back facing the other corner. I looked around and only a dark four corners were around us as if we’re in a lock up. “Where are we?” I asked.

“It’s a problem, you know.” She said.

“What, what is it?” I asked more in question.

“I can’t help you now. Too bad.”

“Don’t think about that anymore. The same thing just happened to us.” I said. “Did you see what happened? I saw a guy earlier, is it him?” I asked.

“We must’ve had the same killer though.” She smiled mirthlessly as she stood up and went near me. “For some reason, I’m confused. I’m kind of scared and for a split second… it hurts a lot.” I saw tears streaming out of her eyes as she held her head in frustration and fear. Pity and guilt just run through me when I see her weak.

“I’m sorry. If I didn’t ask you for help, you couldn’t have ended up this way.” I said sincerely, lowering my head to show apologetic I am.

“It’s not your fault.” She said. “I was helping you, but it seems that someone didn’t want me to find out what happened.” She wiped her eyes and tapped my shoulder.

“Al.” I muttered her name.

“But I’m so scared to go on. I’m sorry, Arthur. I was just so scared to feel that pain again.” she shakily turned around and sat back facing the corner again with her knees compressed together on her chest. “It hurt so bad, I’m sorry.”

“I told you, it’s not your fault.” I messed her hair and sat back facing the opposite side leaning my back to hers. “Then I’ll find the person who tried to kill us. I’ll make sure when you’re ready, I’m going to catch him.”

She didn’t speak and simply sobbed behind me. The four corners really made our voices echoed but I’m still clueless how we got here or if this is actually real or just my dream. I held my head and sighed after thinking how I felt guilty on being late to save her, maybe she didn’t feel the pain the same as I did.

“I promise, I’ll find him.” I said softly, closing my eyes with ease.

For a couple of seconds, I felt a hand touched my fist that made me open my eyes to looked at her through my peripheral vision and all I could see was the back of her head. “You’re a good guy.” She muttered.

“Not really.” I said a bit embarrassed. “I just can’t let people killing us to freely out in the open as if he was innocent.”

“I wish he’ll be caught soon.” She replied.

“Y-yeah. I wish so too.” I replied. But this didn’t seem true at all. Why are we here? What’s this place to be exact and how can I actually touch Almyra? I’m confused that I didn’t know what to think anymore as I closed my eyes and meditated.

“Arthur. I trust you.”

“Why are you saying that all the sudden? It’s not as if you’re going to die already.” I said. “Don’t go talking like it’s your final words. We’re together in this.”

“Yes. Of course. We’re together in this.” She lightly laughed feeling her back vibrated a little as she lowered her head. “Don’t worry about me anymore, all you have to do is remember and you’ll be able to return to your body.”

“Almyra—“ I turned back and she was not there. I looked around and only darkness was keeping me company until I blinked twice and then strange light cowering around me that I couldn’t make out as I slowly sensed clearing with two silhouettes in front of me, gasping for the air I felt I’ve lost for hours or so and a really disturbing sound from some kind of computer.

“We’re getting a pulse!” one shouted. But then I started hearing indistinctively and my eyes turning blurry again. What’s going on? I felt like I was getting blind and my throat was feeling all croaky like something was blocking it that I couldn’t manage to spit out a sound until all I could manifest in my senses was sudden blackness…

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